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*out does regular chocolate in every way*

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Except for taste, of course.

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It tastes like shit

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Loved these little fuckers when I was a kid

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This but unironically, if you like dark (nigger) chocolate you can go fuck yourself

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very cringe

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it makes my throat extra scratchy

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it gives me zyklon-b farts

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that could be good, all the white chocolates that i ate were always too sweet

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Fucking based, dark chocolate is for reddit

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>Thinking that replacing sugar with artificial sweetener is going to make it less sweet.

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then it's disgusting

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White and lame, just as most of 4chan's userbase.

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post your hand

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I can't, I'm fingering my PAWG GF RN

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Even your larp has a dry dick. Go back to algebra class

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It tastes different, so it has different applications.

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>live action
so he actually is fingering someone?

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>role play
He's fingering his couch cushions and his dick is dry.

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Stop obsessing about dick humidity, you homo.

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white chocolate is delicious but you have to be careful to read the label and find actual white chocolate. white chocolate isn't regulated like normal chocolate is, so even expensive brands will dilute it with trash like palm oil

ironically one the best white chocolate bars I've had is walmart's store brand, it's just sugar, milk, cocoa butter, and artificial vanilla.

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chocolate is outdated

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>ironically one the best white chocolate bars I've had is walmart's store brand, it's just sugar, milk, cocoa butter, and artificial vanilla.
Lets not forget the soy lecithin.

Over here what I've seen shops cheat with is declaring the milk content and hoping people will think it's the cocoa content.

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what is the problem with soy lecithin? isn't it only added in small amounts to stabilize an emulsion? didnt people use to take lecithin as a dietary supplement?

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My problem isn't that it's used by some brands, my problem is that it's used by every brand in everything at every price point.
A bit before covid I was searching for high quality chocolate and was willing to drop >100$ on fancy shit but all of them had additives. Even small artisanal shops use it.
I have the same problem with most everything desu. It's like high quality products without any additives, filler, replacements or cheaper ingredients just don't exist anymore. Maybe there's secret shops for the ultra rich that do but that's out of my reach.

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I agree.

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it's not chocolate. it's just sweet cocoa butter.

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>You must at least 18 years old to post here.

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choclets seething ITT

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do you pour sugar down your throat for dessert anon? Do you drink pure sugar water?

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tfw ruby chocolate just tastes like white chocolate with raspberry flavouring

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there is nothing special about this
>used to work for barry

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big if true

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chocolate won't survive in storage without an emulsifier, the fats will separate rather quickly.

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that's not chocolate anon

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If it ain't white (chocolate) it ain't right.

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white chocolate is delicious and way creamier than regular chocolate, but i wouldn't say it's better than regular chocolate, just different. each has their own appeal.

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why isnt it real chocolate?

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no it doesn't, tastelet

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people say it's not real chocolate because there's no cocoa solids in it, just the cocoa butter.

so you know how chocolate bars have a percentage? like 90%, 70%, 60% and stuff? white chocolate is 0%, even though it still has cocoa fat. without the cocoa solids, it doesn't count as "real" chocolate.

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is it good seriously?

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for me, it's the blonde

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There's supposed to be no water in the chocolate to begin with.

According to the internet lecithin is a processing aid, changes the viscosity and helps cover up some moisture problems in manufacturing.

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Chocolate butter gets counted towards cocoa content of mutt chocolate.

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it looks better, but tastes worse, imho

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but thats meaningless. people have made an arbitrary metric to define chocolate, and then use that rule to exclude a type of chocolate.

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It's real chocolate, chocolate loving post-wall faggots just need something to feel important over

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