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Just enjoying hot dogs as their original intention. Imagine apologizing for enjoying purity.

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Op here, I'm sorry

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Op here again. I'm gay. Not sure if that matters

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With mustard this would be absolutely fine. Chili would be great too. Hell even a bag of chips. But as is a plate of 3 plain hotdogs leaves something to be desired.

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OP here, I cram these up my ass regularly.

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You having ketchup with those?

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OP here. Boiled them in a dirty frying pan filled with 2/3 water and colt45 until evaporated then used the buns to "mop up" as gordon ramsay says the leftover flava residue.

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OP here. These also go great with ketchup and transgirl cummies.

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seppos when someone eats something without slathering it in corn syrup:

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I made hotdogs because of this thread

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Fuck you I was gonna make that joke.

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you forgot something

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Chili cheese hotdogs are so good

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undeniably based.

I'm making sausages and sweet potatoes, but damn I wish I could join you ck bros. damn I wanna be a part of something great.

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What does that have to do with hot dogs

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it goes on them

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OP here. I love hot cock dogs too.

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I think your dogs have FAS or something

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There's nothing wrong with being a hot dog purist.

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What a coincidence! I made this thread because of hotdogs.

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>as their original intention
Making the garbage parts of the animal palatable?

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Gotta put butter on them

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I like them more with high quality bread.

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where's the mayo and the ketchup?

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It's not a bad thing, in my opinion, to reduce waste. Hot dogs and bologna are great vehicles for just that.

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IF it's a good quality dog, nothing wrong with this at all.

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champion of /ck/

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I agree, and I fucking love hot dogs. But why the fuck would you act pretentious about what toppings you put on hog anus and lymph nodes or whatever the fuck?

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>pureed pigs assholes
pick 1

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Imagine raw dogging with the tank

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>mild mustard

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You dropped your dogs man

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