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i used to make the MMMMOOOWAAAAOOOWWWW sounds and tilt my head leaughing ironically but now i cant stop when i eat something tasty and now do them unironically. how do i stop.

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There was this this russian kid that moved into my very rich gated community when i was like 10 y/o. Had him over for dinner once and he moaned after every bite he took.

Weirdest fucking thing ever. Do people really do this? I asked my parents and they said maybe he was always hungry as a kid or something?

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>Had him over for dinner once and he moaned after every bite he took.

People sometimes do this as a courtesy to the 'chef' or in this case, your parents. Since he was 10, maybe his parents told him to do that and blow smoke up your parents ass?

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Mark Wiens looks like if you stapled old leather from a wallet onto a dog skull and haphazardly attached it to a human body. Never post his fucking face here again. I literally got an extension to block him from appearing on my YouTube.

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based cyka blyat

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Hopefully. He was very esl. I would rather him be trying to make my parents feel good than some starved kid off the streets of russia enjoying american food. Maybe he was adopted or something. The whole situation was weird

Also he dried to drown me once but thats another story

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I always thought this was a "white" thing but maybe it's just slavs, those are the only people who do that who I know.

Then again, all of them are women, I have never ever heard a man do it. Maybe the kid was a fag.

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he was tired of you staring at him when he was eating

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stop shoving things in your anus

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Dumbass. That's dark magic you're fucking with. You just fucking cursed yourself retard.

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ahh, a compatible body has made itself known! You will be contacted in person when HE needs a new host.

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lmfao what a stupid fucking invention

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