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America makes a lot of quality cheeses, so why is it this garbage that is called "American"? Its not real cheese. Do you think in an Italian deli in italy people ask for American on their cheese sandwich? No. Its poor American garbage food.

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I don't give a shit what wops do. Gimme my turkey cheese sub.

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Doesn't posting stale copypasta get old? I mean, do you giggle yourself to tears every time you do it? It seems like such a waste. Why not do something original, or have you no personality of your own?

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I have no personality of my own.

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>its not real cheese waaah
Being cut with a little whey protein so it melts better doesn't mean it's "not cheese" you tremendous faggot.

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it's good, you don't like it don't eat it

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I was eating a nice english pub cheese just thinking about that I haven't had American since I was a lass, so no this is an original post about cheese. I am genuinely upset that they feed this garbage cheese to people, me being one of them.

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White American cheese is the ONLY cheese to be considered for a Philly cheesesteak and if you don't like those, OP, then you really shouldn't have an opinion on anything food related.

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you almost had a point until you used Italian as a comparison for quality

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I've never been to Philly so I don't know.

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>plastic wrapped singles
>sliced off an actual american block

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>ragging on Italian food
son, I can't even. Italy has some of the finest ingredients in their food in the world.

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post feet

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>>sliced off an actual american block

why? don't you "real cheese"? so much better than this bland tasteless salty junk.

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it also has Italians doing the judging

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if almond "milk" is Milk.
then cheese slices are cheese.

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there are some things where melty cream-salt is required. mostly breakfast

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I didn't realize the og Philly used Cheez wiz until a couple weeks ago.

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i had one made by a guy from philly who was wanted by sheriffs in the city limits and was either the giver or receiver a ball gag for his loving wife who probably weighed almost 400lbs. i helped paint his bar.

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>Do you think in an Italian deli in italy people ask for American
I literally have yet to visit a country on this earth where individually wrapped “American” melting cheese isn’t available.

You can go to a country which has literally never seen a cow in its history, and still find “American” and “cheddar”, the two most basic and ubiquitous cheeses in existence.

Pic related. Having cheap takoyaki with cheap whores at a cheap brothel in the cheap part of a Japanese red light area.

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Yeah OG is the whiz, but Tony Luke uses white American and its pretty universal that his are supreme

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>I didn't realize the og Philly used Cheez wiz
>Yeah OG is the whiz

The sandwich predates that condiment by several years.

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the hell are those cans? cat food?

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Yeah so?

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Recipe pls, seems tasty

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>America makes a lot of quality cheeses
such as?

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such as many award winning cheeses, look it up, assclown, before yapping your mouth.

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america doesnt actually make any cheese, but their processed "cheese" product™ is good on burgers.

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Swiss cheese is American. Vermont and Wisconsin produce a ton of award winning cheeses. In basically every grocery store you can find a table like pic related with fancy cheese.
Its funny when yuropoors talk about America like we don't have what they have. We have everything you have and more. Our regular grocery stores are so large your jaw would drop. We have meat markets, specialty food stores, giant football field sized premium stores like Costco, meijers, etc. We have even have your shithole little aldis.

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>Swiss cheese is American.

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"Swiss cheese" is an American Swiss style cheese and is produced in America.

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>costco and meijer are premium stores

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Look at all that "cheese"!
some of them dont even contain harmful chemicals. just possibly harmful chemicals.

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>award winning cheeses.
Awards like baseball world series where you just play against each other and nobody else? Don't make me laugh.

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Im American and never eat American cheese. Big ag does not represent America.

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I like processed cheese product and I won't apologize.

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>In basically every grocery store you can find a table like pic related with fancy cheese.
You're full of shit.

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Your going to be hard pressed to eat any food if you’re avoiding ‘big ag’

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you were never a lass

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>Its poor American garbage food.
No shit, why do you think they refer to it as "Government Cheese"?

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>Italian posting

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Grains are actually still affordable from small farms. I only eat unprocessed grains and meat really. Also veggies and fruit from farmers markets.
Idk bro I dont have some a complex pallet
Lucky im Austrian stock and we eat bland shit if needed and I love me some plain grains with hot sauce or sour topping. Big ag should be boycotted

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because cheddar cheese made in America was labelled American and Yankee Cheese when exported to the Empire and her colonies.
James Craft, being a Leaf immigrant, continued to use "American Cheese" labelling in his processed cheese food product made from American cheddar and colby. Kraft cheese was wildly popular and therefore popularized the use of "American" for processed cheese.

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White american cheese is my personal choice for mac & cheese using foodwishes instant method

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I tried that instant method it turned out awful :(

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"American" cheese is never called just cheese, it's a pasteurized cheese prduct, aka fake cheese aka commodity/welfare cheese.

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It's like how mutts in dog shows have their breed listed as "All American"

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>he thinks 'small farms' avoids big ag
hooo boy, who do you think supplies those small farms

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I think euros are just permanently stuck in 1975 when it comes to stuff like beer, cheese, and wine. The Judgement of Paris must have fried their brains on a continental scale so anything America makes after that just doesn't exist in their eyes.

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That's like saying Cheddar isn't real cheese
They make it from cheese and it's mostly made of cheese so it is cheese

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american cheese is cheese in the same way sausage is meat.

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What do you mean I'm full of shit? There 4 grocery stores within a 5 mile radius that have fancy cheese displays and I'm in the middle of bum fuck Midwest.
Yes. Costco and Meijer have high quality meats, produce, and household items. Kroger can be pretty nice depending on the neighborhood and the Floorplan. Safeway has quite a few upscale stores. I don't live in shithole big cities where every store is gross and unkempt so your mileage may vary.

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We've had everything euros have since our country was founded. The only difference is we didn't have the logistics to get those products to rural areas until we completed the interstate infrastructure. This is where most of the flyover memes come from. With the internet and modern shipping you can get just about anything you want in any part of the country. The only real difference is you need to be close to a coast for fresh sea food, and award winning chefs tend to start restaurants where there's a higher density population. Good food can be found everywhere.

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The best players from around the World play in the MLB, there are tons of non-American players in the league, you dirty nigger.

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I burnt the milk on my first try too

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Oregon as well

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do japanese prostitutes have hairy pussies?

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>What do you mean I'm full of shit? There 4 grocery stores within a 5 mile radius that have fancy cheese displays and I'm in the middle of bum fuck Midwest.

So am I and I've never seen that outside of places that specialize in cheese.

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this kills the murrican

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Based and ironypilled

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I regularly pair shit like cold camembert or fromage daffinois with Ritz crackers or pretzels. You're free to debate whether I am truly appreciating or savoring it but the idea that we don't have access to cheese is 100% cope.

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well, mb few of you

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I wonder how much extra endocrine disruption americans get when every single bread cheese has maximized plastic contact area.

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>he cries about euro superiority while his meal relies on luchito a new world condiment from the americas.

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>the americas

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Its just cheese with emulsifying salts, no less cheese then one with spices in it

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That's because the italians throw a bitch fit when anyone tries to compete with their exports. Kinda like how they throw a fit when someone uses tomatoes not grown on a sacred hill in italy and harvested by old italian women.

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American is the only cheese that America invented. They can make other cheese already invented from other places but American is the only one that is truly theirs.

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It's cheese mixed with milk and whey and sodium nitrate. It's good for melting usually shit for flavour. If you take a high quality cheese with sodium nitrate you get the best of both worlds. Regular cheese isn't even better than american for melting purposes it's mostly a pretension that delusional meltlets think is true.

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Yes, let us not forget Tillamook premium cheeses.

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7% sodium citrate by volume

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>american flavored sandwich slices
kek. What are these made of? I bet the first ingredient is soybean oil.