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I buy a tub of fried chicken for $10.99 from my local grocery store but i eat it over the course of 2-3 days (eat almost nothing else during this)

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pretty much what my dad does all the time because he can't cook a single damn thing

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does he take vitamins and drink water?

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lel so randum xD
put me in the screencap
also upvoted my friend!

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yeah, he actually has a heart condition but is always getting blood work and checkups and despite eating like complete shit his doctors say all his levels are great

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What's random about a person buying food and eating? It's one of the more predictable behaviours.

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I could get 6lbs of chicken breast for that price where i live.

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do you live in the philipines?

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not who you replied to but at my local Safeway in Arizona it regularly is on sale for $1.50/lb

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americans eat fruocmorph meat

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No America

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>i can buy raw meat cheaper than breaded fried meat
erhm... okay?

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