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trying American BBQ today

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Looks.......depressing. Are those ribs?

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woah I don't know in what kind of shit hole you got served this...

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American BBQ looks terrible.

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>trying American BBQ today
>That pic
No, you're not. Get some brisket with a nice smoke ring, faggot

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I have never seen ribs that ugly

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>trying American BBQ today
no smoke ring
not falling off bone juicy, probably underdone, or were allowed to dry out
never once seen bagged shreds of cheese on top of potato salad in a BBQ restaurant

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Salad looks good that meat though idk man looks rough

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Looks like a typical euro imitation of American food

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Southern retards are gonna cry at this and post pics of the BBQ they are "used to", failing to recognize that a majority of their famous locations serve slop like OP. Only a sliver of a minority actually make it good like the pictures they post and even then it doesn't look that good because most of the pictures are doctored to make it look better than it typically is.

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Wow man you are so blackpilled about BBQ

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BBQ implies cooked over an open flame, OP's ribs are literally boiled nigger

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bleak looking

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I would hang myself out of shame if my ribs ever came out like that

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What in the flying fuck is that?
Did someone boil those ribs?

>> No.16285114

Did you fucking boil it? Who the fuck made you that? Kill them.

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You got scammed. That looks awful, no one should ever try selling that and calling it bbq.

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dude that pic makes my jaw ache just looking at it

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Have you literally never boiled meat before retard, how do you think the outside got browned?

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>Have you literally never boiled meat before retard
No. I have literally never boiled meat before.

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Sure could have fooled me.

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I would rather have a Hungry Man "backyard barbecue" meal than this

>> No.16285402

cool, post a pic of it

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You've never made a soup or stew with meat in it? If so, you've boiled meat. Simmering has the same effect as boiling except that you don't have to stir as much.

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Are you in a nursing home or prison?

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>You've never made a soup or stew with meat in it?
yeah, and I sear the meat first

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Kansas City BBQ is best regional bbq style in the US. You cannot beat Burnt Ends of brisket smoked for 16+ hours drizzles in delicious sauce. Pic related, Slaps BBQ in KCK

if the meat isn't practically melting in your mouth then it hasn't been prepared properly. Ideally there is ample sauce as well. Although there should always be a good rub as well

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>BBQ implies cooked over an open flame

No it doesn't, you are thinking of "Grilling". Grilling and Barbecuing are not the same, although Barbecue has been co-opted to mean the same thing as grilling or having a cookout. Traditionally, BBQ involves smoked meats cooked on indirect heat for at least 6 or 8 hours

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>Traditionally, BBQ involves smoked meats cooked on indirect heat for at least 6 or 8 hours
No, it traditionally refers to cooking whole animal carcasses by pit roasting, which is a cooking method over direct flame. The more modern American methods developed from pit roasting via the idea of first smothering the fires and cooking in the residual heat and hot smoke.

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>The more modern American methods developed from pit roasting via the idea of first smothering the fires and cooking in the residual heat and hot smoke.

Wrong. The pre-cursor of BBQ were the Spanish and southern Natives pit cooking whole pigs where they were buried with the coals. If it was actually direct flame, it would burn to all hell. BBQ is slow and low, direct flame is fast (aka a grill)

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So, you read what I said, told me I was wrong, and then agreed with me? Weird

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Nice try.

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Sad and dry.

>> No.16286434

bless your hearts

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If you need sauce, it ain't the best, and KC sickly sweet sauce is the worst culprit.

>> No.16286730

That looks like new york bbq, not american bbq

>> No.16286749

You claimed that pit roasting uses direct heat, he claimed that pit roasting does not use indirect heat. He did not agree with you.

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I can't find these anymore. I miss them so much.

>> No.16287466

>taps knife
>close out of .webm

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Kek coastcuck cope

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Those ribs don't look very appetizing.

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That's not what American BBQ looks like Anon.

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>Have you literally never boiled meat before retard
Boiled meat is not BBQ you colossal moron.

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Fake and gay. This pic was posted earlier, the chick ordered ribs without sauce and some black person retweeted saying it was the kind of ribs that went to the capitol protest.

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I recently learned you don't need starter. Now I love baking.

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Damn, american bbq is fucking vile. How do they even chew that? It looks like a fucking brick.

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I wonder if you could get an american visa in your shithole

>> No.16288906

At what? A homeless shelter or prison?

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You sound like a fucking coastal coper

>> No.16288918

It’s from tw*tter you dummies. Op gay. Lots gay.

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Fuck you new york

>> No.16288925

I'm fucking erect

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KC BBQ is best

>> No.16288971

I'm not gonna fuck you cletus, I like my blowjobs to include the presence of teeth

>> No.16288979

texas though, anon...

>> No.16288984

the meat looks so well cooked, fuck portionfags

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lol no. KC is to BBQ what Chicago is to pizza.
Covering shitty meat in copious amounts of sugar sauce doesn't make great bbq...

>> No.16289114

Jordan, MN near Minneapolis...that explains the lack of any sort of flavoring or moisture. Northerners can't cook.

>> No.16289173

You know shit about shit. Go eat some skyline chili

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I'll bet the place is run by a Jew. It's a deli in wolfs clothing.

>> No.16289217

It'd be on par with KC sloppa

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>That'll be $52 + tip!

>> No.16289304

excuse me?

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File: 2.64 MB, 700x392, 1581717303077.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here is some real BBQ for ya

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Press X for doubt

>> No.16289714

Dial 8

>> No.16289770

is it just me or does anyone else hate when people wrap something up and then cut it in half? It always makes me think there's going to be fucking paper in the food.

>> No.16289803

>using a knife on "fall off the bone" meat
they're doing it wrong

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God you faggots are insufferable
And I wouldn't touch you with a 10 foot pole you walking std culture

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>These ribs definitely stormed the Capitol on Jan 6th

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You leave sloppa out of this you faggot

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Why the fuck are these wojacks so accurate

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> I like my blowjobs to include the presence of teeth

If there are teeth involved it's a chewie not a blowie. U sick bastard.

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Why can't women BBQ?

>> No.16290996

I don't know, did you model for the artist?

>> No.16291001

>plain white wonderbread
americans have truly outdone themselves

>> No.16291008

let me guess you "need" more

>> No.16291157

americans are so fucking stupid about their bbq its nothing special, bbq is literaly the same all around the world

>> No.16291467

Ok fatass

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>mac n cheese
>pre shredded shredded cheese
kill those who did this to you then kill yourself

>mac salad and baked beans are the best sides for bbq
nb4 fries fags seethe

>> No.16291529

what kind of political compass is that

>> No.16291532

Women truly can not be funny.

>> No.16291537

Do Americans really barbecue like that?

>> No.16291550

I think that's shoe soles.

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