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What is the point of tapping your knife? Is it just to look epic while someone is filming you?

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>Is it just to look epic while someone is filming you?

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I've heard that people who cut meat in front of the customers do it as a way to get people to watch the knife. I doubt there's any real practical purpose to it.

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its for 'spatial calibration' or something. its like a reset. someone explained it properly on here before, but I did the same kind of thing working cash at mcdonalds. there was a spot on the screen that everyone would tap inbetween punching in different menu items.

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Like the 'N' key on a keyboard?

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not sure what youre referring to, what do you use the 'N' key for?

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The 'n' key on my keyboard is semi broken, I have to hit it extra hard, probably from over use lmao.

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I do it for like, a rhythm, timing thing. Chef always bitches that I'm wearing out my knife, I always tell him that it's my fucking knife I fucking bought with my fucking money and he can go fuck himself. I don't know what it is about cooking that turns people into raging autists.

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I see posts of just
all the time. It must be that spatial calibration thing anon was mentioning.

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>taps knife
>micr-edge folds over
>need to sharpen knife again

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as a cook its all about rhythm. like theres certain things i do that dont make practical sense but help set my rhythm. i bob when im doing my prep to help keep a consistent pace and then when im working service on the line its literally dancing. those tong clicks, the quick little pan flip when you pull it onto a burner, those foot spin moves, those dramatic seasoning drags are all apart of the dance its keeping my rhythm.

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I usually do it to reaffirm my grip

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Actually, they just have a learning disability and forgot how to spell "no"

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>Cunt dances while cooking
Do you suck cock? No shame if you do, I just want to know where I can force another man to top me

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no i meant to type N I G G E R

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im not literally dancing its a dance. wheres the depth on the spectrum where ur ability to understand abstractions is removed

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Yeah I havent been banned or range banned for saying nigger outside /b/ for a long, long time. Jannies have thrown in the towel for good.

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>Yeah I havent been banned or range banned for saying nigger outside /b/ for a long, long time
that's the way it's supposed to be anyway

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It's not dancingx it's more like tiny little movements or gestures to get yourself ready. Like folks who clap a few times in the middle of playing a sports game, or the leg or foot taps to center oneself. Small little tricks that probably don't matter, but we do them anyway because it's harmless.

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I do it to warn knife-kun its time to cut so get ready

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they're just racist faggot trying to get people to follow along and write the word nigger. Stop trying to pretend it isn't.

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I have, a few weeks ago.

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Got me.

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to turn the knife's safety off

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To reaffirm your grip and focus on the next cut.
It's the truth.

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>t.unemployed raging autist

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Not unemployed, can you even read? Can you even dress yourself, you drooling retard?

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I don't understand. What do you mean "tapping" the knife?

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