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>order a tasty pizza from Domino's for delivery
>check pizza tracker
>Tyrone and Shaniqua began preparing your order at 2:03

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>Abdul is on his way

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>tasty pizza
>from Domino's

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The trick is to not live around undesirables

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>order a large dominos pizza for carryout
>that 7.99 for a large 3 topping is pretty legit
>heather is preparing your order
>go pick it up
>it's a cute, pale, blonde scene girl with pink highlights
god I hope she spit on it...

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Wow! a racist frog thread how original

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>try to order by phone
>they say they don’t deliver to my neighborhood
>ask why
>they say they don’t know
>live in black neighborhood yet papa John’s delivers to me and knows my name.
Fuck dominios I haven’t had their pizza since elementary school anyway

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People have been telling him to fuck off and mods have been deleting his threads on other boards so he's a bit upset.

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