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I'm looking for a nacho/tortilla chips dip that's not guacamole or cheese, cause I hate avocado and cheddar is extremely expensive where I live. What do you got for me, /ck/?

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how about salsa you fucking retard

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I got dem beans, nigga

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>cheddar is extremely expensive
Where the fuck do you live?

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bean dip
american cheese
really nigga

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dip your chips in milk

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Caramelize onions and a little garlic in butter. Combine with sour cream, cream cheese, fresh flat leaf parsley, and a dash of worstershire sauce. Dip

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Does Queso count as cheese?

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are americans too stupid to understand that you can eat chips as they have various flavours already?

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Look up spinach dip - pretty awesome dip in my opinion.

Otherwise, it's just a carb not rocket science you idiot, put whatever you want on it.

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Queso means cheese

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Fuck beaner chips, get some regular salted potato chips and dip them in a thick pork based brown gravy sweetened with redcurrant.

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Cheddar isn't even a mexican cheese, anon. You can make a chorizo or sausage filled cheese dip, which can be easily made with Rotel, some kind of fresh white cheese, and flavorful crumbles of hispanic sausage, or drier chorizo crumbles. Creamy corn elotes dip is making a trend at the moment. So is pickled jalapeno dip, aka "jalapeno popper dip" as well as the original 7-layer dip.

There is a lime juice marinated "texas caviar" kind of salsa alternative that I enjoy with cassava chips more than tortilla chips, goes nice with pico de gallo flavors, which is mostly bell pepper, jalapeno, onion, cilantro, lime, and either black beans or black eyed peas.

Also consider a fruit salsa, using mangoes, peaches, or pineapple for the tomatoes in the pico de gallo recipe. You can also use canned fire roasted tomatoes to cook up some salsa borracha or some other cooked salsa. There are easy recipes for using tomatillos too, just a quick poach and into the blender.

I prefer tortilla chips for spinach-vegetable dip, and use the knorr recipe with double the green onions, and always with water chestnuts.

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sour cream and a spoonful of powdered onion soup

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Roma tomatoes
Serrano chiles
Red onion
Lime juice
Chop to whatever texture like. Mix. Cover with lime juice. Salt and pepper to your liking.

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I;m thinking about thos Beans

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