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>watch a YouTuber/Tik Tok recipe from an American
>They always use oat milk or almond milk instead of milk

Do Amercians not drink milk anymore?

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Majority of them are lactose intolerant mutts

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White Americans drink milk. Brown people can't into lactose.

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But what about the milkmen

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They think its "healthier" also our milk is so consolidated its hard to get quality milk from the supermarket for a good price.

I remember this one fat fuck came over and started complaining that milk was for babies, all while eating an ice cream.

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I just found out the other day this is still a thing and it blew my mind.

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Must be expensive

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Its more expensive than grocery store milk, but also much higher quality.

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>oat milk or almond milk
You mean grain/nut water with emulsifiers

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well milk is for babies. babies don't eat ice cream so he wasn't wrong.

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>watch a YouTuber/Tik Tok
why would you do this?
>They always use oat milk or almond milk instead of milk

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no they aren't.
based arnie
they're trying to get sponsors and ad revenue. all these kids today think just because they're part of something new makes them a businessman.

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>watch a YouTuber/Tik Tok recipe
And you think those people are normal?

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Milk is a White/Asian thing.

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>>They always use oat milk or almond milk instead of milk
it's what they have on hand for their coffee
they are vegans or lactose intolerant

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Don't make me laugh, even hokkaido "milk" is half water

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>YouTuber/Tik Tok
That's your problem, hippy

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afaik milk and dairy products are literally poison

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If you're gonna hate on milk then don't eat any dairy. Stay away from whey and butter and cheese. Then seethe and call everyone who consumes dairy a "cheesebreather" while you carefully analyze each ingredient in whatever food you buy/order.

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ice cream has milk in it

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they're probably just looking to do trendy things, because that's what usually gets the most attention.

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I drink roughly a gallon of milk every 2 days. Is that too much?

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My milk comes in glass bottles.

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I forgot what it's called but here we have a thing where you pay a farmer and you get a box of basket of fresh vegetables and produce each month, it's some kind of co-op or shareholder concept. I assume it's the same thing here but for milk

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It's a CSA, based if you can get one

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Shame arnold is all doughy now and all the people who competed with him are either dead or in the same shape.

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Yep that's what I was thinking of, thank you

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>watching tiktok
end yourself pronto

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Mongolians have historically based much of their diet around meat and milk. They still do today.

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I really feel sorry for those miscegenated losers. Being lactose tolerant legit feels like a super power here now.

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Yeah, but they drank mare's milk, not cow's.

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>nutrient dense
>perfect for gains
>tastes good
>pairs well with everything

Laclets must also think only kids eat cereal.

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Babies eat fucking dirt, Its not hard to imagine a baby would also eat ice cream

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Look at all the milk shills. Go paleo or lose your legs to the mask man

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It's a conspiracy.

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I've started buying a lot of red leicester. Shit's cash. For lunch I had canned spaghetti on toast with red leicester grated over the top. Delicious.

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>being this scared of milk
Strange words for someone whose veins are filled with it.

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Animal protein allows one to stand up for themselves. Anyone benefiting from Babylon too much must show in many nuanced ways that they lack an ability to stand up for themselves.
So rich Californians, youtubers, democrats etc must act like milk is yucky and drink many soy products

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>/ck/ Food & Cooking & America

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America is the great lab for culinary experiments.

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Weak bugmen

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The fuck you think Eskimo babies are getting from those cold titties?

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Jesus, the hunter gatherer skull even looks like its wearing sunglasses, while the moder human has a fucking wageslave smile. "Hi sir what can I get for you today? My dignity? My health? My capacity to breed!? Boy I love eating impossible burgers and my oatmilk silly-sundaes!"

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>hunter gatherer skull even looks like its wearing sunglasses
Looks like the Terminator skull.

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I don't get this meme, I live in Brazil, where 70% of the populaiton are mutts in some percentage and still everybody uses and drinks regular cow milk everyday and I have never seen anyone complain about bloating or diarrhea.

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oat milk is delicious

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This shit pisses me off to NO end.
Whoever popularized milk alternatives to the point that they are perceived as more healthy should be SHOT. In the head.

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Pretty sure if you have any European admixture you likely produce some amount of lactase, it's just the amount that varies. The nut milk meme is just that, a meme.

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Stupid meme spouted by someone who doesn't know shit. Plenty of Americans still drink milk.
>>16277263 is right though. Milk is for babies. Don't need anything else besides water.

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I drink milk daily

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Almond milk is so unbelievably bad for the environment, it should be outlawed globally

'Like sending bees to war': the deadly truth behind your almond milk obsession

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>wondering why people on tiktoks are also fags
go fuck yourself and quit being so obsessed with us

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