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We got to cocky babish bros...

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is babby delving into architecture?

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is that his beautiful soulmate

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Fuck off Adam, she's hotter than your ghoul of a """"wife""""

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She's his PR paid waifu. He's infact a faggot who loves the dick but cant admit to as much because of marketing. So he now has to pay a bitch for screen time in order to appear straight.

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Isn’t one of the biggest Youtubers a faggot rapist who does makeup tutorials for trannies?

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Know your market base.

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no one but you schizos that already hate him because he's successful would give a shit if he was gay, though

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It's difficult communicating with someone who has a rudimentary grasp of english, Deng. How many years of shitposting do you have left before they'll let you see your wife and kid again?

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she looks good with a bit of chunk on her, I approve

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you're retarded if you think my post was incomprehensible

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If you said this a few weeks ago, I would have though you were shitposting.

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is that really the same girl...??

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>oh no im so sad because i make popular youtube cooking videos and le tiny whisk
dang he really is a tortured artist

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Poor dude

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Imagine being her, shacking up with a used goods whore like Babish....

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gonna be awkward when he goes trans

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I'd say so. His waifu has been looking fucking big in the last few episodes.

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It must be a nice to be a normie and be able to fix your mental issues within a week. Took me 20 fucking years and a few dreams about God to fix my brain.

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I like how all us "haters" ended up being right, there was something off about him and it showed in his videos. That vain, reddit-esque facade of fun was cringe because he didn't believe in it either, he was looking for an escape and to try and hide from his problems. Feels good to know I wasn't crazy

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I get a strong feeling from your post that you probably are.

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no you are just as crazy as this guy >>16449326 who gets divine messages in his dreams

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I'm hotter than Adam's wife and I'm a man.

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>god doesnt talk to him in his dreams

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i thought that was aj applegate on the left kek

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he's fattening her up obviously, don't doubt based babish

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It took me years to fix my shit as well, but I still get the odd few days where I feel like absolute dogshit.

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i thought he had a nigger gf

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your prob thinking of anthony fantano

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picking "basil" (sex partners) and mashing "pine" nuts (male testiculoids)

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How do I cocky someone? I wanna do that.

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You think you're intelligent, and you may be, but you're not showing it. You look like a tool right now. Just thought I'd show some courtesy and alert you, since you're obviously unaware of how you look. You probably welch and belch about grammar and syntax offline as well. No one cares that you are semantically correct. You just look like a twat. Cheers!

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Reminder: Babish has never worked in a commercial kitchen

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Can you post your contact details please (email or social media is fine) so i can send you a picture of my scrotum, Cheers!

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Yes, it's [email protected]
@BarryO69Afghanistan if you use the 'gram

I look forward to our future correspondences.

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He has always been a meme """chef""".

I legit have to turn my brain off when I see him prep because he makes so many egregious mistakes.

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No it's not.
Second girl is his gf.

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And? He's always been transparent about having no professional experience.

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>May everyone tiny whisk on

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Now he's shilling EA games? Wtf? I don't know how or why anyone would watch this shit.

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binging with goyish is in the big league now, think he's close to 10 mil subs?

all the big AAA companies will line up to sponsor him.

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This shit only degrades whatever he has of his brand

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lol are people really spending time ITT defending a fucking e-celeb?

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good god this is unbearably soy

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>tinyyyy whhiiissskkkkkkkk!!!!

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reading this felt like a lobotomy

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>my therapist convinced me i'm a tranny
many such cases

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>moves to california
>immediately believes he's a woman
how much longer can this all go on for

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My therapist keeps trying to tell me I'm *not* a tranny, fuck her tho

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How long till she divorces him when he troons out and takes half zher money?

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Hate to be the one to tell you this, but your brain is still fucked.

>> No.16451076

2 years, max

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How long do you give it before he starts wearing a wig or has a 'serious talk' about how he's on HRT. I think by Christmas.

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>He's infact a faggot who loves the dick but cant admit to as much because of marketing
are you retarded? he'd get even more clout.

>> No.16451102

California/LA must be a goldmine for therapists, I swear every person from there can't wait to share their therapy advice and talk about how therapy is and how they had a chat with their therapist about this and therapy is good for their mental health

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He stole the tiny whisk bit from foodwishes

>> No.16451217

I cringe whenever a guest or host call him a "chef" can't be a chef if you don't run a crew among other things

>> No.16451240

He acts like he knows how to cook everything correct because he read the food lab. At least Adam Ragusio says that cooking properly doesn’t matter

>> No.16451257

i dont believe you, what therapist in current year would do this

>> No.16451262

>getting cringe chef tattoos
yeah totally

>> No.16451299

Blessed are the architects

>> No.16451318

>bbw-building with babish
Now I will subscribe to your channel.

>> No.16451325

What this anon (>>16451070) said is 99% likely to be true, I almost can't count the number of neurotics I've met who claimed to have successfully compartmentalised, managed or surpassed ""previous"" irrational mental states and/or "trauma" only to behave in irrational, unaccountable ways and seek sympathy. You're probably a scummy, unstable, unpredictable person because of whatever issues you possess - you should avoid other people for the rest of your life.

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1) she doesn't look that thin in the first one either
2) it's better that she's using her natural hair color in the second one
3) is that even the same person?

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>picking "basil" (sex partners) and mashing "pine" nuts (male testiculoids)

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kys coomer

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No, the left is his girlfriend and the right is the kitchen assistant lady that they hired when they moved to the new studio. I forgot her name.

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Not very progressive of him marrying a wh*te woman

>> No.16451363

seriously? we went 70+ posts without someone pointing this out?

>> No.16451374

>being an 'e celeb' expert

>> No.16451392

you are a follower of e-celeb threads about e-celeb personal life as evidenced by your post in this thread

>> No.16451401

The difference is that I'm ashamed of myself.

>> No.16451419

I just remembered her name, it's Kendall. Go watch the cacio e pepe episode because it shows both Jess and Kendall a few times. They look similar though especially from that angle. I think OP was just trying to make an architect joke though.

>> No.16451420

i don't get it

>> No.16451428

yeah i was just thinking that the other girl in the cacio e pepe episode looked like the gf in op pic
hand to my heart, the chubby girl is cuter imo and i'm no chubby chaser

>> No.16451447

you know who also liked painting his fingernails and then became an insane broken tranny? Cosmo.

>> No.16451610

i've always felt bad for cosmo. today is his birthday btw
a whole real person destroyed by mental illness that kept getting encouraged by everyone around him. what a fucking world we live in. you can't count on the people closest to you to pull you out of the pit.

>> No.16452210

he's hot

>> No.16452231

There was a boy in my middle school who was extremely flamboyant. We all assumed he was just gay but he started painting his fingernails around 7th grade and less than a year later we were having a special school assembly to announce that he is becoming a girl. This was circa 2005 too

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the earth needs to get hit by a gamma ray burst ASAP

>> No.16452528


>> No.16453040

> bourgeois reddit consoomer has a comfy life yet still can't handle it and is on the verge of trooning
wow who could have seen that coming

>> No.16453754

>loves the dick but cant admit to as much because of marketing
*laughs in Max Miller*

>> No.16454068

hes preparing to say he's a "Queer they/them" because he knows eventually he'll be cancelled for being a "white dude" and knows "But I'm not white" wouldn';t cut it

>> No.16454075

I'm unfortunately californian and this is true.
I even went to a therapist myself once and only once because during the first meeting before I even described what was going on he was already trying to sell me on some anti-depressants.
I just started working out instead and it worked.

>> No.16454768

Didn't he have like a fully remodeled apartment / studio / 3 kitchen building in Brooklyn?

>> No.16454901

he just made a burger sponsored by some whiskey cunts. didn't add any whiskey to his caramelised onions

>> No.16454911

what is wrong with women's arms? even when I was over 200 pounds my arms were still mostly muscle
meanwhile no matter what overweight women will always have these big fat chubby fucking arms

>> No.16454922

built to be pinned down and impregnated

>> No.16455012

Some dudes look like dough boys too

>> No.16455026

As a southerner, I don't get the seethe over this term

>> No.16455027

women just have less muscle mass in their arms, that's just how biology works

>> No.16455050

She has the body of an overweight 5-year-old girl. I don't understand how people can be even ironically attracted to her.

>> No.16455053

they're more likely to get fat in their arms/thighs than belly compared to males

>> No.16455066

I will never forgive Trump for talking Kim Jong-Un out of nuking us.

>> No.16455112

>Dilating with Trannish

>> No.16455116

Left is his fiancée, right is his kitchen assistant Kendall. I think.

>> No.16456634

i feel like yall has a different connotation when used by certain people, typically those not from the south or extreme liberals, almost in a mocking way of southern dialect, its hard to quantify really but i dont care for it nonetheless

>> No.16456644


>> No.16456648

>northerners saying “y’all”

Tired of this meme desu

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Why does Reddit speak make me cringe and get angry?

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For ages northerners made fun of us southern chads for saying y’all and ain’t and talking with a goofy accent. Then I guess since the term was used by southern blacks and lgbt and other alphabet people, woke northerners decided it was in vogue, and started saying it. Which really rustles my jimmies because my mom is southern and she would get mad and upset if me and my siblings said y’all and aint because she thought it made southerners look stupid.

>> No.16456857

because they speak like try hard faggots

edit: wow thanks for the upvotes guys! I'm taking a break from this site for my mental health but will be sure to check back later!

>> No.16456973

How did you do it?

>> No.16457393

>mum stopped you from talking like reddit faggot troons
based mum

>> No.16457398

i became trans

>> No.16457402

I watched him for quite a while but he's been incredibly, more so than he has been, soulless lately. Then I realized he named his channel the Babish Cinematic Universe like it's a Marvel show or something.

>> No.16457405

what speedrunning does to a mf. do you remember that 'i'd really prefer if you were quiet' guy? He's a tranny now too...

>> No.16457412

i dont get why he has to force his gf in every video

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fuck me the way he has to pronounce everything in the appropriate accent like some massive jerkoff. I can't stand that and his endless alliterations. Top tier redditfag cringe

>> No.16457440

I am pretty normal but my demons come out during REM. I'm normie af for a 4channer. Friends, job, own place. But I have this fucking insane thing where I wake up at like 4:00 in the morning and I have insane bouts of physical and mental stress. I grind my teeth, I get vertigo, I uncontrollably writhe around my bed, I yell because my chest starts tightening. I start having paranoid thoughts, and start thinking about suicide. The only thing that helps is nicotine. I don't even vape other than when it happens. I vape until I have a strong buzz, I get ice water and drink like three cups, I take a cold shower, and usually just meditate. around 4;45 I go back to bed until I wake up at 7;00.

during the day, im fine. no stress, no paranoia. I get anxious because of work but not even that bad. I hang out with friends all that shit. I just fucking immolate and writhe in pain every morning but im not even depressed. I should probably see a doctor tho

>> No.16457441

>"So I fucked up this traditional cacio e pepe recipe, right?"
>"So what's the actual traditional recipe, then?"
>Uh well see uh nobody actually knows because it's an oral tradition handed down by our nonas and literally nobody can agree on what it should be anyway
>You need to put alcohol in the parm wheel and ignite it so it's hot enough to melt the cheese
>"does it matter what kind of alcohol I use?"
>No it doesn't
>"So I can use brandy?"
>No no no no no you can't!
Why the fuck are Italians ALWAYS like this?

>> No.16457609

I'm a northerner and it's used exclusively by young people trying to act human by copying linguistics of non-sociopaths

>> No.16457681

I didn't even know what the y'all seethe in this thread was until I got to this. I'm "in the south" but most people, myself included, talk with a generic unidentifiable american accent, not a southern drawl. y'all said normally as "bye yall" or whatever, not "bye Y'AWLLL" like a stereotypical hick is normal and sometimes hard not to say. the second I read babish, who I don't really dislike, type that, it comes off as such a force-of-hand brand of smarmy from him, especially in text form. very forced

>> No.16457833

That was a troll twitter account

>> No.16457839

Being gay is the best marketing tool next to being black

>> No.16459266

I'm in its just a local linguistic thing. I don't even have a thick southern drawl but use terminology like "y'all" or "ain't" or "ma'am" or similar phrases simply because it's what was around me. Ingrained in the culture around me. Same as New Yorkers saying "you'se" or whatever.

People finding an excuse to seethe over some random colloquilism that's still intelligible is retarded.

>> No.16459289

>blue eyes
>golden rings in ears
My jam

>> No.16459409

Based coalburner pornography enthusiast

>> No.16459418

I'm tired of niggers and southern scum are directly responsible for the proliferation of niggers in america.

>> No.16459454

> I wake up at like 4:00 in the morning and I have insane bouts of physical and mental stress. I grind my teeth, I get vertigo, I uncontrollably writhe around my bed, I yell because my chest starts tightening. I start having paranoid thoughts, and start thinking about suicide. The only thing that helps is nicotine.
sounds like nicotine withdrawal

>> No.16459469

>southern scum are responsible
>not Mitch McConnel or Majorie taylor greene

>> No.16459883

>le lincoln wanted to send them back
wouldve never happened even if he didnt get shot

>> No.16459904

The right path is never easy. I hope you find what you need anon.

>> No.16459933


calling it

>> No.16460130


>> No.16460309

I think he's talking about Jeffery Star?

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File: 102 KB, 855x955, EVDkiByU0AY-PmX.jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't stand the 'minimalistic face with glasses and hair/beard' logo
Like it's so insanely fucking pretentious that your brand is just assuming that I will recognize your stupid shitty manbaby face with no ques other than your glasses and hairstyle

>> No.16460424

>named his channel the Babish Cinematic Universe like it was going to be a 'brand for multiple creators'
>had weird brown lady on for like a week
>nobody else has done anything on the channel
Or maybe I'm remembering incorrectly.

>> No.16460452

no that sounds about right

>> No.16460522

If you were also woman and half Puerto Rican you would get so many gibs.

>> No.16460557

and I thank Mr. Brosnan every day for that

>> No.16460613

I'd fuck both

>> No.16460915

? many other languages use a plural you it's english that's backwards...it's almost like words and their usage can evolve over time or something

>> No.16460920

how is pronouncing something correctly make you butthurt? alliterations are annoying though still, something's wrong with you

>> No.16461430

Dilating With Troonish

>> No.16461777

I mean I grew up in Southern IL and we used it all the time, but then again I was in a farming community

>> No.16462206


>> No.16462224

Babish is an architect?

>> No.16462295


Not the guy, but it is 100% likely to be true that you should go kill yourself, avoid food and water for the rest of your life. That, or you're projecting, if it's the latter, I wish you the best of luck anon.

>> No.16462320

What do you get from tearing people down? You should be happy that he's gotten better, not insult him.

>> No.16462322

he corrupted her like that episode where cartman got a gf and she got fat

>> No.16462375

damn looking like a cute depressed slut

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>mango therapy yall yall folks folks yall folks yall

>> No.16462518
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I said that form the get go, bald faggots are have the same vibe

>> No.16462529 [DELETED] 
File: 38 KB, 308x288, 1620966690172.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16462720

>noo I slightly overcooked the pasta I beg for your forgiveness italiCHADS, I truly kneel...
why does he do it

>> No.16462727

Well it's working, isn't it?

>> No.16462732
File: 1.17 MB, 1318x666, M.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.16462734

but he openly has a second channel with his literal husband anon

>> No.16462735

Kendall > Jessica

>> No.16462750

Babbish was recommended to me by a friend, and I started having his videos running as white noise while gaming. I never really noticed how he would go out of this way to pronounce everything 100% authentically until the carbonara debacle. In his follow-up video after the italians shat all over his dish it felt like he tried to do it tounge-in-cheek, but to me it just came off as trying way too hard.

>> No.16462853

in 2018 this was actually great advice
hell even the budget card i bought 5 years ago has retained its value because of the state of the gpu market

>> No.16462860

is that christina's daughter?

>> No.16462862
File: 52 KB, 750x506, 556589.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that's hot, what's her onlyfans?

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