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>you will never enjoy a slice of little caesar's pizza or Nathan's hotdog, nachos, and an Icee at a kmart ever again

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Do Americans really go into a state of mourning when a fast food chain dies? Do you wear all-black?

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>Fast food chain
Why are /int/ posters so dumb

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Yes, we 100% completely do this. Do you not when your favorite Doner kebab shop closes down?

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The fast food chains didn't die, the department store did my obsessed foreign friend.

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remember sears and malls?

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Little Ceasars is currently the largest pizza chain in the United States you dumb euro fuck.

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Fuck.. that's what I miss the most. Not the consumerism part of it, but hanging out with my friends at the mall not doing shit. The smell of expensive fragrances wafting, the architecture, the happy white families enjoying an outing together. Tangible goods you can browse. A one stop shop for most everything you could need. The way they decorated it around Christmas. It was just a blast growing up in the white suburban 90s. Skateboarding, not giving a care about the world. Now everything and everyone is fucked. I'm forced to buy everything online and have it delivered by coloreds. There's nowhere to go, nothing to do.

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You don't miss the mall you miss being a child with no responsibility and a grandeur view of a world you didn't understand. Children today will one day miss today, children tomorrow will one day miss tomorrow. You are not special, neither was the time you were raised in.

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Wrong. We had great music, awesome schools, our economy was thriving, houses were cheap as dirt, wages were still growing, food was ridiculously cheap, technology was becoming rapidly more advanced and accessible, there weren't many wars. The 90s were the best decade to grow up in. Even boomers agree with that.

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>implying i ever enjoyed that to begin with

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>awesome schools

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Worked at a few different retail places when I was younger and Kmart was by far the most mismanaged place I ever worked at, and the only job I just walked out from, which really didn't do them any favors since they also had corporate management that had no idea what the fuck they were doing, and the store hadn't been renovated since the 80s and had computers from the 90s, I was unsurprised when the location closed 6 months after I quit

Even before I worked there I always kinda hated the place, had all the atmosphere of a dingy laundromat and kinda smelled like one too, no idea why people are so nostalgic about them

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Domino's -- 16k stores, $12 bn in sales
Little Cheeser's -- 6k stores, $4bn in sales

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He said in the US, dominos has 6k stores within the country, that 16k is global

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I suppose I should wipe my wife's bull's load off of my face and lrn2read.

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not gonna lie to you famalam, that'd be a pretty sad day and mourning would be acceptable

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>he doesn't know about based American department stores with fast food cafes and/or restaurants inside
yuropoors will never understand

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>You don't miss the mall you miss being a child with no responsibility and a grandeur view of a world you didn't understand. Children today will one day miss today, children tomorrow will one day miss tomorrow. You are not special, neither was the time you were raised in.
reject this pathetic doomer mindset, bros

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Oldfag is old

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>had all the atmosphere of a dingy laundromat and kinda smelled like one too
because the lighting and floor tiles were brand new and spotless in the year 1990.
it's just that they literally never cleaned or changed them once since that time.

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I'm old enough to remember when K-Mart had its own branded cafeteria, no Nathan's or Little Caesars or any of that stuff. They had the greasiest burgers ever and I had to beg my mom to get me one.

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I’m still mourning when Target had a sit down cafe with stained glass windows in the middle of the store near sporting goods.

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never had a kmart near me. i dont know if any other leafbros remember the zellers restaurants. zellers was kinda like a canadian kmart

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This time is different. The internet has changed everything to the extent of the industrial revolution . You can't compare now to before.

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>houseplants in the dining area
comfy and soulpilled

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Like an IKEA

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Fuck, how do I go back?

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Here in Pennsyltucky we have Boscov's. They had restaurants in the store. No more. Fuck you chinks and zoomers.

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"The only constants in life are suffering and death" - the buddha

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fair point, well made. I've had a few fav kebab shops die here in Aus, and it's pretty tragic.

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I remember going to eat breakfast at k-mart.

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Kadewe and Harrods and Selfridges has that shit.

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This but with target
>target used to have pizza hut
>replaced with starbucks
>used to just walk in and fill thermos with soda before leaving

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Are the letters burnt out or is that supposed to be some French Rest au Rant thing?

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The Target where I live still has the Pizza Hut. My condolences.

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>"Let go of all your desires"
>Spends entire life desiring Nirvana and working to reach the goal

Buddhism is the most circular ironic religion out there.

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There were still niggers

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>the most circular ironic religion
truth is paradox. wisdom is knowing you're a fool. circles in circles.

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Because our country has turned into a globohomo hellscape and people are nostalgic for the better times of the 90s

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Do people even go shopping anymore?
If you work from home, you don't even need a car once you pay for home delivery of groceries.

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This is in reference to the cafes they used to have in kmarts as shown in the picture, zoomie.

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KDW is completely fucking different, truly the european mind cannot comprehend the temple to American dominance that was the modern gilded age of shopping. I've been to KDW, the floor of food was fine, and I enjoyed the roof seating, but it's absolutely completely different from anything anyone in this thread is talking about.

Sorry bro, you just had to be there.

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I was there fucker, I ate breakfast there.

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I meant growing up in parking lot America in the 90's and early 00's. KDW itself was mediocre, as was the food, sorry. Outside of very nice restaurants, Bavaria absolutely destroys the rest of Germany in the day to day culinary experience, and it's not even close. I overpaid for food I could easily cook better or buy cheaper in Berlin, except for one coffee shop / bakery I visited next to the smaller KPM store.

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I miss the tangibility of it. It's our own fault. We are all so excited when we could buy shit on the internet for cheap and predictably when the old model died out the new model could start selling everything at the old price.
We have access to all the shit we could ever want to buy but we killed the social connection of it. It was fun spending the afternoon fucking around with your friends. Mindlessly browsing Amazon and sending memes with your friends on discord just aren't the same

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Fuck, this takes me back....there was a zellers like 2 blocks down from my high school, and the manager was a cool guy and let us hang out there every day. Fucking great memories...

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Not where I lived there wasn't... Well one family came into town my senior year in highschool but they were gone within six months. The south could learn something from Utah Mormons. Everyone thinks they're all nice but no other community knows how to shun better except maybe the Amish

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High school is two words moron.

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I'm a filthy phone poster. Get over yourself I ain't double checking shit

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I assumed you're retarded. No need to clarify it.

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I was there anon

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>amazon has everything under the sun and at this point their infrastructure is so efficient that you pay the same or less as you would in an actual store, and the non-prime free shipping still only takes like 2-3 days if you live anywhere near a distribution center

I feel like once the boomers die out, at least Target will go the way of K-Mart

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>You don't miss the mall you miss being a child with no responsibility and a grandeur view of a world you didn't understand. Children today will one day miss today, children tomorrow will one day miss tomorrow. You are not special, neither was the time you were raised in.
Imagine getting this triggered because someone doesn't love globohomo

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Damn nigga i forgot about all dat

Shyt was bomb af, imma pour out a 40 for dem niggas fr

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Yep, OP's image is zoomershit.

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Typical American behaviour

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Wrong, retard.

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Sweden truly is the pinnacle of human civilization.

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K-Mart always had a really weird smell, no matter which one I went in to. Like fucked up popcorn and old people mixed with a sock thats juuuuust starting to smell bad.

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Yes, anon. It's very tragic

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You seem to be the racist, as is very common with your types. I simply don't give a shit about your fucking nations and don't want to visit them.
If you want to call me racist for disagreeing with you then you must have been shillary supporters since that's the best that they can do.
Are you still seething in your closets because Trump beat your annointed one?

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