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haven't been here in like six months and it's a God damn shit hole now. What the hell is up with all these e celeb threads

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it's a man, isn't it

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I hope so, I'm OP btw.

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it was this exact way six months ago too so I'm not entirely sure what you're referring to

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hello adam

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Tourists from /v/
C*mbrain pic you posted isn't helping though

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Do you only come here once every six months? Because that shit has been going on for years

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There were more of them 6 months ago. We can't even talk about Ja/ck/ now.

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Jack threads are banned?

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Uh oh....

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what's wrong anon?

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That's the only work around. We can talk about Jack as long as we don't make threads about him.

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Memento mori

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Your newfig is palpable. It has literally been exactly the same for years. Also

>is coffee good for you.jpg
Kill yourself attention cunt. Instead of fucking off for six months next time you need to fuck off for the rest of your worthless life.

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It is possible that dedicated Ja/ck/ posters have just lapsed.

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she monke

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Nah, I see threads about him disappear within 30 minutes or so even when they're on the front page. They're definitely getting deleted by mods.

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that's kate mara

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why do the mods hate jack now?

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they hate incels

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Because they're redditors and they don't understand how things work here.

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I used to fap so much to her

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Maybe they feel sorry for him or something. No idea anon. Technically E-celebs are off topic I think but if they're going to ban Jack they might as well ban all of the Adam, SteveMRE, etc threads, too.

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I like that Jack's tenacity. His meals are what the average american probably eats. He gets shit on for it, but still continues posting videos, going on like 10 years now.

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i'm not a normalfaggot so i didn't know

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He cooked a raw chicken 4 days ago. I mean yeah most of his stuff are probably sloppas that taste fine but he has been cooking for over 10 years and still eating chicken sashimi.

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just a faggot, huh?

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>if they're going to ban Jack they might as well ban all of the Adam, SteveMRE, etc threads, too.
Sounds good to me.

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cry about it faggot. get out of here

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Absolutely not, dude fucking raped a chicken cause he said it adds flavor

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I know what you mean. Six months ago this place was inspiring with all kinds of recipe ideas, great conversations about food prep methods, kitchen gear, ingredient substitution posts- it was so much fun. Now it's all just samefagging and shit posting. Mods need to bring back the old /ck.

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don't forget about that one time he bragged about almost strangling his 9 year old son to death

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>one time

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You were raped by a chicken, sucks but accept your fate.

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i miss the annual cooking competition we use to do back in the early 10s

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Fuck I hope

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Fuck I'd cum in their eager janny mouths if they banned Adam

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