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My traditional American breakfast - biscuits and gravy

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that's eggs and biscuits and gravy

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petit pains au béchamel de saucisse

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>biscuits and gravy
You mean white sauce and scones? Why the fuck is that brewkfadg?

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I had biscuits and gravy for breakfast too

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looks like cat spew

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Real USA flavor!

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looks like the stew from 1984 or something, horrid color

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Biscuits and gravy sucks.

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Delicious, easy to make from scratch too. Biscuits are easy and the sauce is quick to make from some ground sausage. Cooking is nice.

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>biscuit: cooked to perfection
>eggs: light and fluffy
>gravy: creamy, salty, savory
>sausage: the perfect complement to it all
>europeans itt: seething and coping
Nice job, OP. I personally would have crumbled the sausage a little finer, but what you did looks great

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Truly the food of kings

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>europeans itt: seething and coping
Just call white sauce and scones what it is. Drop the biscuit/gravy nonsense.
Gravy is not white with chunks.

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Biscuits are all tasty and crumbly while scones are like what prisoners eat. During wartime.

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>for breakfast

Do Americans really need to pump HFCS non stop in their fat bodies?

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>Do Americans really?

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why waste energy getting upset over regional dialect?

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>day old Popeyes biscuits
>vegan "Farm Life" sausages
>1% skim milk stretched with a bit of water at the end because I ran out
Idk I felt like it was just okay. Too salty for breakfast, too disgusting and ugly looking for dinner.

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Why the fuck is your coffee orange?

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I'll call it what the fuck I want. Go munch on some faggots in country sauce, bitch!

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It's the sweet butter added to it

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more like SHITSCUITS and POOP

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Sawmill gravy is a bit more than just white sauce. It's made with the sausage fat and often has cornmeal added to it.

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>not enjoying a mouthful of hot faggot
Do Americans really not?

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Nah, I don't want to get shot

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that's orange juice, my man