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Being on a diet sucks I just want to eat pizza and chips

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Eat them then puke them up

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what chips do you like

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that’s what Giada DeLaurentis does
she’s ruining cooking

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All-dressed are my favorite

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You know what sucks? Lying to yourself that poison and the destruction of your body is actually something good.

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you literally can eat those things and lose weight. if you have no self-control and can't be satisfied with 2-3 slices, then you're just a fat fuck.

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Dangereusement incroyable

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I just ate a microwaved burrito after sticking to a 2 month diet of no sugars, grains, or processed foods in general. Feels good to not be a fatty.

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not op, and i won't defend obese tubs of lard, but the reason im 5'11" 250lbs is because i developed a compulsion to eat as it was one of the things alongside video games and comedy that comforted me when I was abused psychologically growing up.

life's hard, everybody has something that they use to keep going and not crumple into a depressed mess. we don't pretend it's good for us, saying "lol just stop" is about as useful as telling someone with a disease to just stop being sick. deciding
to change your life like op means getting rid of something you genuinely love.

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I'm not even fat. I'm just kind of skinny fat but I want to slim down more.


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retard look up what insulin is and fat and protein are more satiating than carbohydrate

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>you will never be puked on by Giada DeLaurentis

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I lost 40 pounds eating mostly pizza and cereal. 800 calories of Honey Comb, Almond milk, and multivitamins six days of the week, pizza the seventh.

Just count calories, bro.

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carbs produce more insulin, if you have a eating habit of 90% refined carbs. The only time you should be consuming carbs in your diet is if it's paired with fiber and whole grain. sweet potatoes, potatoes(eating the skin with it), oatmeal and whole grain bread with nuts and fiber still in it. At least thats the healthy way. The healthiest eating on earth is 80% meat, veggies, eggs and cheese, 20% whole grain high in fiber. Carbs are not really nutrional in that they provide anything that your body needs. All carbs do is give you easy energy and the fiber you eat so that it slows the digestion so you don't overeat. carbs are only needed because of extreme physical exertion. If you're not doing a ton of physical exertion you need little to no carbs. two glasses of milk but yeah.

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Eat one slice of pizza. Eat baked chips. Stay within your calorie frame. Or eat broccoli with melted cheese on top.

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Your diet should be for life and it should be whole foods and traditionally made bread

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Your height isn't something you have any control over. It's genetics.

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>cuts off the picture so i don't know what it means

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If you want to lose weight, stop eating. No need for sad stories or other excuses. I don't give a fuck. That's about as useful to me as your weight. If you want to change your life, you'll have to actually do something that changes your life.

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>If want to lose weight, stop eating.

stop eating carbohydrate in particular refined carbohydrate and sugar

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oh shit I got quints, what do I do bros?

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i have lost 10 pounds over the past few weeks eating pizza and pasta and chips. the nutrition meta is a meme, it's all calories. simple as

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I know that feel. I been eating lots of bok choy and broccoli as meal replacement.

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cash it in for some chancoin

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you aren't eating enough on your diet, i had the same issue for years when i tried to lose weight fast, lost some and then regained it because at some point the hunger will overwhelm you
accepting that it's about long term changes and not quick weight loss, eating healthy and enough to keep the gravings away and exercising while eating the occasional pizza if my friends asked me to go out for dinner were the key to success, it's been five years now and the excess weight hasnt come back

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you can starve yourself and eat shit food and still lose weight but its easier to lose weight by cutting carbs and in particular refined carbs and sugar

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>tfw can eat whatever I want as long as I do 1 hour of light exercise 4-5 times per week
Who else /EliteGenetics/ here?

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Fuck the diet. Just embrace your fatness and eat up.

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Ignore the retards in this thread and just keep doing your best on your diet anon. Keep it up, I'm in the same position. Just don't be a retard and give up your diet for a few minutes of pleasure. Bite into something tasty and healthy, there's no shortage of recipes out there.

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Sounds like you are doing it wrong OP xd, if your objective is to lose weight you can just control carbs and whatever fits the amount you should take

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nobody asked you for advice, retard. good thing nobody does since it's absolutely useless advice.

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Unless the diet is due to health complications it's calories in calories out

Nothing else

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what i insulin

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what is insulin?

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Something diabetics need

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thats exogenous insulin, but insulin is the principle regulator of fuel partitioning i.e. fat storage in the human body. now you might ask what raises insulin levels and what might be the effect of chronically elevated insulin levels similar to the phenomena of insulin resistance.

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i did this for a long time. desu i didnt really lose much weight. just felt like shit all the time and food became like an enemy. granted i wasnt fat going in. anyways dont do that, just start jogging

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stop eating fatty, or you're not gonna make it

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>at some point
When is that some point? It comes up every thread but no one ever actually even has a time.

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leanr to make your own. very ez to make low cal pizza that fits in

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Neither of those are actually as good as think they are (most of the time)

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say a prayer to moot

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