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Behold as they rotate and let your mouths water, my good friends!

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I don't like chocolate so this gif is actually a bit gross for me.

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Tell me about the food. Why does it rotate?

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No cared about the food until it was rotated.

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Oh cool. I'll use these to start threads on /v/

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I love chocolate, but I understand. I'll post some other flavors for you to sample.

If their taste is to the liking of your eyes, there is a magical land with hundreds more in my delicious archive!

The rotation is where it gets its flavor. Without it, all we'd be able to taste is pixels. Because it rotates, our eyes are able to experience the very same sensation achievable by cramming food directly into them, but pleasant, if you catch my drift.

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Damn. I think you just solved both world hunger and the obesity epidemic in one post. Here's a million dollars.

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but none of them look appetizing

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If it was pulled off it's rotation, would it die?

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It would be less appetizing

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You've got a big stomach

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I see what you are doing.

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This one is nice, thank you for sharing this with us.

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For you

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For me,

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The look CGI or plastic or something... it's odd

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tasty turd cupcake

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I want the most /x/ explanation on why these seem almost uncanny valley and why OP is so desperate to push them on us

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Hell yeah bros

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You know it.

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I'm conducting an experiment as to the full extent of the potential health benefits of switching to a diet consisting only of high resolution digital images of rotating snack foods.

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>why these seem almost uncanny valley
The framerate

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This is gonna be like that guy who wanted to see the mental health benefits of eating a stick of butter every day for ten years who died of a massive coronary before he could publish his findings. God speed

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I'll be keeping a daily log of my findings in the form of random posts on various imageboards. If someone can track them all down, they've earned the right of compiling my data. Only then can I be sure their devotion to the rotating food is pure.

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cringe ass naenae wannabe tumblr thread

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Are you going to start a rotating food cult? That's what it sounds like.

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Interesting you should say that, because I actually have a plan for that in this thread on /r9k/: >>>/r9k/64032574

But it hinges on me having superpowers, so it's unlikely to happen anytime this week.

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Thread is SFW at the point I posted that link btw, although knowing that board, I wouldn't be surprised if even a simple thread about superpowers goes to a dark place...

Also, I can't fucking believe myself, I actually forgot to post rotating food! I'll have to dump a bunch to make up for my grave disrespect to the foods of rotation and the rotations of food.

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Best thread

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I'm in...love rotating food

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you will eat the bugs

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holy shit if you stare at it long enough you can make it spin the other way

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Turks aren't edible, anon.

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kek this is a good one

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not if you’re schizophrenic

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a tad too much cheese for a single square but looks fuckin good

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For food

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Fuck off chang

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why the fuck do you have so many of these things

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For some reason, the way the food rotates make it look fake like some kind of prop. Does anyone else feel this way?

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That's not important.

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Do not kink shame OP
But I’m more curious as to how these gifs are made

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how does one eat rotating food? unless you also rotate too

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nice thread op
its a shame zoomers will never be able to experience the glory days of .gifs and early internet

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Luckily my eyes are even bigger than my stomach!

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Word, they'll never know what it feels like to subsist purely on digital images of rotating food.

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The trick is to rotate your mouth, but leave the rest of your body alone.

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I'm pretty sure they're made using a sort of Lazy Susan equipped with a green screen and a stationary camera.

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Some of these foods certainly look that way, especially this one IMO: >>16240245

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I promise you I am not a killer whale and anyone that suggests I am one is a dirty landwalker.

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I'm pretty sure that would cause a cascading chain reaction that would cause the Earth to lose most, if not all, of its rotation.

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It is my life's work to collect and archive every piece of rotating food in existence. The world will be better off that way.

Even things like pic related are an important part of the grand tapestry of life.

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good thread

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me: wholesome chungus
Keanu Reeves: asolutely no one:
~~~~~~A E S T H E T I C~~~~~~

[Everyone liked that]

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These would look good but the lack of background and the jaggy edges make them look like health pickups in an old PC game or something.

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I do love this aesthetic.

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Who knows, maybe they'll be health pickups in a new PC game eventually!

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All I know is I want a bite.

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bumping the best thread in the catalogue

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OP is part of an evil organization operating under the guise of fighting obesity but they're actually trying to kill us off
He's subtly associating food with dizziness and vertigo like we're in Clockwork Orange, but we can't look away due to the carefully engineered .gifs being irresistible to look at
Soon even the sight of food will make everyone ITT throw up until we're all starved to death and the government cannibals can harvest our skin to wear as bibs for their stomach-eating rituals

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i like it

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hahaha got me

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I wish to make my own OC but that sounds like beyond the scope of what I'm capable of doing

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Y'know, as someone who frequents /pol/ and /gif/, it's not often that /ck/ is the place that makes me close the old laptop and take a break.

And yet, here we are.

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shut up, retard.

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me irl

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Yeah, but I'm a sleeper agent that's only aware of what I'm doing on a subconscious level, so it's chill.

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No more rotating food? I think my stomach wins this round and if you'll excuse me it now has a date with the toilet.

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good thread

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