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>The sparkling balls, formally known as silver dragées, have been causing quite the stir in the baking world for over 100 years. While it's technically legal to sell silver dragées in most states across the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration does not recommend ingesting them
what's the lore on these?

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>silver dragées are banned
>you can buy an Ar 15 at target
Americans folks

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I thought silver's ok to eat

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I think I heard (I'm british though so who knows if this is true) but they banned the silver ones because if a kid with an air rifle saw silver pellets that taste okay sprinkled on a cake, he might later think his air rifle BBs are edible and try to eat them and then later die, or attempt to shoot silver dragees into his mouth at 12 pumps or something

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you'll live but there might be slight side effects

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Rent free

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so you're telling me that i can become a naturally antibacterial drow by having silver with my morning coffee every day?

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i miss the days when kids could be expected to not be giant fucking retards at every opportunity
i get that we had higher child mortality back then, but was that REALLY a bad thing?

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inb4 some idiot kills himself trying to cosplay as Jarlaxle

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Did he ever smurf Smurfette

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I miss the days when a retard's death was accepted as a freak accident and not a call to ban everything.

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Do Americans really keep their shoes on while they eat at restaurants?

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Yeah, I mean I think the constant lawsuits have made it so parents place all blame externally, raising kids who auomatically place blame everyone but themselves for everything

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Man, Silver Surfer looks older than I remember

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It's legal to sell dragées, you illiterate nitwit.

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>attempt to shoot silver dragees into his mouth at 12 pumps
Extreme Pez

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It's called priorities, you cuck bitch

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Pretty sure you can't buy ar's at target my guy. Pretty sure you can't even get them at Walmart either.

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You can't defend freedom with sprinkles, faggot.

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You can't even buy ammo at Walmart anymore

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Silver dragees are colored with mica powder not actual metallic silver you tards

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Kek just stick the gun in your mouth and pull the trigger kids!

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Lmaooo yasss

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Walmart is faggots. If you do anything but shoplift at Walmart you are also faggots.