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>making rice for dinner
>have an idea
>add a packet of ramen seasoning to water
>cook rice in it
why did nobody tell me about this? this is delicious.

>> No.16400233

We thought it was too obvious, not babbys first discovery

>> No.16400265

Try bulion cubes or real stock, or oldbay, or throw some veggies in when you cook it, or a handful of cilantro or, or, or.

>> No.16400267

Wow holy shit you can season rice I am shocked

>> No.16400296

well it was specifically the ramen seasoning but fuck you too buddy

>> No.16400305

>this whole thread

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>Food more good when add spices and MSG
Wooooow so wise, so insightful.

>> No.16400313


why do you have packets of ramen seasoning sitting around

>> No.16400787

Well I usually make dashi and then add in some sake, mirin, and soy sauce when I have instant ramen. So I have no need for the packet and just throw them in my spice drawer.

>> No.16401083

You could add some chicken
Maybe a can of diced tomatoes
Possibilities are endless with these grains

>> No.16401097

you're retarded for barely figuring this out but you should experiment with rice frequently. its a cheap staple so if you fuck up its not a big deal. i make mine with bouillon, curry powder (jamaican, superior), garam masala, freshly ground pepper, butter, and turmeric. jasmine.

>> No.16402655

just use stock you fucking monkey

>> No.16402949

Adding things to rice is pretty common. Some people puts whole fish in there.

>> No.16402979

KFC rice

>> No.16402981

I'm not sure I like the idea of steamed kfc

>> No.16403032

>steamed kfc
I think you'll like it better than this.

>> No.16403066

>why did nobody tell me about this? this is delicious.
you can breathe by your own, you dont need a tape telling you when to breathe in and breathe out

>> No.16403069

delicious combo, king

>> No.16403334

But. Steamed fish is a thing though.

>> No.16404589

sometimes you don't use a whole packet when you eat the noodles raw

>> No.16404654

Add bonus: your ramen will taste better without the flavour packet.

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