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To me it just tastes like vinegar with slight apple flavor can you recommend any less acidic hot sauce

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the jalapeno one is the only good one

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no, no one does, they just sell it because they need to fill the shelves up and make it look like they have food

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In my country they dont sell the jalapeno one just the habanero and that one tastes almost the same just more spicy

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I'm someone who uses apple vinegar as a dipping sauce for fries.
Tabasco is everything I want in a hot sauce for most dishes.

If I really need spice and no vinegar I just get pic related. If anyone has something with more garlic punch please recommend.

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Half of the hot sauces on the market are just vinegar and peppers, and you could say the same thing about mustard. Tabasco is pretty basic, but has a place in a number of things, and I always keep some in my pantry because, yes, it is good, and people do enjoy it. Maybe do a little research on the other half of hot sauces that aren't vinegar based; it's hard to recommend anything because it's a much more varied category.

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It's alright. Nothing special. I like the chipotle version.

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I like it in chili and on tombstone pizzas.

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Slightly sweet, fruity flavor, significantly delayed 'kick', spiciness - lower-mid tier of the 'special sauces'.

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I get your point but wtf is a special sauce

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just don't buy into the "4 million shu", it's made *with* a 4mil shu sauce, and plenty other ingredients. It's around 50k shu,

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The chipotle flavor is the only good one.

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The entire point of Tobasco is vinegar-forward in a somewhat uncomfortable way followed by heat, which also strikes some as somewhat uncomfortable.

Tobasco is forever holding the line on doing what it has always done. If you need a change, mix it into sour cream, craime fraiche, butter, whatever.

You’d be best off, however, by describing what you are going for instead of complaining about something that has never changed since it began many moons ago.

Do you want herb? Do you want slightly sweet? Do you want vinegar? Do you want smoke? Do you want thin or thick? Should tomato be invited? Should cilantro be invited? How about garlic notes? Clean or stanky?

You need to have a vision for what you want rather than being assmad about a potent chile vinegar sauce that you don’t like apparently.

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If you like smoke, and if you like thick (I like it as well). However I still love the original watery, vinegary, one-dimensional autism chile original as well.

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i like Valentina extra hot personally. i can't stand tobasco.

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>Tabasco? yeahhhh, that's entry-level stuff, bro. I'm an experienced hot sauce aficionado so I go for the proper stuff waaaaay up the Scoville scale. Brainburner Habanero Naga sauce is my personal favourite but I also go for the arse-melter satan sauce on the odd occasion, but obviously I'm hardened to the heat through years of practice so I wouldn't recommend that you try them, friendo.

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>DUDE I just heckin' LOVE HOT SAUCE!!! You have GOT to come over and see my collection, I have an apartment in an old MILL BUILDING and it has heckin' EXPOSED BRICK ON THE WALLS! And dude, DUDE, you have GOT to see this episode of Hot Ones, Steven Colbert eats Captain McGoober's Burnt Tooter Fucking XXX Hot Sauce (yes that's the ACTUAL NAME of a LITERAL PRODUCT, isn't that NUTS???) and I bought a bottle, we have GOT to try it man!!!

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Stuff that isn't on sale in regular grocery stores, only in specialty shops and on-line, because it's too hot for 'normies' and could result in a Karen suing the shop for attempted murder. Also, shops don't want to deal with fucking fanatics that tend to get attracted to special sauces and make choosing the right sauce into a fucking religion, and the manufacturers often go apeshit with names and packaging, catering to fanatics who are willing to pay an arm and a leg to buy chemically pure capsaicin as a "sauce".

Tobasco and sambal are about the spiciest 'normal' sauces. Nothing Beyond is a very average in spiciness among special sauces, but liked for flavor.

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ps. picattached is a pretty old "sauce" typically aimed at fanatics and marketed as a collector item because you'd need to dilute it like 1 to million to make it palatable. Doesn't make sense in the kitchen.

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Valentina is the gentleman's choice.

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I enjoy tabasco. Louisiana Crystal is my favorite hot sauce but Tabasco is better that most other hot sauces

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It's OK, prefer the Habanero and Scorpion ones. You could try making your own and ferment it.

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>when the hot sauce kicks

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Are you the same person that claimed anyone who uses salt is a tastelet?

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regular is trash but the variants are all pretty good

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I recommend "Mad Dog .357". Expect hiccups.

I use cream honey sometimes.

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I like it

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For me its

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Chipotle gang rise up

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Chipotle pepper and cayenne garlic are legit

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For me it's sambal

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I like Tabasco. The vinegar flavor is pretty good. I personally enjoy their family reserve bottle, has a malt vinegar aftertaste.

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As a Tabasco "enjoyer" I need to come clean: no one likes this stuff. I consume it so I don't come off as SOY.

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I like it. It's vinegary but has depth from the peppers being fermented. It's good on fatty food where the vinegar will balance it out.

This is my favorite if you're looking for something different though. It's thicker and has a bunch of flavorful ingredients mixed in, and it's not quite as acidic. I tried it on a bunch of different things and I don't think there was anything it didn't work with. It was amazing on beans and cornbread.

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i like it so go suck a dick

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If you want a side of /x/ tier content with your food. If you are ever in the 805 Ventura California area you can pick up some of the local charman hot sauces. There's like five of them now I think and all of them are based on local supernatural legends from around here, like the Charman, and Billywhack, our very own goatman.

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You could get a large jar of minced Garlic and pour some of the excess juice into the malt vinegar. I am like you with vinegar as a dipping sauce. Often I will put a coat of ketchup down on fries then drench them in tobasco or malt vinegar. Keeps the fries from turning to soggie mush under the awesome power of vinegar.

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I prefer Louisiana hot sauce because it’s what I grew up with.

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based, tobasco and frank's are fucking trash.

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>I personally don’t like something
>therefore it is trash because my mom promised me I’m special
>t. /ck/

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there is a company named Swamp Dragon that uses various liquors instead of vinegar. made give something like that a shot?

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the reason why you dislike tabasco is why I prefer Frank's xtra hot

its just heat, but not too much heat unless you douse whatever you're eating in it

if you want vinegar and other notes you can splash balsamic on it or something

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Tabasco taste like chemicals used in citrusy candy, I prefer Louisiana because I get plenty of heat and taste. Taste great in fries, chicken, burgers.

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The chipotle is really good too desu

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yeah I like it but I like vinegar a lot. the garlic one is the best but hard to get in .au

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I enjoy it but it definitely isnt the best

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I like it especially in Clam Chowder and on Biscuits and Gravy.

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I will reveal a secret I've discovered to everyone in this thread.

Rice neutralizes most of the bitterness associated with vinegar-based hot sauces. If you have a dish that includes rice that you also use hot sauce with, put the hot sauce on your rice. You will find that you can use a lot more hot sauce than you normally would if you put your hot sauce on your rice, instead of adding it to the rest of your dish when preparing it.

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I love it, good in some creamy soups

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I don't eat rice because my eyes are normal

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I found it meh, just some smoky flavor? Better than the original, sure, but the green one still wins.

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What ever happened to 'vark?

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yes, it is very good. not for everyone.

stop crying like a faggot about hot sauces you don't like.

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no, it's shit tier.
it tastes like shit and isnt even hot

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i love that every restraunt has it. it's a bit addicting. good level of spice.

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The visions dancing in my mind

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>I bet it’s not even a gorillion skoovies
>my feet hurt
>is mom gonna pick me up soon?

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A couple of fried eggs with a splash of tabasco is heavenly.

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It's very good, but I prefer the company of a luxurious woman.

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Way to be a racist fuck. My eyes are "normal" too. I'm just from New Orleans, where we have a tradition of eating Red Beans and Rice on Mondays.

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I'm not kidding you, I ate one of those in one day. I really loved it, but that stuff is not good for me.

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Not really a hotsauceman myself but I do keep a bottle of that around because I like the cute boy on the label.

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We got hola in nola