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You know the drill.

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I want to beat the shit out of anyone that wastes food.

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This shit wasn't funny in 2005 when it began

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I dont like webms because they lack sound and they're usually videos that had a sound component originally

it's a really small-dick experience watching things this way

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Use subtitles. Or tell Gook Moot to get with the times.

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Same. It's an abomination to waste food like this.

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is that meat?
does that person have absolutely no concern for cross-contamination?

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Only pussies care about cross contamination.

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are you dumb or just lazy?
(this is 4chan so I'm guessing both)

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are you gay or just a virgin?
(this is 4chan so I'm guessing both)

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enjoy your salmonella, anon

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just gay ;)

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Indeed you are, anon. Indeed you are.

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That's really offensive to Japanese people. I can't believe Americans would just do something like that, even if it's just for filming a movie.

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i dont even wash my hands after touching raw meat. i've ate raw meat before many many times too. never been sick. sorry bro you still believe in the myth that raw meat is bad for you, YNGMI

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shut up weeb

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You're the one with a small dick, needing sound to feel big.

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I scoop it out, cut it into slices, and put a little salt and eat them like that.

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How much would that cost?

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New Ghostbusters movie soon.

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Eggs 15 - 20 minutes at 425... And they expect me to believe they have a runny yolk? The fuck?

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>serves 3 men
Women eternally BTFO

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this chef knows how to deal out the comedy and probably hates gold leafs

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Yeah they did a few of these.

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based Dave comes to you

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I like it and fail to see the problem here beyond the potential waste of an endless tap instead of a pour-on-order type thing.

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That looks based.

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I got diabetes from watching this

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my girlfriend's dog would be in heaven lol that thing loves peanut butter for some reason

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the chef was laughing, you're just a weebraham

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okay I laughed when I saw the punchline

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they should've kept their internet references at most like this. It got far worse in the later seasons

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surely you're autistic, jackass humor transcends language and culture. just jackasses being jackasses

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why are americans so deathly afraid of salmonella? no other culture is like this. americans are absolutely petrified of it, its all they talk about during food prep "make sure to watch out you might get SALMONELLA". nobody else seems to care. in my whole life i never heard anyone say this except americans. why are they like this?

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They are no gumballs in that sandwich.

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Shut the fuck up.

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>Protein Blasted

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>/co/ meetup 2021

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I quite like the jelly spheres.
Thats a cool look.

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Easy enough to make.

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that's pretty neat but for $100 no thanks

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you can just use a dropper like the dude did in the original video if you're making food for a 1-2 people

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true I didn't go back and look at that one, the sodium alginate is less than $15 which is about what I was thinking I'd piss away to try this out

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>Boil in bag
Assuming that it's encased in what looks like cling wrap, that is a terrible idea.

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Everyone else vaccinates their chickens, and getting hospitalised for food poisoning will bankrupt you in America.

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I also think that's pretty neat but for $100 no thanks

guess I'll have to find another way to impress my friends

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how is peanut butter giving you diabetes? or do you think 2 scoops of ice cream is going to give someone diabetes somehow?

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yeah, came to say this. It makes me so uncomfortable to watch

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he looks just like the "obsessed girlfriend" girl

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You take that back.

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This post gave me diabetes

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Countertops can be clean, anon.

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They are never clean enough. That's why I cover mine in aluminum foil when I make meatballs, and should any of the meat touch the counter I will throw it out.

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Just a light meal

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I know he's the beast but are these like sugar glass or?

>> No.16514861

Why is it so liquid?

>> No.16514862

Nope, standard light bulbs. Eating glass is an old carny trick that is "relatively" safe when you know how to do it.

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>20 minute eggs + 10 minutes to preheat to 425F
Just fry the avocado with the egg or garnish fried/poached eggs with salted avocado. What is this shit? Fuck off retard.

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God I want some cocaine.

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Honest take, Gold flakes are the worst thing to happen to food in the last 300 years. It doesn't add anything to the food other than to drive up the cost.

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Spotted the commie

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I've never gotten sick and I forget to wash my hands while cooking all the time

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I wish he still made videos of him eating weird shit
Now it's just him eating hot wings

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audible kek

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>Wasting money is communist

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this can't not be a joke, I've seen starving Ethiopians with more manners than this disgusting cretin

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same. i use to imagine gping to like india or etiopia and show them these kinds of videos

'''hurrr in usa we waste for for de lulz xD''

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>molecular gastronomy

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Have you ever had a day of fun in your whole life?

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I've actually started eating with my hands and using paper plates because I hate doing dishes

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I remember seeing David Blaine do this and the secret was apparently not so much chewing but grinding it so find that it basically turns back into "sand" and you have to eat lots beforehand. I think the guy himself said he got molar implants because his natural tooth enamel got ground up by the sand particles from doing this dumb trick.

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Sure, when epicly pwning the soytards! I am very smart.

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>Removes watch and bracelet
>Doesn't remove bacteria and grime infested rings

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kids having access to the internet is what caused these kind of videos. Fucking women playing with food and wasting it. o dumb stuff for views.

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fucking poofter wogs should have gone to fucking seppoland not come here

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I think it's only funny when you click on a video expecting a real recipe and you're surprised by the content. Otherwise you're right.

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Imagine complaining about one person wasting a few bits of food when every grocery store wastes 500x that every day. Critcize the food industry, not one idiot making a mess

>> No.16515708

If the grocery stores filmed it like they were proud of it I'd be ragging on them a lot more.
I used to work retail when I was in school and if fucking killed me having to throw out 300 perfectly good bananas because there was a little brown starting to show on the peels.
Nobody here is defending that shit just because they're attacking the other faggot, idiot.

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Do you think you're making even a little bit of sense?

>> No.16515713

You can thank kikes for this

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Cling wrap is food grade heat tested to like 500 degrees you retard

>> No.16515726

Not to you, obviously.

>> No.16515983

What exactly was confusing about that post?

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>i can only have one think at a time please be patient :))
fuck them both and kill yourself you retarded son of a double nigger

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Did he forget to take the rind off the bologna?

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He means that glad wrap isn't waterproof because it doesn't make a proper seal, therefore is unsuitable for boil in bag, you colossal retard

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imagine the salmonella

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The first time I saw a How to Basic video I nearly pissed myself laughing. It was genuinely surprising. Learning that the entire rest of the channel was the same thing made it way better, as if it was run by a deranged madman robotically trying to imitate normal human behavior. The whole joke was the existence of the channel itself, which isn't sustainable as a long term shtick.

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Fuck, I'm a peanut butter fanatic, but I live in America.

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>500 degrees
Is it really?
That would mean I could roast a chicken wrapped in that stuff in the oven.
I kinda feel like it would melt. Maybe I'll try with a little piece later.

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No it is not.

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who the fuck is Davis?

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Food video meme lords revel in taking 10x as long as is necessary to achieve shitty results.

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The fuck did I just watch? Was that actually Crystal Pepsi, or was he just drinking water out of the bottle?

>> No.16516805

He's done a number of videos about Crystal Pepsi, including one very famous one.

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this is the way

>> No.16516819

I'm personally glad only wsg and gif have sound enabled, it makes them more special and likely contains what would be an entire new paradigm of shit posting away from other boards

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Old man cooking is epic. His wife knew all kinds of old timey recipes, and did all the cooking. One time, she went to visit her kids and needed to leave him alone for a week. She bought him a bunch of frozen foods that he could just microwave or throw in the oven, because she didn't trust him to not destroy the kitchen. She made sure it was all precooked stuff because she also didn't trust him to not poison himself.

She asked me to make up an excuse to go visit him midweek to make sure everything was ok. When I showed up, he said he was about to have lunch, and asked if I wanted some. I politely declined as he walked over to the stove and turned on the burner under the massive pot. I knew he didn't have anything that needed a pot, so I took a look. It was full of a vile looking slop that had a slightly off smell. It turns out that as soon as his wife had left he'd gone to look at what she'd bought. He decided that the writing on the packages was too hard to read, so he just threw everything in the pot and cooked it up. EVERYTHING. There was lasagna, macaroni and cheese, fish sticks, chicken strips, pizza, and a couple of other things. He'd cooked it all up and just left the pot on the stove. Whenever he was hungry, he'd just warm it up. I could tell that it had already turned, and eventually it was going to be strong enough to kill the old bastard. His dead old man taste buds couldn't tell.

When he went to the bathroom I rifled through the cupboards and put about a cup of apple cider vinegar in the pot. When he came back it had started to bubble, so he ladled some of it into a bowl. He tried it, and the strong vinegar flavor made him decide that it wasn't good any more. I pretended to try it and agreed. I ended up coming back every day to prep food for him until his wife got home.

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I'm a retard and left out a sentence: Old man cooking is epic. I knew a crazy old man who did shit like this.

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based dog

>> No.16516944

You're a fucking pervert.

>> No.16516993

A great story. Thank you for sharing.

>> No.16517028

Yeah. Slice avocado, fry egg, toss them on a plate together, sprinkle shit all over them, eat. You've now achieved this video.

>> No.16517133

Was that yellow stuff playdough?

>> No.16517134

I handle raw chicken and dont wash my hands before touching the other foods
never gotten sick

>> No.16517146

american cheese

>> No.16517152

Is American cheese really this soft?

>> No.16517154

I am rock fucking hard right now.

>> No.16517214

Fucking kek. Good job taking care of the dude anon.

>> No.16517240

It's not a real product.

>> No.16517264

hi marie

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ah yes, the homo sandwich

>> No.16517528

>0.022% of people get salmonella as opposed to 0.016% of people
yeah, so?

>> No.16517545

this is what I mean by "absolutely petrified". you are petrified of a .006% increase in the likelihood of getting salmonella (a meme illness) that you unironically wash your chicken with soap and DONT LET IT TOUCH ANYTHING IT MIGHT CROSS CONTAMINATE.

absurd. retarded country, people, and culture.

>> No.16517551

>you just know

>> No.16517553

>unironically wash your chicken with soap
No one does this.

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>> No.16517560

just silly. just complete silliness.

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>> No.16517627

American higher level food culture largely grew out from commercial kitchens and restaurants rather than the other way around.
So that obsession with safety comes from commercial paranoia over giving a customer food poisoning. As there would be potentially a lot of money on the line for it.

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Every fucking time this is posted what irks me isn't the turbo homo vibes but how the fucking fries aren't even golden after double frying them.

>> No.16517660

Men are fucking useless holy shit

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>> No.16517670

yeah theyre sexy tho

>> No.16517681

The girls at about 1:15 are clearly talking about the NY pizza though. She is pointing at it and saying she never had a crispy crust like that.

>> No.16517683

How do you figure that?

>> No.16517686

She's pointing across it at the deep dish. So way to yourself you butt mad New Yorkie.

>> No.16517690

I'm not even American and if she was pointing across it would be at the detroit pizza not the chicago one.

>> No.16517693

Probably extra oil added

>> No.16517695

also deep dish doesnt have really crispy crust so she cant be talking about it. certainly not so crispy that "she never had a crust that crispy before"

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>> No.16517700

Yeah, this. Breakfast should be quick to prepare. Anything over 10-15 minutes is either retarded or Holiday tier

>> No.16517709

Because American home cooking culture is fairly weak overall, and most of the cookbooks or cooking channel shows out there, that have largely worked to revive the roots that were there, tended to be lead by professional chefs or those adjacent to them.
Its not like Europe or Asia where there is a millennia of home cooking that bled over into restaurant cooking later, much of that was lost in the transit over to the US and had to be reinvented here. Often from the top down.

>> No.16517713

They were pre-boomer old people from an age where women were in charge of cooking, and men provided semen and labor.

>> No.16517759

>Caring about what koreans like
Outside of actual Korean food they are known for making almost exclusively food abominations.

>> No.16517766

very yes
it's criminal

>> No.16517784

He deserves to chill out with hot wings and scratch tickets, imo. He's done enough insane shit for our entertainment.

>> No.16517791

This man is a fucking retard. To get to that age without even the most basic ability to prepare food....

>> No.16517797

It's more common than you think, men who went their whole life with a woman to cook every meal for them. Not anymore, but from the previous generations it's a thing.

>> No.16517801

It's never a waste if an end point consumer purchased it. It keeps the supply chain lubricated and moving, and regardless of the use of the product the purchase itself will benefit more people than the energy contained within the food. Fuck you

>> No.16517865

genuinely one of the worst things ive ever seen

>> No.16517869

>> No.16517925

the filename killed me

>> No.16517951

I can smell the greasy shits some here.

>> No.16517959

Imagine the greasy shits.

>> No.16518029

Do poojeets really?

>> No.16518056


>> No.16518074

This stuff has existed for 80 years!

>> No.16518091

Baked avocados are disgusting.

>> No.16518108


>> No.16518371


>> No.16518375

It's basically cheddar blended with milk and emulsifiers.

>> No.16518471

>> No.16518478

>> No.16518482

God, americans really sicken me.

>> No.16518484

>> No.16518494

>> No.16518506

I'm not sure if this is the same lady but there are videos I've seen pop up on social media of some brunette bitch doing weird shit with food like this. She's always talking to the cameraman and does it slowly like shes postponing the result(edging). The general discussion is that it's some sort of disguised fetish video.

>> No.16518521

>> No.16518532

That's a german you fucking retard

>> No.16518533

>> No.16518556

>the TV program is clearly called "pures leben"
Kill yourself.

>> No.16518592

It's heated, you can see it's thickened on the plates once they've been taken to the tables.

>> No.16518619

It's better now because they abandoned the "dude, PROTEIN" angle, so the gym junky imagery is gone.

>> No.16518626

>what if how to basic but with cartoon cat milf hands

>> No.16518666

nah, they just don't know what food other than the bread they get in line is

>> No.16518671

>> No.16518694

>American cheese
>looks like you could build with it

>> No.16518706


>> No.16518737

i was about to say "psh that isn't that much wasabi, everybody has done that before" but snorting it is pretty crazy. also like how the sushi chef finds the whole thing amusing

>> No.16518745

>use dirt cheap ingredients
>add edible gold on top for no reason
>DUDE its the world's most expensive frito pie!

>> No.16518795

i simply do not understand who could possibly look at this and think it looks even close to appetizing

>> No.16518801


>> No.16518892

It's bait that's posted every thread to get (You)s, so don't bother. Welcome to /ck/, /int/ with food.

>> No.16518893

You could literally be a man with no cooking knowledge back then when women actually knew how to cook. So long as you went straight from mom -> wife, you'd be golden.

Nowadays you'd starve if you relied on the average female for sustenance.

>> No.16518918

This is why it is safe to assume the fats and megafats are not worth interacting with or dating. Because you are just seeing the tip of the fatberg.

>> No.16518939


>> No.16519051

>> No.16519055

>> No.16519058

so beat the shit out of yourself every time you eat to continue your life

>> No.16519071

Don't underestimate the ability of old as fuck codgers to not give a fuck. They ran out of fucks before most people on this board were born, and people judging them by modern standards isn't likely to make an impression.

>> No.16519073

>> No.16519076

People who cover their mouth when they're eating, regardless of race, really piss me off.

>> No.16519091

depending on the food it may look tasty or disgusting but also depending on who is eating, for example i see this vid and i want to eat tons of pasta like her

>> No.16519098

>> No.16519104

>texas burger
>is actually not bad looking
would have a burger or two, maybe three if im really hungry

>> No.16519113

>> No.16519118

make way to the cheese!

>> No.16519122

not enough cheese, more cheese!

>> No.16519130

>he doesn't know who Davis is

>> No.16519138

how the fuck do you not know who dave is? fucking newfags

>> No.16519142

there's nothing that triggers me more than seeing food impossible to hold becuase is soaked in some sauce or something, as tasty as it looks the thought of your hands getting all sticky bothers me

>> No.16519145


>> No.16519149

there should be more asian girls eating lots of food webms

>> No.16519160

>> No.16519170

>> No.16519195

ngl, its always tasty having your bowl of rice and mix it with variety of meat

>> No.16519203

i know is pure propaganda but what i give to have a woman who has food ready on the table after a long day of work, just sit and enjoy a tasty meal making your day worth it

>> No.16519205

Fuck you for being a clean freak, but that's too much cheese. As long as the cheese is served on the side for dipping, if you get it all over yourself, that's your problem.

>> No.16519211

what's that, a turkish brekfast?

>> No.16519214

Wow Chinese girls are so nice and kind. Hmm maybe I was wrong about them, maybe I was wrong about the country.

>> No.16519234

crazy how we don't ask much but somehow for women it's an impossible task

>> No.16519247

>> No.16519269


>> No.16519282

Won't happen as long as it's guaranteed (You)'s.

>> No.16519296

Great story

>> No.16519330

Man these bitches have some real in depth scoring tables when they can score pizza on a 100 point scale.

>> No.16519454


>> No.16519463

I don't trust a skinny bitch with my food, unless I want a smoothie or a salad or some caffeine

>> No.16519513

Featureman is going to die within the next month

>> No.16519532

Hehe, spagety

>> No.16519588

imagine her farts

>> No.16519599

I don't believe these videos are real for a fat fucking second.
With the amount of food she'd be putting away you would physically see her stomach increasing in size. A small frame like hers cannot hide that amount of food.
The fact that it's sped up just leaves room for editing. Until she uploads a 1-2 hour video of her eating that amount of food with no cuts, she is entirely fake.

>> No.16519601

>I don't believe these videos are real for a fat fucking second.
They probably aren't unless she fasts a lot.
>With the amount of food she'd be putting away you would physically see her stomach increasing in size.
That's not how anatomy works you tard, you don't instantly put on pounds, it takes a few days. The stomach doesn't stretch out that much when filled.

>> No.16519620

>That's not how anatomy works
Do you understand how balloons work?
I'm not talking about putting on weight you fucking retard I'm saying her stomach would literally expand inside of her body because she's filling it up with an enormous amount of food.
Unless her upper torso is a giant stomach cavity in which case she probably has other issues.

>> No.16519637

>i-it's the woman's fault
Why are you relying on others for sustenance? Are you a fucking baby?

>> No.16519648

Basically all men back then were. That's why so many elderly men whose wives are dead are so completely helpless. Fortunately, the men usually die first.

>> No.16519668

no way they serve that much every time, this was for the video

>> No.16519677

Is this a feminine hygiene product.

>> No.16519758

always some moron who takes the bait

>> No.16519767


>> No.16519813

All that work and it still looks so damn unappetizing.

>> No.16519820

Go eat the Mona Lisa. Me? I'll judge food with my mouth.

>> No.16519967

She used to be so happy. Now she looks like a hot mess, where did it all go?

>> No.16520015

Who's this guy?

>> No.16520019


>> No.16520050

Since you never see her swallow and she most likely spits everything, I imagine her farts to be regular chinagirl farts.
Now her on the other hand I can only ponder the aroma

>> No.16520077

you fags always take it too far with food

>> No.16520213

Why would that piss you off?

>> No.16520229

That's basically the case, apparently. They MRI'd her before and after eating a 100 piece sushi set once. She used to stream too if you can be bothered to sit through hours of footage:

>> No.16520237

>upper torso
I'm not sure you're a real doctor, mister

>> No.16520249


>> No.16520420

>capitalists actually think this is true

>> No.16520427

It's my food, I bought it, it's my property. I don't like wasting food, but me wasting food is not your problem.

>> No.16520461


>> No.16520472

yes it is. You can even put it in the oven in some cases.

>> No.16520483

Chew with your mouth closed you ape

>> No.16520488

>what if a normal cheeseburger but it ruins your shirt and you get cheese everywhere instead?
Why are people like this?

>> No.16520496

there should be less asian girls eating lots of food webms
Retard weeb.

>> No.16520615

If this was an American creation everyone would shit themselves over it.
But its Italian so its cool and all.

>> No.16520684


>> No.16520822

With Dagoes?

>> No.16520864

Your stomach does not stretch out when stuffed, it mostly stretches down. She is a competitive eater and has demonstrated this eating in front of other people.

>> No.16520947

>NUUU, Once the billionaires have enough money they'll be nice to us
>once the billionaires colonize space then trickledown economics kicks in!

>> No.16521172

You're supposed to use a fork, retard

>> No.16521226


>> No.16521492

Perhaps but insisting the food you bought to waste which could have been donated or recycled to an individual or individuals in need is what makes it their problem.

>> No.16521584

honey and _melted butter_?!! WTF

>> No.16521600

...what's teh sauce??

>> No.16521606

Anon could do that, but you could also use your own money and do with it as you see fit instead of trying to "donate" other people's money like a socialist. How much money/food have you donated to food kitchens/churches?

>> No.16521609

Looks like ketchup.

>> No.16521611

That's what happens when you put butter on toast

>> No.16521615

w8 is it served cold? what a waste, it's utterly retarded...

>> No.16521617

Yeah, they could have done a better job on those chips.

Sorry to disappoint you, but they are brothers.

>> No.16521640


>> No.16521641

i like your storytime anon

>> No.16521648

>Sorry to disappoint you, but they are brothers.
....not disappointing at all :))
thanx you honey

>> No.16521678

I contribute to the quantity of food that can be served to those in need by purchasing and using only what I am certain I will use myself. Nobody is trying to donate anyones money. He saves money by using what he buys, which leaves more food for others to buy, and which can be discounted for the needy.

>> No.16521772

where did jack go wrong bros...

>> No.16521779

has anyone actually tried this?

>> No.16521783

It got out of hand with a stoke of bad luck.

>> No.16521787

I did this in primary school for 2 dollars

>> No.16521799


>> No.16521803

I remember this show on food network

>> No.16521810

>the icon on that knife
Was that a mercer? Retard with a decent knife probably has dulled the fuck out of it. And cutting gourds is one of the harshest things you can do to a knife. it's like trying to cut wood due to the mesh-like structure of the plant. It rapidly dulls the blade and will chip or break fine edges.

>> No.16521827

got any Wang Gang webms?

>> No.16521864

Am I on twitter right now? You people can't be serious

>> No.16521875

>bentos are typically well balanced
>its being taken to the next level by removing all balance and just cramming mountains of meat into it
how is this the next level?

>> No.16521883

Like, seriously, jesus. That's something parents tell their children so they'll finish the food on their plate. Did you people never grow up? Do you not understand how the food industry works?
It's completely absurd to me that there are adults who unironically complain about """wasting food"""

>> No.16521886


>> No.16521895

I don't use twitter but you fuckers post about it so often I know exactly what the culture is like

>> No.16521900

Seems like you'd fit right in. Bye, enjoy yourself.

>> No.16521902


>> No.16521932


Dianxi never disappoints.

>> No.16521963

Dude you totally fit in here I totally can't tell you're a newfag

>> No.16521965

this isnt so bad compared to the usual shit posted here

>> No.16522005

>nuuu why aren't you edgy like mee

>> No.16522008


>> No.16522063

Pepsi sent him a batch of new Crystal Pepsi because he promoted it so much

>> No.16522093

Europeans are completely incapable of making fries that aren't pale from what I can tell.

>> No.16522136

>No, I didn't stick my dick in it.
>It just fell while I was cooking, and hit my dick on the way down.

>> No.16522224

>it's edgy to not act like it's some huge deal to waste food
please tell me you're pretending to be stupid

>> No.16522251

Congratulations, you've passed the test. You are sufficiently nihilistic to continue to visit the coveted secret site: for chanel. Please visit your nearest based department for your complimentary alck and fully brought back snacks.

>> No.16522281

>not obsessing over wasted food makes me a nihilist
for the sake of my sanity I have to assume you're trolling me. i can not continue in this world with the knowledge that someone actually believes these things.

>> No.16522287

>ohhhh fuck fuck its so based to waste this mcchicken in the local river

>> No.16522323

>since i don't obsess over uneaten food, i must think it's a virtue to waste it
i can feel my world falling apart around me. is everyone else really this dumb?

>> No.16522340

i simply think its dumb for wasting food, and agree with anon's shitpost. oh oh - don't take it literally dear, i don't wanna hurty wurty anyone.

>> No.16522346

Yeah, my bad, I was getting bored watching the cup.

>> No.16522359

God I would fucking devour that shit

>> No.16522374

there are many things in life worth getting up in arms about.
throwing a bit of food on a table for some dumb joke in a kid's show is not one of them. you're not saving anyone else from starvation by finishing the food on your plate. you're not a moral crusader for making internet posts decrying howtobasic and epic meal time. find something more valuable to complain about.

thank god

>> No.16522405

>>there are many things in life worth getting up in arms about.
>throwing a bit of food on a table for some dumb joke in a kid's show is not one of them. you're not saving anyone else from starvation by finishing the food on your plate. you're not a moral crusader for making internet posts decrying howtobasic and epic meal time. find something more valuable to complain about.
im not complaining like you, i agreed with anon's post, simply lol.

>> No.16522412

Someone turn this into a webm


>> No.16522474

I just know why.

>> No.16522485

You cannot convince me that this was actually eaten.

>> No.16522520

>dude I'm not doing that thing I was totally doing

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