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What are some lesser known, unusual, fringe, and perhaps even forbidden flavor/food combinations?

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You can pair Tab with almost anything.

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even peptol bismol?

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Tuna salad with extra mayo and ketchup served on top of an Oreo cookie. Excellent aperitif.

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Steak & Steak sauce according to posters on this board

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Cinnamon sugar on your pepperoni pizza.

Cinnamon on eggs.

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You can do it, yes. You probably can't pair Tab with un-pairable things like monuments or foreign countries, but you can pair Tab with ideas or with another Tab.

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If you have to use steak sauce, order a salad you estrogen-intoxicated cunt.

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>have to = want to
Learn to enjoy more things.

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Steak is nothing special. Even a filet mignon could benefit from steak sauce.

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But it's such a cute little cut, let it roam around naked.

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Reminds me of Dan Ryckert's Oreos and nacho cheese thing.

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i don't get it, but it sounds nice

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Everyone knows oreos go with nacho cheese, not salsa.

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heroin and lsd is a hell of a pair. just saying

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Fried eggs and banana on a slice of bread.
Best and quickest breakfast you'll ever eat.

Cigarretes and liqorice. Eat some liqorice, a lot then light a cigarette.

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I will always repost in every one of these threads that mustard on pizza is great

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Tomato ketchup on toast

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Drinking a cup of chocolate milk with salty snacks

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>estrogen-intoxicated cunt
ya, I'm intoxicated from all the pussy I eat bitchboy, and im about to slather some fucking A1 sauce on a steak and there's nothing you can do about it

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>salty/sweet combo
>"lesser known"
lel. I agree with you though, I love to have a bit of chocolate milk with salty kettle chips. It's like a poor man's milkshake with french fries.

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peanut butter and ice cream

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I do it with cheezeits

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I used to eat cheeseburgers with blue cheese dressing and mustard

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Cheddar cheese and seafood sauce. On plain white bread its delicious.

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I had a Tab in Israel. Then a second later in Palestine.

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nacho cheese doritos and cinnamon toast crunch work extremely well together

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The heroin dulls the lsd. Pointless. Mdma and lsd is the way to go. Heroin pairs well with lazy sex and laying around.

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Instead of croutons in select soups, I’ll crumple up a bit of tostitos. Something about that extra saltiness they have is great.

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based tabposter

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ketchup drizzled over a plate of shredded low moisture mozzarella

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Cereal and pudding instead of malk. It will change your life. I like lucky charms and vanilla pudding. Or coco puffs and chocolate pudding. Or trixie and strawberry pudding. Or captain crunch and butterscotch pudding. Or apple Jack's and pistachio pudding.

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How's your diabetes treating you?

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I used to like cheez whiz and jam sandwiches as a kid. I have no idea how my mom came up with them, because I forgot the story.

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Bread, butter, and sugar. Microwaved. A childhood favorite.

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Why not just do cinnamon sugar to up the flavor

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>I was today years old

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Porridge with honey and cumin seeds

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Everything bagel + strawberry cream cheese. Everyone I've mentioned this to calls it weird, but its actually a perfect mix of sweet, salty, savory

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Strawberry jam on baked potato

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Peanut butter+pretty much everything for me
It's amazing on toast with a fried egg

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When I was a little kid, I would put an entire packet of mayo on my Papa John's and it was good as all hell.
Nowadays I make ramen noodles and mix in a sauce of ketchup, hot sauce, and a little bit of the ramen noodle + MSG packet water, mix it all together until it's sticky, and throw it on basically anything. It goes great with a knob of raw sausage cooked into a patty and put on a bun.

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>on pizza
Ever since high school that's been my go-to drunk combo

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I absolutely love dipping those pretzel sticks into orange juice. Shit now I'm kinda craving it.

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fat ass

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I use to eat cinnamon sugar toast all the time as a kid, great little snack

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>Deviled ham spread
>80% cacao chocolate bar
>spread on toast
The whole sweet salty thing isn't new but man is it good.

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In a pinch, leftovers can make a delicious and nutritious meal.

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You people disgust me. Thread hidden.

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Hmmm, interesting idea

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Man, that pirate chick is totally wasted...

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you could say she’s given up her booty haha

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Sushi and ranch dressing

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Great joke! Mind if I share it with the wife haha??

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I got a lesser know combination penis being inside of a Woman's Vagina instead of a mans ass.

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Same I used to love making it as a kid.

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You don't like boiled vetetables?

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A tiny bit of nutella is good on a bacon sandwich or on top of a peppered steak pie, in my opinion.

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Gross, how would that even work?
Surely the woman would freak out and scream at you to get away from her.

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Warm chocolate chip cookies and cold milk.

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I'm intrigued. what kind of mustard? what's the best kind of pizza for it? in terms of toppings, sauce base, and crust type.

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>liking girls
cringe and yikes

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peanut butter and cheddar cheese sandwich

try it.

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orange juice and taco bell is pretty dang good. hell I think it'll work fine with tex-mex in general.

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I think they're pretty. :)

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Peanut butter and jelly on a hotdog

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> What are some forbidden flavor/food combinations?

M&Ms with a dash of blood, sweet with a dash of salty
> once cut my finger while eating a bag of M&Ms

Rootbeer and chocolate milk
> simulates a chocolate icecream rootbear float

I love cinnamon sugar on eggs

Honey mustard sauce is the best dipping sauce
I love that with pizza and breaded chicken

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o-oh! well then that's okay anon! enjoy!

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sour gummy worms and a cold glass of milk is fucking amazing and i have it as a before bedtime snack. weirdly puts me right to sleep

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ur weird. also,

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>Cigarettes and licorice.
thought this was my thing

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Fellas, is it gay to enjoy food?

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Fried chicken and waffles drenched in maple syrup

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red delicious apples with kraft singles
also works with other apples and other cheese, but this is the best

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Robitussen and grapefruit

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The only thing that really goes with psychs, to me, is weed. Coke and shrooms is a terrible combination that will ensure you will do far too much coke. Never really understood speedballing although I never shot either the coke or the H, just snorted H here and there. Fear of needles basically kept me from going deeper into all of that shit.
Weed pretty much goes with everything, and eventually I got to a point where I o my use weed.

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>Toast Bread
>Cinnamon Sugar
Fuck microwave day shit good

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A fat laden aged prime bone in ribeye steak, cooked properly with salt & cracked black pepper will change your mind mate.

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Rice Crispies, tossed in salted melted butter, then spread out on a sheet pan, sprinkle with garlic powder and then toast in the oven. Use it in place of croutons on salads and as a crunchy sandwich accent.

Works well with fried beef bologna, peanut butter and ketchup toasted sourdough sandwiches.

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Camembert and avocado, french people tried to silence me but they can't stop me from spreading the truth

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Macaroni with cold apple sauce.

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how can anyone stick their peepee in another human being? it's degrading

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