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In honor of AMERICA Day, what is your favorite American dish?
Foreigners welcome

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A Big Black Cock

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For me it's Popeyes
The only decent fastfood left after they all went to shit

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Hamburgers really are the best. America, Fuck Yeah!

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The burgers, duh.

t. Russian

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fried stick of butter

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Do americans really eat like shit on a holiday but eat the same throughout the week

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For me, it's the sloppa.

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Isn't this creature German or something?
Look at the writing on the hotdog can thing, that's not English, we don't even have that here.

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2 cheese enchiladas and a shredded beef taco.

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The burger. No contest.

American BBQ is good to but you can't match the versatility, ubiquity, and universal appeal of a good berg

t. Leaf
Happy American day you guys, I hope you national day isn't politicized and demoralizing as ours was this year.

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posts german snorlax and calls it American!

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As a third world shitter, I wish this was more popular instead of the usual le 500g real beef authentic american™ cheeseburger.

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>t. Jamal

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Gumbo is pretty fuckin good

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Anything with bacon and a portion of meat the size of my head. Lots of sauces, cheeses, sauce to dip my food in (so I don't have to chew) and a chocolate milkshake with cookies in it to wash everything down. Maybe some waffles and syrup incorporated in there for some reason.

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Nashville Hot Chicken

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Buffalo Wings

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love burgers

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Finally ate a mcgriddle the other day which does the syrup thing, it was nasty

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fuck the usa

you lose another war against men in sandals yet?

pig amer*cans

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America is the greatest culinary nation to ever exist. Name one great dish not invented in America by an American. Spaghetti, tacos, fried rice, Chinese dumplings, french fries, freedom fries, then back to french fries again, bread. All made for the first time here in the USA. Oh I guess the japs made sushi but we nuked those slant fucks so they can keep it. USA USA USA

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I ate a chili cheese burger for lunch

>> No.16382620

Yeah it has got to be the burger

>> No.16382636

Chili cheese dogs with some mustard and onions are my go-to when I'm looking to splurge a bit.

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reminder: 4th of july is a white holiday

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Hamburgers, of course. Especially with high quality beef, not the shitty kind with cardboard from macdonalds

>> No.16382760

Hot dogs.

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American BBQ brutally mogs burgers any fucking day. Burgers are just convenient esp. for fatties (most Americans).

>> No.16382846

based gumbo turd world chad

Go back.

>> No.16382851

What an extremely comfy setting and look at that fire pit brehs

>> No.16383310

>most Americans
niggers and spics are not Americans eurofag

>> No.16383348

bacon, and anything cooked in bacon grease

>> No.16383354

Burgers, fuck yeah!

>> No.16383509

Is pic rel American? If not then probably gumbo

>> No.16383533

Apple pie

>> No.16383543

This is what they want to take from you. Fight back.

>> No.16383551

awwwwwwwww yea

>> No.16384875

spaghetti & meatballs
chocolate chip cookies
chocolate brownies
chicken parmesan
eggs benedict

>> No.16384880

inb4 "um spaghetti & meatballs, pizza, and chicken parmesan are all Italian LOL!!!"

no they aren't. all of those dishes were invented in america. in the case of pizza, the modern pizza as we know it around the world is American style. traditional Italian style pizza like Neapolitan style is way different and not what people imagine when they think of pizza, nor is Neapolitan style anybody's preferred style of pizza.

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The prison meal from getting arrested for lighting fireworks in honor of my cuntry

>> No.16385342

i actually like their fake cheese.

>> No.16385363

South Philly Taco?

>> No.16385466

Despite it being the 5th here, I'm cooking ribs for dinner to celebrate the 4th in Yankee land.

>> No.16385493

I have many. But these are my new recent favorites.

>> No.16386027

You know american cuisine isn't too bad. Maybe i have been wrong about you lads.

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Since the statue of liberty was a gift from the French for achieving independence, nothing celebrates America day better than the quintessential American food (burgers) with a French touch (cheese). Stop making fun of them for being cheese eating surrender monkeys for one day a year and celebrate an allyship that lasted several centuries. I recommend Munster, it's one of the greatest cheeses in the world and it goes really well with the smoky flavor of bbq burgers.

>> No.16387117

pulled pork
potato salad, cole slaw

>> No.16387194

Pulled Pork first and foremost and BBQing an animal in generall second desu.

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