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I'm going to make ice cream. A homosexual on youtube said to shake it in a bag of ice. A normal man said in his video to whisk it in a bowl on top of salted ice. Thoughts?

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Wow, go against the gay xD same if women, gay, jew, librel, socialist, commie, cardigan-wearer, sex-haver or negro :D

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you sound fat and incel. you dont need ice cream

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like clockwork, the gay Ziploc lobby out in force

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I'm anti Ziploc method

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water ice isn't cold enough own it's own to freeze cream and milk. You need to add salt to the ice to lower the melting point. once you have salted ice, you can use a bag or a bowl, whatever you feel more comfy with.

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making ice cream is pretty gay so i'm pretty sure one dude is just a daddy and the other is a twink. OP is just gay.

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can you please link the videos? hate to say if but from what you're telling us the creepy homo's method sounds more legit

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