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How many times per week should I bleach my sink to make sure it stays clean when im cooking?

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i always season in my sink and have never had an issue with contamination or anything like that

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Skip the sink and drink it to protect your insides

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Do people really?

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I absolutely do this all the time. No bleach, just soap and hot water.

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>i season my sink, not the pan

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This is fucking disgusting, are you canadian by any chance? I know you people cook mac n'cheese in the sink.

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Zero. Stainless steel and bleach isn't a good pairing. Use vinegar if you really want to stetilize.

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You're not spose to put raw foods in the sink. Roaches and mice crawl in there at night. It also makes the food seem unappetizing because of the gross idea of your dirty sink

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They'll be all over the kitchen if that is the case.

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If I'm cooking a steak I'll put the plate the steak is on in the sink so I don't have to wipe the bench.

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only black people do this

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What the fuck

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>not cooking in the toilet bowl after shitting

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Just how spicy are your shits if they make your toilet water boil?

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look mum I posted it again

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Go back to /fit/ you cancer cunt

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Top kek

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I save all the leftovers for a yummy snack at the end of the week

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choose one

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I myself am a connoisseurs of fine drain blends. Based anon

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Depends if you consider negroes to be people or not.

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POL is that way

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jesus fuck that's disgusting. use a colander or a fricken ziplock bag if you're gonna spice/marinate your chicken legs

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>I season my bleach, not the sink

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You don't?

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If you bake or sear it afterwards there should be no issue, the heat will kill any germs on the meat

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>Roaches and mice crawl in there at night.
in what kind of a niggertown do you live that roaches and mice are common visitors in your home and in your goddamn sink

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use piss instead of bleach

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Every time you wash the dishes

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Are you an african american?

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post hand

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hey look, it's a dark hole surrounded by a bunch of 4" long pink cocks


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That is not cool

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People are eating out of toilets and you think this is bad?

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Kill it with fire.

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women were a mistake

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i have obsessive compulsive disorder and i've tried cooking raw meat so many times and it ends with me having a fucking spergy meltdown. i've even gotten the chicken breast cooked but threw it out because i was scared i didn't trim it properly/cook it enough even though it was almost surely cooked plenty. i'm so fucking tired bros.

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it would have cost you nothing to not post this

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>i have obsessive compulsive disorder

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That toilet isn't plumbed. I doubt it was ever pissed or shat in.

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I will snack on raw meat while I am cooking it. Been doing this for years. Weirdly I dislike doing it with fish, I only trust proper sashimi prepared at very good restaurants for some reason, yet I will munch on some ground beef or diced pork or whatever no sweat.

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not exactly sure what this is supposed to imply but i was evaluated as being relatively high iq but am hopelessly bad at doing everyday shit to the point it's pathetic because i get overwhelmed super easily. please be kind to me.
interesting. i have no problem with raw fish but i've never prepared it myself. do you just enjoy the taste of raw ground beef or something? never heard of that.

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sink drink

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Don't 'piss' me off anon.

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You may have high IQ, but clearly not high enough to control yourself and your own urges, just like psychos/socios.

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He started it

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You do know that normal people in real life hate niggers, not just nazi autists on pol, right?

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Americans were a fucking mistake.

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Autists or retards, just different flavors of mentally disabled

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well if you cook it well there should not be a problem. But doing that in the fucking sink is disgusting and you should be ashamed as a human being.

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You wouldn't pay me a thousand bucks to eat that, even if this is the best... whatever this is.

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Okay, I'll take the vinegar then

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I don't spice in the sink, but if I'm doing a whole bird I might clean it in there.
It's stainless steel so it's pretty easy to get it just as clean as a bowl.

What a terrible waste of trips. You're a dumdum.

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Ok, so I'm not the only sane person here

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