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>Recipe is in metric units

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Metric units make sense. Ameriburger bullshit doesn't. No one has time to to sit down and calculate how much a gallon weighs or how many ounces are there in a quarter of a pint. You are just doing this to be pretentious and spite everyone else, just like the French with their retarded numeral system.

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>1 cup of
Stop guessing the amounts you fucking american scum.

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i really hate this shit, "cup" is not an accurate measurement of anything

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Alton Brown has started doing this and it really upsets me

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Cooking is the only occasion where burger units make sense

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Adding 8 ounces a bunch of times sure is hard.

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You can measure liquids with “cups” but using it for anything non-liquid is fucking stupid.

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Maybe stop being a dumb faggot insisting on absurd measurements?

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teaspoon = 5ml
tablespoon =15ml
1/4 cup = 62.5ml
1/2 cup = 125ml
1 cup = 250 ml
1 litre (4 cups) = 1000ml

How does that make less sense than the retarded imperial shit with ounces, pounds and random measuremants?

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There a reason Americans cook every other nations dish better than they can.

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>seppoid recipe
>scroll past the seemingly endless life story of some obese mouthbreather with a head shaped like a buttplug
>finally get to measurements
>7/23rds of a volumetric cubit of flour
>5/8ths of a log of Happy Valley Farms:registered: Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Smegma

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Only for cooking for less than 5. As soon as the quantity of food you have to cook goes over 4, calculating in cup and teaspoon becomes irrelevant.

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>1/4 cup = 62.5ml
>1/4 cup = 2 oz

I think you can figure out how.

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Yeah, name just one.

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eggplants are fucking gay btw

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1/4/ cup is = 56.69ml
1/2 cup = 113.39ml
1 cup = 226.79ml
4 cups = 907.18ml
Yeah, great measurement system. Why would you advocate for a measurement system that's so unclean and makes imperfections so easy?

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Australia does Veal and Chicken Parmigiana better than you.

Got an actual example?

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I wanted to argue with you about this, but then I realised I actually go out of my way to only eat male eggplants.
Yeah, I guess it is kinda gay, actually.

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You can't accurately measure that precise.

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Then an imprecise base level of measurement is going to make your measurements even messier.

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Nuh uh.

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Who the responsible for this whole "cup" business anyway? Such a worthless measurement

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>ameriburger recipe
>take Safeway® easybake this
>add Costco® premixed that
>mix with Trader Joe's® instant this
>put in some Shartmart® precooked that
>make sure to add a lot of sugar
>and slather everything in soibean oil or some cancer-in-a-can cooking spray
>and for the final touch, add a spice mix only found in my hometown of Bumfuck Falls, Ohio
>your whole family will be begging for more! (once their arteries unclog)
Do Americans eat food that didn't partially or fully come from a factory of some kind?

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Buy a $20 kitchen scale online, anon
It'll make your life so much better when you can just reset and toss more stuff into a bowl instead of measuring with spoons and cups

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Convincing argument.

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>one heaping tablespoon

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You made that up.

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Come on, you worm. Bitching about [other country's measurement system] is what yuropoors do. Learn how to convert between them in your head.

>30 g = 1 oz
>250 ml = 1 cup
>15 g = 1 tbsp
>450 g = 1 lb

These are not book accurate conversions, but they're close enough for most recipes.

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>1/4 cup = 2 oz
? I don't understand what I'm supposed to figure out, these units make no sense.

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Different ingredients have different density

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>an idea of salt

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honestly just yeet some salt in how bad could it go

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>being unable to freely convert between systems
Fuck zoomers are retarded.

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>Recipe measurements are by mass

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>recipe measurements in mass percentages

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>1 cup of cubed butter

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Fucking retard, butter comes in 1/2 cup sticks.

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It's almost like googling it doesn't immediately give you a unit converter...

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you can still use standard weight measurements so that all you have to do is press a button on a scale

if you have any issues with conversions between standard/metric than you are probably so dumb you should be sorting glass for a living with the rest of the retards.

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Literally all my well loved home recipes are done by eyeballing the ingredients, which is why I can't ever give anyone an exact recipe for the dishes.

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Everybody has a cup and a spoon at home, how many have a scale? Literally the most universal units of measurement

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That’s not much better than eyeballing it.

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I really hope people aren't using just any cup or spoon but a proper measuring cup or measuring tablespoon/teaspoon.

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Sorry I'm not autistic

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In my opinion, if you need to be told exactly how much of everything to put into each dish you're making you're just an inexperienced cook. After enough time it should come to you naturally, once you know how different flavors work together.

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Fahrenheit is the best temperature system 100 hot
0 cold

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But if you are trying to make someone else's dish the more accurate the measurements the better which is why recipes exist.

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Measure out 1 cup.
Oh, you mean a cup?
No idiot not that cup this cup.

Fucking stupid "measurement" "system".

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Looks like a cup to me. We aren't building a rocket, relax

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>euros can't get measuring cups with both cups and ml on it

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Yes, fair enough if you're making something you're completely unfamiliar with. Also there's nothing wrong with adding just a little bit of an ingredient at first and then adding more if it needs it after a taste test.

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Except when you need to mess around with thirds and quarters of a cup or teaspoon. Say you got a recipe for a dough that makes 10 something. Great if you need to make 10, what if you need 18? 22? Multiplying the amount of ingredients is so much easier when you are given exact numbers that are easy to measure.

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That might work for somethings but not other things like baking.

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It's imprecise and just lazy.

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this is why burgers are so fat
instead of using just enough butter, they throw in stick after stick

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that works for celsius too though

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Lol what?
You’re too dumb to cut a 1/2-cup something in half for 1/4?
Or put 2 of them together for 1 cup?
You’d rather re-measure something that’s literally already measured?

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You have free access to many calculators, and if it's by volume (rather than weight) a liter is close enough to a quart to make most things work.

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Well, for one, those are metric cups. A US Cup is 236.7 mL. Close enough for jazz, but your macarons are going to be fucked.

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>Learn how to convert between them in your head.

Just going to say that I'm pretty sure that every single measuring implement that I've bought at the store has both imperial and metric unit marks. Even the tablespoon scoops say 15 mL's (which would come out to 240 mL/cup, which should only be about a 2% error). So just use whatever measurement the recipe is in.

Personally, I'd like to see more recipes by weight or mass. Flour's particularly infamous for its compressibility.

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>No one has time to to sit down and calculate how much a gallon weighs
why would you weigh a volume?
>or how many ounces are there in a quarter of a pint.
that's a half cup why are you using ounces

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Old recipes gave ingredients in ratios so it literally didn't matter what sized cup you used.
New recipes, after the 1920s or so, use the US Customary Cup, which is a standardized volume of measurement.

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It's still a hassle to plug in the numbers everytime you want to try new recipe

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>Recipe is in metric units

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>cup measuring is hard

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>be eurofag
>1 kg of water is 1 liter of water
>converting is just done by number times or devided 10^3,6,-3,-6...

>be ameritard
>1 feet is 12 inches, one yard is 3 feet (????), "add 1/16 of an inch off utter" "1/12 of cup"

>> No.16288803

>add 1/24th of an inch off peper for the extra spiciness

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>this recipe was passed down from my 1/64 polish and 2/13 italian grandmother

>> No.16288828

>8 different measuring cups
Do Americans really need all that shit and still think their system isn't needlessly complicated?

>> No.16288831

Yeah 0 is chilly and 100 is dead. That's fucking stupid.

>> No.16288840

>using kitchen scale is hard

>> No.16288909

it doesnt work for kelvin or rankine though

>> No.16288922

I'm australian. Metric cup measurements are pretty common here. Have a plastic cup set that's been in the household my entire life.

I have a digital scale and use it regularly.

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>he tries to bake and brew in imperial units
I know that us yuropoors are a bunch of smug shits but metric is generally better than imperial

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A gallon is 8 lbs. A quarter pint is 4 oz, or a half cup. It's not that hard. Decimal systems make the least sense, 10 only has 2 factors, 2 and 5, whereas the imperial system was designed to maximize ease of divisibility. There's a reason why decimal time never took off. Decimal systems are the worst.
Is imperial the best possible system? No, obviously not, but it's leagues better than the nutty autistic french bullshit that the rest of the world uses.

>> No.16288948

It's not exact (anymore... or really ever), but "A pint's a pound the world around."
So... a gallon of water is 16lbs, and a quarter pint (half cup, or, if memory serves, a gill) is 4oz.

>> No.16288952

A gallon of water is 8lbs... Forgive me, I have partaken of Be'elzebub's Bok Choy.

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>I can afford a scale but not some cups that cost less than a can of soda
I have both. You’re the one limiting yourself as to recipes over something so trivial.

>> No.16288972

Metric units go up and down in 10's as well. a quarter of a liter is 25 centiliters or 250 mL. US/Imperial seems to be based on actually cutting things in 3's and 4's, and pulling names out of asses.

>> No.16289078

>A cup of all purpose flour.
All purpose because they are too stupid for T coding.
A cup because they are retards who use volumetric measures for non-liquids so each household needs a set of measuring cups and spoons you have to wash each time you use them.
Because putting mixing bowl on digital kitchen scale and pressing Tare is black magic. And you don't even have to wash it every time you use it.

>> No.16289096

It isn't hard, it's just inefficient and it creates tons of dishes.

>> No.16289110

literally just put them in the dishwasher lmao how poor are you

>> No.16289303

You forgot to throw """"cheese"""" all over it at the end.

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>be some 3rd world retard
>cannot even grasp the concept of a search engine.
>muh americans.

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>americans cant into deciliters

>> No.16289477

A lot of people don't into deciliters, or deciliters for that matter. It took me a second to figure out what was up with my first pint in Germany. 5dL? What the shit is 5dL?

>> No.16289481

wow... twice in one thread. Centiliters. I apologize, I'm still on Satan's Savoy.

>> No.16289508

The imperial system only makes sense in machinery and heavy tools, in fact thats the reason why is still around, other than that is just retarded, but im already used to amerishits being retards hon hon hon hon

>> No.16289525

I like it for weights and liquid measure... then again, I like doubling and halving things. Imperial carpentry can suck the SI from my nuts.

>> No.16289686

There is a Metric Cup, it's 250ml. The American one is 237ml. It's also a standardized thing because it's based on ounces. I'm not sure why people have never heard of the metric cup sometimes.

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I'm confused, is this a threat about Europeans being smug about their unit measurement of choice, or a thread about Europeans being completely unable to adapt to a system of measurement outside of their comfort zone?

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>one cup of flour has a different weight than one cup of granulated sugar
>ok, write it down somewhere
>"now add 5/6 cup of cocoa powder"
FUCK. I know it's based on volume or whatever I DON'T CARE, it makes baking especially overcomplicated, that's the reason why I absolutely avoid following american recipes except for maybe chef John because he's too good to pass on. I'm aware you're all used to doing it this way, but it's objectively worse than metric in every possible way.

>> No.16290321

Based.mutt btfo

>> No.16290995

Why? I have a measuring cup with ml on it and use that
I hate when I look for a recipe and its all like “one stick of this, one farthing of that, one thimble full of this” its so stupid

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>> No.16291288

>I like doubling and halving things
ask me how i know that you're retarded
yeah, i hate the "all purpose' as well

>> No.16291351

fuck metric

>> No.16291369

>a pinch
>a dash
>a splash

>> No.16291443

>ITT autistic euros that need to know if they are using 99 grams of flour or 100 grams of flour because the recipe is ruined if it isn't exact

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>butter comes in 1/2 cup sticks.
You have an idea how stupid this sounds to a normal human?

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you mean "the entire world except usa and myanmar" right?

>> No.16291566

Any measurement system where "an ounce of something" requires a question "which ounce" is retarded and outdated.

>> No.16291804

Name three systems.

>> No.16291983

8oz to 2oz is a more intuitive calculation than 225g to 56,250mg.

Canadians weigh themselves in lbs, do carpentry and fabrication in inches and feet, and cook in Fahrenheit. Their cups and pints are officially metric (and whatever Quebec's doing with the pinte), but often US or proper Imperial, and their land is sold in acres, unless it's big enough to be sold in hectares.

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here's the thing- the scale would make it super easy

>> No.16292106

You are not conducting a science experiment. Having 3 digits of precision for spice or sauce is absolutely retarded.

>> No.16292127

>*shots fired*

>> No.16292132

But two is pretty sensible, as is obvious from how often you have to refer to 1/2 cup, 1/4 cup, etc

>> No.16292181

I could counter that with recipe is in US units :D

>> No.16292187

"Cup of sugar"
"Half a cup or sugar"
There is such a high amount of variation between these two measurements, this is why America food is retarded.

>> No.16292195

I mean what the hell is an oz? a pint? a quart? :D :D :D

Got a conversion so i can make a US recipe :D

>> No.16292204

Made a banana cake from a US recipe and some stale bananas and it was really good :D

>> No.16292208

>3rd worlders can't divide by 2

>> No.16292222

There's still a unit i am not sure about, a pinch, i guess its not an absolute unit, just a pinch :D maybe its close to a measure of spice which is 5ml.

>> No.16292254

if you ever come near by bakeries I'll have someone roll you out down to 2mm thickness

>> No.16292266

The thing is, nobody gives a shit about it except Europeans.

>> No.16292271

i do
fuck imperial unit recipes

>> No.16292273

>Trader Joes

>> No.16292281

>Recipe measures in the volume an ingredient would have in an Ideal Gas of 400K

>> No.16292287

Europeans don't actually know the measurement system they champion.

>> No.16292291

Foreigners actually are so stupid that they believe cups and tablespoons and teaspoons are not standardized measurements but literally just refer to any random cup or spoon the author wants. Yes, they really truly are THAT braindead.

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>Recipe doesnt require the usere to have at least a small grasp on basic Thermodynamics

>> No.16292797

Stop embarassing yourself, dumb americains.

>> No.16292953

My scale doesn't do math, it just weighs things.

>> No.16293082

>says the guy that can't do kindergarten arithmetic

>> No.16293331

Just what is it that drives yuros to be such an embarrassment?

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>measuring flour in unit of volume

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>Recipe is in moles

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>Recipe is in degrees Kelvin

>> No.16294221

This. I mostly watch American food YouTubers and now I’m thinking of buying some cookware when I’ll be on holiday in the States in September. I’m just so ducking tired of having to convert everything to sensible units.

>> No.16294650

subract 273

>> No.16294821

>recipe asks for a yard of cheese
>a flagon of water, tepid
>and 10,000 decilitres of beef
>Mom has a cheat sheet measuring cup with all that shit on it
How does she do it, bros? Where the fuck did she find it?

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ye olde bongland shoppes

>> No.16294988


>> No.16295226

meh, if 15% of a degree is making or breaking your recipe, you're probably doomed anyway.

>> No.16295242

Imperial measurements make sense when you're raised in it.

>> No.16295356

how do murricans into scientific papers?
do they keep their imperial measurements for substances or do they bow to the superior metric like they should?

>> No.16295372

not mutt but this isn't a problem as long as you have a standard cup and making it in larger batches, as it is more forgiving in error
still stupid though. At this point everyone with a gram of interest in cooking should already own a kitchen scale. Easy, fast, don't have to wash stupid cups.

>> No.16295525

>british recipe for chicken soup
>907 grams of chicken
>144681 milligrams of carrot
>563 cm3 of celery
>0.35 liter of onion
>0.02 hoppus cubic feet of chicken broth

>> No.16296354


>> No.16296437

post one example of this, you daft cunt
I can give you 3 examples of shit mutt recipes in shit measurements of cups, oz, spoons

>> No.16296629

>recipe goes between metric and imperial every other ingredient

>> No.16296637

Why isn't the US yellow
it's not like you'd be hard-pressed to find a metric tape measure or wrench set here

>> No.16296659

NASA has tried to metrify before but the errors in conversion proved too costly to bother.

>> No.16296741
File: 11 KB, 775x142, ffs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

good going, NASA. This one is on you.

>> No.16296749

Except when they don't

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>i followed a recipe

>> No.16296785

imperial ounce is 28g
troy ounce is 31g
Dutch ounce is 100g

>> No.16296799
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horribly. first biggest cooking mistake was 10 years ago and had everything to do with salt and salt alone.

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>> No.16296915

We get our butter in bricks

>> No.16296917

Because no one uses it

>> No.16297006

troy ounce is specifically used for gold and is never, ever relevant in a food and cooking context.
i have never even heard of a dutch ounce so you're clearly just googling shit to get mad at on purpose.

>> No.16297012

You are clearly retarded.
You never have to use milligrams. Mostly kilos and grams for weight and mill and litres for volume when cooking.
Conversions are simple too. The imperial system is retarded and you know it.

>> No.16297029

To be clear, i asked you to name three systems in which there are multiple ounces to be confused by.
Those are three separate ounces from three separate systems.

>> No.16297051

the person you were responding to said something like "have to guess which ounce it is". Now you'd have to be pretty retarded to think a recipe calls for troy oz., but it's still a fact that an ounce means different things in different parts of the world.
Fuck off and move the goalposts somewhere else, then die.

>> No.16297058

I have not moved a single goalpost. There is no system in which there are multiple ounces to be confused by. Even America, with two ounces in its system, clearly names the second one "fluid ounce"
That they brought up the Troy ounce at all only shows how disingenuous they are.

>> No.16297062

>so you're clearly just googling shit to get mad at on purpose.
I live in the Hague, it's pretty common for Dutch people to all for meat in onzes or however the fuck you spell it. Just because you've never heard of something doesn't make it not real you suburban fuck.

>> No.16297072

I will graciously pretend you are arguing in earnest for one single moment, and ask you this: how often do you have to stop yourseld and ask if you are talking about dutch onzes or american ounces? I already know the answer is never, so fuck you.

>> No.16297076

>no system in which there are multiple ounces to be confused by
>immediately names one
you're not good at this anon. You're a bit thick.

>> No.16297079

Please for the love of Christ learn to read a whole post before replying to it.

>> No.16297086

>hurr durr hurr durr

>> No.16297092

I accept your concession.

>> No.16297095


>> No.16297098

We already know you're retarded and can't read, no need to keep making such a fuss about it.

>> No.16297104

A pinch means pinch it with your fingers are sprinkle it in you autistic eurotrash fucktard

>> No.16297108

Well Euros where's yours?

>> No.16297112

>I know you are you said you are but what am I?

>> No.16297459

Canada, eh?

>> No.16297470

"Less than a quarter teaspoon (1.25mL, or 1-1.5g), but more than nothing."

>> No.16297479

Ok now tell me how many ml is in a third of a litre, and write it in closed form without using real analysis

>> No.16297508

What is it with Americans and using brands in recipes?

Yuro recipes:
>500ml of milk
>50g of butter

American recipes:

>> No.16297515

Why would you need calc for that?
Should be around 333.3 mL.

>> No.16297535

0.999... = 1 (* ̄3 ̄)
Tell me how many ounces are in a third of a quart in the same manner.

>> No.16297545

Because Americans would get confused at the store and be like "which butter though, the recipe just says butter but which one?!"

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>metric recipe can be scaled up and down
>packet size matches ratio of ingredients
>syrups weight makes sense

If I make simple sugar syrup, I put a kilo of sugar and a liter of water- wa la two kilos of sugar syrup.

>> No.16297591

With pure water, at 4C... almost...
The definitions of liter and gram have shifted, and so have shifted what a liter of water weighs... but it's close enough.

>> No.16297649

5000 IQ post

>> No.16297794

>Ok now tell me how many ml is in a third of a litre

What's 10 divided by 3 (or 1000 divided by 3 if you will). There's your answer.

>> No.16297803

Well, for /ck/, celcius is great. 0 your shit will turn to ice, 100 your shit will boil.

>> No.16297882


>> No.16297985

>not 3rd world
ohononono the cope

>> No.16298006

>the amount of Euro seethe in this thread
Who knew the oz could take out a whole continent.

>> No.16298058

Imperial or American?

>> No.16298070

Most of the world uses it and it makes more sense since it uses universal naming conventions. Either buy measuring containers for it or get a conversion app/site on your phone.

The rare times I cook american food I have my measurement cools ready. This is not difficult.

>> No.16298091
File: 16 KB, 480x360, 345_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

American recipes be like:
>one cup of flour
>one ogre toenail of vanilla
>two fairies of sugar
>half George washington of water
>preheat oven at 85 dragons, let it cook for 666 skinwalker moon cycles.

why can't you guys be normal?

>> No.16298417

Niggers are America's gods. Americans fear niggers like a mortal would fear God. They're not allowed to curse or speak ill of niggers, like how you mustn't blaspheme God or take His name in vain. They devote entire institutions in academia and media to remind themselves of their sins against niggers and beg for mercy, like you'd beg God for forgiveness for your sins. The only landmarks and monuments they're allowed to revere are parks, schools and statues dedicated to famous niggers, immortalized in marble like gods. While their ancestors expressed devotion to gods through offerings of food and drink, present-day Americans created food stamps for niggers for this very purpose. Jesus gets two annual days of reverence, while niggers get an entire month plus MLK's birthday. Americans prostrate themselves in the streets to appease niggers. This is because nigger worship is the official religion of America.

>> No.16298790

It just seems weird to you because you don't use our measurements.

>> No.16298820

Why do austists get so worked up about this?

>> No.16298835

Because I can’t switch my autism on and off. You’re basically asking why the water is wet.

>> No.16298907

Is water wet, or just things covered in it? Are things that are submerged wet?

>> No.16299024

Doesn't posting stale copypasta get old? I mean, do you giggle yourself to tears every time you do it? It seems like such a waste. Why not do something original, or have you no personality of your own?

>> No.16299566


>> No.16299687
File: 110 KB, 490x232, sFsoZEa[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bro when I found out there's lines on your butter's wrapper to measure tablespoons I laughed my ass off

>> No.16299804

bro when I found out there's no lines on your butter's wrapper and you have to guess and measure and guess again and measure again and guess again and measure again I laughed my ass off

>> No.16299810

What the fuck is a half of a cup stick?

>> No.16299950
File: 72 KB, 930x697, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One whole stick equals the volume of 12 Cup

>> No.16299957

yeah, that makes much more sense than kilograms. If you live in fucking Narnia that is.

>> No.16299958


>> No.16299963

The stick isn't a unit, it's just the shape that the butter comes in. Makes perfect sense when you aren't a disingenuous shitposter.

>> No.16300026

333ml. because its 1/3 of a 1000.

I dont understand how that is hard for you?

>> No.16300082

He's trying to lead it into a 3* 1/3 != 1 situation, but aside from teaspoons and tablespoons, most Imperial and US units fall apart under the same scrutiny.

>> No.16300633

>using moles for ingredients with unknown molar mass

>> No.16300661

I just wish when they say a measurement of butter they would give multiple units cause I can remember how much is a cup, tbsp etc. in terms of sticks

>> No.16300672

the sticks have it all written on the wrapper.

>> No.16300690
File: 199 KB, 495x540, face guy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>recipe doesn't say if it's a big cup or a small cup

>> No.16300699

>Old recipes gave ingredients in ratios
ratios only work if you measure by weight. ratios do not work with volume (e.g. cup) because it varies too much with, say, how packed your flour is or fine your salt is. it is ESPECIALLY moronic for things like spinach, chopped herbs, diced veggies etc.

>> No.16300702

>hurr durr hurr durr

>> No.16300708
File: 222 KB, 528x590, joe laugh 01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>needing a specific dish for every possible measurement

>> No.16300712

it doesn't vary enough to matter.

>> No.16300719

what an intelligent rebuttal baka

>> No.16300752

for certain things, no, but for others you can absolutely ruin a cake by using 10% too much or too little of something

>> No.16300761

Yeah but back then people knew how to bake even without a recipe, so it was easy for them to adjust on the fly if the batter didn't look right.

>> No.16301402

>recipe uses spoons and metric units

>> No.16301455

>All of my measuring tools show both metric AND imperial units
Damn it feels good to be a Chadnadian.

>> No.16301465

spoons have metric definitions :^)

>> No.16301488

As opposed to... what? Not having multiple measuring sizes tailored for specific weights and volume?

Sure, fair enough.

>> No.16301497

the imperial system is seriously stupid and very unintuitive, how the fuck do you measure horsepower? which breed/size/gender/age? not all horses are equal
metric is simple and easy

>> No.16301501

more importantly, how many girls are included with the cup

>> No.16301558

>8oz to 2oz is a more intuitive calculation than 225g to 56,250mg.
You're just taking a pair of arbitrary rounded valued for ounces and making the claim it's more intuitive when the gram equivalents are obviously not rounded, you absolute mong. I could say that 200g to 50g us more intuitive than 7.05 to 1.76 and I'd be making as good of a point as you, you fucking mouth-breather.

>> No.16301713
File: 1.08 MB, 543x4640, Fuck Metric.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16301773

you see anon if you don't use retarded units all you need is a kitchen scale

>> No.16301790
File: 61 KB, 800x450, tom cruise laugh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you expect me to read:
>all that cope

>> No.16301812


>> No.16302034

>recipe is in cup units
>comes from a nation that uses giant cups

>> No.16302138


>> No.16302293

nobody knows what you're trying to communicate in your clown vernacular, pedostralian.

>> No.16302346

I'm not that particular Aussie, but I can help translate.
>seppoid recipe
A recipe in ounces, cups, etc. Written by a septic tank, er, Yank.
>scroll past the seemingly endless life story of some obese mouthbreather with a head shaped like a buttplug
The fat conehead prefaced the recipe with a blog.
>finally get to measurements
At the end of the blog, there is actually a recipe.
>7/23rds of a volumetric cubit of flour
123 cups of flour.
>5/8ths of a log of Happy Valley Farms:registered: Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Smegma
30 oz of margarine.

>> No.16302425

Here fuckass https://lmgtfy.app/?q=metric+to+standard+conversion

>> No.16302739


>> No.16302916
File: 1.25 MB, 4000x1800, 20210619_224445.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's probably not uncommon here for a family houshold in particular to have both a measuring cup set as well as scales of some sort.

In either case it's all thought of as metric, and therefore considered as adding some amount of grams or ml to a recipe. That's what's cups will mainly be used for, whereas scales will mostly be reserved for portion sizes.

>> No.16303094


Based post

>> No.16303180
File: 11 KB, 258x314, reaction laugh 05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16303193
File: 133 KB, 757x798, 1597073023698.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16303235
File: 248 KB, 778x1000, salt weight.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>using spoons and cups to measure solids
You might as well eyeball it.

>> No.16304196

None of this is true

>> No.16304290
File: 1.00 MB, 964x933, bitcold.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What does he eat, /ck/?

>> No.16304304

Europoor autism strikes again. how dare anyone measure anything in practical measurements. no no no, everything has to be in autistic perfect 10s because that makes “sense.”

>> No.16304499

0 freezing
10 cool day
20 room temp
30 hot day
40 fucking boiling
100 water evaporates

>> No.16304564
File: 48 KB, 541x498, 1437137935881.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Op doesn't have a scale LOL

>> No.16304617

>How to bait ck into a 250-post-and-growing spergout in 5 simple words
Bravo OP, powerfully effective yet so elegantly concise

>> No.16304642

Add 10 degrees to everything but freezing and evaporation and that’s how it is where I live.
We are at 36 degrees right now, mildly hot.

>> No.16304764

Don't you mean "anyone with 0.035274 oz of interest in cooking"?

>> No.16305044


if you need to make a scientific calculation before you cook somehing, then cooking is not for you

>> No.16305286

celsius is the best temperature system -50 cold +50 hot

>> No.16305309

Perception of environmental temperature is greatly influenced by humidity and wind. No measurement system based only on physical temperature can produce more than a vague idea.

>> No.16305448

Using scientific units of measurement sounds like something pretentious pseuds would do desu.

>> No.16307436


>> No.16308099

The insecurity of Americans regarding their completely fucking stupid measurement system will never stop being funny.

>> No.16308109

Rent free

>> No.16308315

metric is only useful when making cakes when the ingredients need to be very precise

>> No.16308332

Its a fairly large length, Humans are usually less than 2
It's a fairly large amount, 1 is more than enough for a single serving
It's hardly anything. One gram of food is not going to do anything for you. You need several hundred to make a meal

Anyone else feel like they fucked this one up? Kilogram should have been a gram.

>> No.16308380

Kilogram was originally named the Grave and the Gram was called Gravet. This was before they came up with their suffixes and prefixes.
But Grave (unit of mass) sounded too close to Grave (title of nobility) and France was still in a guillotining mood, so they ixnayed both Graves.
Also it was felt that the smaller Gravet was going to be the more useful everyday unit, so after they renamed it the Gram they declared it to be the official base unit of mass and the Grave then became the Kilogram.
Then later they thought it was silly that the Gram was so much smaller than the Metre and the Litre, but it was too late to rename everything so they just said Kilogram is now the base unit instead.

>> No.16308403
File: 216 KB, 1920x1080, 1624176686.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>recipe using English units of measurement

>> No.16308410

makes sense to me
you too stupid to figure it out?

>> No.16308426

I'm american and I definitely prefer everything to be measured by weight. More accurate, and allows me to use what the fuck ever container I want to measure, minimizing the amount of dishes.

>> No.16308433

If you come across a recipe like this then it is an ad.

>> No.16309174

>Vegetable Smegma
stealing this for a band name

>> No.16309245

>how packed your flour is
first, you don't pack it at all. second, just scoop it out to fill your cup measure then scrape any excess off the top.
>But should I break it up to make it more loose first?
No, just scoop the flour and be done with it.

>> No.16309393

Look mom a delusional cretin victim of American exceptionalism

>> No.16309683
File: 188 KB, 640x400, 1586198374731.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This kills the mutts

>> No.16309739
File: 131 KB, 364x852, CC6D7FDB-EAEA-41D4-BAF6-F7EFC3CEE95F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16310955

how the fuck does one measure the volume of something one doesn't put in a cup? What the fuck is a cup of butter?

>> No.16311575

>t. failed my science class

>> No.16312036

get a load of this nerd

>> No.16312751

Fucking based

>> No.16313336
File: 70 KB, 1024x577, Parmi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Motherfucker, that's just embarrassing.

>> No.16313338

I don't use any recipes that doesn't have the measurements in grams.

>> No.16313341

>thread literally started by Americans crying about the world
>"Nah shut up you fatty fat fucking cheeseball lardman"

>> No.16313418

Freezing point, boiling point of water.

You're just confused because when you heat up your water too much the chemicals inside it either explode, catch fire, caramelize, or create mustard gas. Meanwhile ice is that stuff they put into your coke at McDoggles.

>> No.16313457

Then you just divide the initial recipe by 5 and then multiply it by 9 or 11 to get the right amounts.

>> No.16313467

it's 236 ml you illiterates. For practical purposes you can just call it 250 ml, 1/4 of a litre, but it might not taste like grandma's. just get a measuring cup lol

>> No.16313471

a cup of butter is roughly 236-237 ml of butter. might come useful next time you make cookies

>> No.16313477

it's half a pint. and then there are so many pints in a gallon, and so many tablespoons in a cup.

>> No.16313479

it's still stupid to measure flour volumetricaly if you're baking bread because you would have to fluff it up beforehand and you can't be sure you've done it consistently. I switched to weighing my flour for my bread making, but I do it in lbs and oz as God intended.

>> No.16314109

>fries with parm
tastelet choice.

>> No.16314163

Yeah, we don't like in the communist utopia. We have choices.

>> No.16314166

Many recipes are sponsored by food companies.

>> No.16314180

>american cuisine
>the only worthwhile recipes are all black slave cuisine
>they measure by using a dash, heap and a splash
>mong amerifats only use recipes off boxes for their sloppa

Kek amerifats never talk food again.

>> No.16315555


>> No.16315972

Lol this is fucking true.
Been to the states once and everybody was surprised I wanted to make fresh food instead of some pre-prepared microwave dish

>> No.16315979

This thread is several days old faggots

Let it die

>> No.16316320
File: 183 KB, 865x1200, 1624275704964.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>He serves instant coffee


>> No.16316413

kek that clip

>> No.16316900


>> No.16317088
File: 238 KB, 960x960, 050.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>West coast

>> No.16318747

>brainlet yuropoor too stupid to understand the concept of volume

>> No.16319738

How hard is basic math?
Butter is usually sold in 500g packets here.
>250g of butter
half a packet
>100g of butter
one fifth of a packet
>150g of butter
Bit less than one third of a packet. Good enough.
I dont understand.
Besides cooking and baking are not such rocket sciences that missing or extra 20g of butter for example is gonna ruin the recipe.
Exact, precise measuring is rarely needed.

>> No.16320734

12-based systems may be overall better due to this, but only as long as you're consistent with it and also have a duodecimal number scheme (spoiler: we don't)
using a decimal (number) and a duodecimal (measurement) system at the same time is not worth what little benefit the additional divisor gets you

>> No.16320738

>try to divide by 5
>cup explodes

imagine being an ami lmao

>> No.16320744


>> No.16320776


>> No.16321150

Just buy a cheap scale retard

>> No.16321397

>pool of

>> No.16322766
File: 36 KB, 600x885, 29e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Recipe calls for 500 Meters noodle

>> No.16323204
File: 168 KB, 630x523, pepe mutt american confused.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>43 pieces kitchen set does not include a heaping table cup

>> No.16324228
File: 30 KB, 405x274, learn_it_dirtbag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16324276

>Metric units make sense
based on the volume of water at sea level, which changes as you raise in elevation.
it is in accurate.
imperial is based on 3 barley corns which have changed volume in 500,000 years.

you're an idiot, anon.

>> No.16324341

I dislike foodtubers who don't use metric

>> No.16324351

>what is baking
You need scales for some recipes, otherwise it will end in disaster.

>> No.16324370

thats why it says mainly imperial not exclusively imperial

>> No.16324502

Seriously like thank God my fancy french cooking school cookbook has the english measurements next to the metric ones

"Hon hon, u need 163 mL of eggs" fuck you eggs come in units of "egg"

>> No.16324508

Holy cope.

>> No.16324523

I give a 10% margin of error for all weighed ingredients.

Do I need 10 grams of salt? Who cares if I add 9 or 11? It's not gonna matter.

Do I need 200 grams of butter? It's not gonna matter if I add 180 or 220.


>> No.16324537

Just convert, like most people following American stuff have to.

>> No.16324541

I don't measure, I keep it real and rustic

>> No.16324578

Oh cheers, always wondered how that worked. From the way ppl complain on here it seemed like food would be RUIENED FOREVER if you used 5 mL too much water or whatnot

Metric, imperial, as long as you get the proportions right it should taste the same

>> No.16324586

>Metric, imperial, as long as you get the proportions right it should taste the same

>> No.16324604
File: 21 KB, 920x859, lold.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Real analysis
Holy shit american education really shines

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