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What makes whisky and steak such a comfy combination?

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Its my favorite meal to eat while I btowse reddit

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You're mum's mouldy old pussy

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>whisky and not a glass of whole milk
Shame on you OP

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lol taylor. get a fucking real drink in ya you useless cunt.

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whisky is reddit
drink vodka, milk, or water.

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hanger steak and a beer for me

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You realize taking pictures of your food makes you as worse as those basic white girls you hate right?

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Unless he actually eats it.

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i am a white girl tho

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That shit look dry as fuck

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You know some of us actually like older women? Fucking zoomer twink.

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>i am a white girl tho
my condolences

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it's actually not that bad

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american whites might as well be niggers

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could you pls post like, uhm, your belly area (with a timestamp)? I'm kind of having a shitty day rn and it would cheer me up, thanks.

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I can't eat when I drink spirits. Almost instant projectile vomit.

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Why would you post this

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what the fuck is that? The Grimace??

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Why not?

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Testosterone and a distinct lack of homosexual globalist jews.

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>i am a white girl tho
Posts pic of a blue belly

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>what makes whisky and steak such a comfy combination?

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how is whiskey reddit? beer and fruity wine is more reddit than anything else

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It's le manly men bacon fedora tier bullshit

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so what's wrong with drinking it compared to something more gay like a smirnoff or mikes hard or bottle of wine or hipster beer

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miss, where is your bellybutton

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letting some /ck/ faggot tell you what not to drink is hardly better than letting some reddit faggot tell you what to drink

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anyone who touches any hard liquor is more manly than 50% of reddit and 4chan

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yeah consoom the right products not the wrong ones

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