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We lost daddy jack bros.....


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>not jack scalfani

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I mean looking at how he eats I didn't think he would live forever.

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Oh shit i always wanted to go eat at his restaurant one day RIP.

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This needs a sticky.

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>cross contaminates everything in you're path


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RIP another COVID-19 death... wear your masks people.

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Never wore a condom and will never wear a mask. Fuck you. If it feels good, do it. If it doesn't, don't.

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>triple bypass
fat lard had it coming, disgusting

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big fat dead faggot

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He just couldn't keep living in a world without The Best BBQ Sauce You'll Ever Taste and if you like that The Best Hot BBQ Sauce You'll Ever Taste. RIP king, you're deep-frying the angels now.

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fuckoff, this is Daddy Jack, not ja/ck/

RIP to a real one

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>and nothing of value was lost

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God needed a glutton to choke kids for smoking dope. ROT IN PISS Jack.

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you still dont understand...

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literally who is this fat cunt

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A real inspiration for cooks everywhere. He made a real impact here while he lasted. My heart goes out to his family and community..

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Creator and host of the Cooking With Jack channel on YouTube. A bit of a meme and a shitbag.

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Why? What did he do?

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Was hoping big daddy had at least another 5 years left, poor fella just had too much heart.

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That sucks, even if I didn't particularly care for his channel. So what happened with the restaurant, did he close it down? All of his newer videos were filmed from home

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He created and hosted the Cooking With Jack Show on YouTube. The food was really bad even if you accept that he was an illiterate boomer pleb.

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His cooking never looked good. Still, RIP.

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well you only need a condom for sex, which you never had.

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You don't need one for anything, they tell you that you do because they refuse to teach tantric sex techniques in public schools despite it being more effective for both pregnancy and social disease prevention.

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His last video


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>If it feels good, do it. If it doesn't, don't.
Liberalism in a nutshell.

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damn rip

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what did he mean by this

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how do i learn tantric sex

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please teach us tanrix sex

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F, had a feeling it was going to happen. He seemed like a good fella.

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ive fucked so many hookers raw, even heroin addict street hookers, and still havent caught anything

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im saying condoms are used for sex, so you not using condoms is obvious.

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Body positivity at its finest

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Actually he didn't have enough heart for that massive frame

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Fucking RIP

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This is what vegans assume all meat eaters look like when they tell you to "enjoy your heart attack" when you are damn well under 20 percent body fat

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Noooooo not daddyjackcookinwitdabloos

Why couldn't it have been ja/ck/ instead

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How could this happen, he was only 400lbs...

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He had a big heart but it wasn’t big enough to pump that grease thickened blood through all 400 lbs of his morbidly obese body.

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How do chefs manage to get this fat with how much they're constantly moving around and on their feet?

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I thought you meant Jack. Fuck you click baiting asshole.

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Humans exist to resist their lesser desires.

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Different jack, retard. This is Daddy Jack Cooking with the Blues, not Ja/ck/ scalfani.

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Why did he wear so much Carhaart?

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I actually kind of liked his boomer cooking. Didn’t look like what I would cook or eat but he had a certain charm and he seemed like a decent human bean. It’s gonna be real weird when ja/ck/ goes.

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too many fat jacks

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You probably have Tiger Blood. That should keep you immune for a while.

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By eating too much

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sad, but was inevitable sooner rather than later...

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Can ja/ck/ be next please?

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you have to keep your number of hpv strains even so they cancel each other out

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Now cracks a juicy heart.

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How utterly unexpected

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>highest heat at all times
>pans beat up to shit looking all malformed and shit
Actual co/ck/s, is this really what it's like in the restaurant industry?
Do chef's just not take care of their tools?
What happens if you bring in your fancy Japanese knife

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If it does the job why buy a new one?

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F to the big guy

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A good chef doesn’t need fancy equipment.

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And a good businessmen knows that business expanses lower your tax load and at the same time you can buy shit and use it privately without the IRS ever noticing.

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I'm not surprised. He looked like shit

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F Daddy

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>they took fat daddy jack cookin with the blues from us but fat fuck jack scalfani still walks the earth today

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wait if they're two different people that means the sloppa still flows. based

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depends on what caliber of food you're working with. a pan like that and those dirty burners are pretty standard for fast casual and (((small business owners))) but if its a chef driven competitive kitchen all the pans are gonna look absolutely perfect. that pan is the sign of somebody who stopped giving a shit.

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I was wondering why he hadn't posted a vid in awhile

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who the fuck is this fat shit nobody?
there's only one fucking Jack on this board, and there ain't room for anymore

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Nothing can stop Ja/ck/. He's like the terminator. No stroke can stop him he's more salmonella than man.

>> No.16097521

dont get my hopes up like that you faggot. guess we are still waiting for the third stroke.

>> No.16097530

I bet after his next stroke, he'll lose all control of his limbs and then just roll around like a gigantic beanbag man.

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If something isn’t broke why fix it? I wish I could have smelled Daddy Jack’s sweaty ass just once after a frantic service in 90 degree+ heat

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He's like bizzaro world Ja/ck/. They're both fat as shit but one is (was) a successful chef/restaurant owner and likable guy but the other one?

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Something about his face makes me think he doesn't chew or swallow what goes in his mouth. The pussy.

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daddy jack > bourdain

>> No.16097614

I agree. Bourdain was a smug prick when he wasn't drunk off his ass (the only time that he was entertaining).

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Yes. Restaurants run on a margin, no need to be superfluous. It's honestly what 70% of small, successful restaurants look like. The high heat is a good thing, keeps food moving fast. If it's gotta go slow, put it in the oven; burners are for immediate service. Jap knives are a meme for hobbyists, not small line cooks. There's a reason most weeb knife owners never post their food, only their knives.

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magical thinking is based, keep it up anon

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I miss Ja/ck/ threads...

>> No.16097747

oh, the guy who used to be an army cook. I learned to solve the problem of clumpy cornflour in soup by mashing the clumps through a sieve. press F to pay respects

>> No.16098156

idk who this is but he looks like a genuine good person/human. I wish things played different/ he got healthy

>> No.16098196

magical thinking?

>> No.16098209

You sound jealous that an army cook went on to run a successful business for over 30 years. Where are your restaurants, anon?

>> No.16098267

>he looks like....
>unrelated outcome

>> No.16098369

The only cook I could stand watching on YouTube..dammit man. I feel for his daughters and wife, im sure he had his dog by his side before he left us.

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Start one faggot

>> No.16098491

Mods delete them now and I don't feel like evading for something so stupid.

>> No.16098503

Well, dang.
RIP Jack and thanks.

>> No.16098517

how did he die?

>> No.16098531

Complications from heart surgery that he had months ago.

>> No.16098536

RIP Daddy Jack

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He ate his own cooking :^)

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may his stove burner forever glow with the force of a thousand suns

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RIP to a legend

>> No.16098587

i googled it and got 4chan results

>> No.16098589

I am like 90% sure this dude identified as a woman so to call him "daddy jack" is a little misleading. I move that going forward this sub refer to him as "birthing person Jack"

>> No.16098595

I let out an audible "NO" when I seen this.
RIP to the goat

>> No.16098601

A lot of the stores in northeastern CT sell Carhartt, unlike the west side it’s a very blue collar region.

>> No.16098605

He was an old school chef. Pots and pans beat to death after years of use, tiny kitchen space, and zero regard for cross contamination. Loved how he'd always be inviting guests into the kitchen to try his food

RIP to a /ck/ legend

>> No.16098609

no microbes could survive the blast furnace that was his stove, cross contamination didn't stand a chance

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Well fuck. I really enjoyed his videos.
Such a cheery easy-going personality coupled with techniques/recipes that only a real line chef would use.

>> No.16098619

I loved how his channel had no bullshit. It was just a big fat dude cooking tasty food in a no nonsense way.

>> No.16098632

This needs to be sticky'd

Give daddy jack the respect he deserves

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rip, his food kinda shit but so are (you).

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fuck bros he really was based. fucking RIP

>> No.16098643

his two sons sure do pass

>> No.16098648

It didn't look like shit to me. It just wasn't overly fancy like some try hard Instagram/Reddit picture.

>> No.16098887

Fuck I thought OP was lying.
I just got into his videos like a month ago, that sucks.

>> No.16099184

Did any anons ever eat at his restaurant?

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Jesus, the pros are on a different level.
How do you have the balls to put your hand near a flame so fucking large it climbs up the sides of your pan, let alone with a loose dangling towel that goes everywhere

That's like leaving long hair untied in an industrial workshop. Do pro chef's just have no fear of injury?

>> No.16099343

I’m sure I’ve walked by it before but they’ve been takeout-only during covid. I looked at the comments on the social media and it said he had a restaurant in Texas before moving up here

>> No.16099384

calloused hands from a lifetime of burns, scrapes, cuts, exposure to bleach and other disinfectants

>> No.16099394

Lots of people aren't pussies

>> No.16099498

literally induction when.

should I go to school now so I can be the guy who invents the commercial induction stove that easipeasily blasts ferromagnetic cookware to "Chinese-Kitchen Wok" temperatures that would be above a consumer-model's temp shutoff

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Daddy salmonella here from cookin wit da skin tags
Today we’re makin skin tag burgas with extra raw chicken bits

>> No.16099696

That Jack is immortal

>> No.16099934

show me one (1) video where he undercooks chicken

>> No.16099943


>> No.16099957

kys memefag

>> No.16099971

Daddy Jack isn't a meme. He's a grizzled vet that has run a successful business for over a decade.

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>> No.16100002

what is your endgoal here? slandering a deceased restaurant owner while posting videos of a literal ck meme is definitely among the lower forms of shitposting.

>> No.16100026

Real talk: you don't actually know him on a personal level like everyone else here yet you pretend to be sad so memes are a no go for you. I also liked his content but what is done is done. Guy isn't coming back. Go and make a video about your crocodile tears so others can laugh at you.

>> No.16100055

why would i be sad about a guy i didnt know? i didnt call it lower forms to establish moral highground, i just didnt think it was funny

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>> No.16100075

good luck getting the sides of a wok hot on anything thats not a big flame

>> No.16100084

looks at this happy man, big man in a big kitchen is a happy man, RIP

>> No.16100100

I'm just glad he got to see Jr marry that peice of ass before the end. God bless.

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>> No.16100140

you misspelled trustworthy cook

>> No.16100142

Quit poisoning this thread with that dumb faggot

>> No.16100160

No one here cared about Daddy Jack until he died and they won't care 4 days from now. The cure is to spam more Ragusea threads. He's a big deal.

>> No.16100162

Please do not speak ill of the dead.

>> No.16100205

Just imagine this board when ja/ck/ finally dies

>> No.16100222

he keeps doing it, he thinks he is funny, fucking summerfags cant even tell when a truly great man has passed away, they gotta get the (you)s

>> No.16100275

He'll get a sticky for sure

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File: 257 KB, 1000x1253, sadness.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

big F

>> No.16100313

my old boss (head chef at a club) had the same exact voice as jack.
fucking hated him because he was a massive dick and always got into shouting matches with customers.

but daddy jack wasn't like that. he was kind. RIP

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>> No.16100352

It is funny and I do it for the salty butthurt not the (You)'s. Thanks by the way.

>> No.16100666

you are no better than an animal

>> No.16100669

>(((small business owners)))
what did he mean by this?

>> No.16100674

idgaf really, that was just the one fact I remembered about him (also he's a notable example of turning into a blimp after leaving the army)

>> No.16100707

why the fuck are you replying to obvious troll posts? Also, what did you expect, this is /ck/, not reddit. If you want respectful discourse or whatever, youre just gona get frustrated.

>> No.16100839

just kikes pinching every penny they can.

>> No.16100930


>> No.16100943

I was hoping it was him that died :(

>> No.16101555

but anon, theres lots of respectful discourse to be found on here

>> No.16101595

Thanks for the kek

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File: 2.30 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_5760.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

RIP. Bidding starts at $50

>> No.16102369

And to think he cooked OP's favorite pasta dish in his last video. Truly /ourguy/

>> No.16103056

I genuinely enjoyed his videos. Dude never claimed to be some elite Michelin tier chef, just an old pro who's worked in regular restaurants for regular people his whole life.

>> No.16103519

Jack was a good guy. Def someone you'd love to have a couple beers with


>> No.16103873

He wad a chef who cross- contaminated everything he touched, and bastardized every dish he cooked.
That said, he offered a very realistic view into the real world of small restaurant kitchens - banged up pots and pans, a pot of stock always on the stove, claustrophobic working space . . .

>> No.16104071

Bastardized them with love.

>> No.16104360

RIP big buddy

>> No.16104371

Oh boy Kiwifarms is going to have a field day with this news.

>> No.16104394


This sucks. His way of cooking is a lost art.

>> No.16104397

wrong jack, this fatso never made it onto the farms.

>> No.16104829

Yes. I think I could have phrased it better. Bastardized as in did whatever anyone who's ever prepared a dish using non-standard ingredients, me included. No pearl onions? No problem. I've got some diced red onions right here. And somehow, he made it all come together and look delish. I made his chicken riggies; fuckin tastey.

>> No.16105759

Rip Daddy Jack but I'm dying laughing over here top kek

>> No.16105975


>> No.16105984

This guy gets it
Real commercial kitchens are tiny, hot, humid, loud, dangerous and beat all to hell
They also have a door leading to an alley that is completely soaked with garbage juice and piled with overflowing cans
Real restaurant business is nothing like food network and definitely not for pussies

>> No.16106060

I made his Delmonico potatoes and it was great, maybe I'll make it again as a tribute now. Figured this guy wasn't gonna be around forever but somehow it's still a little shocking

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its not an easy living but one i enjoyed for about 10 years. i have since moved on, but reminisce about it often

>> No.16106597

he constantly was grabbing raw chicken with his fat disgusting mitts and then touching other food/equipment without even wiping his hands

>> No.16106629

If someone told you he was immune to salmonella, or that taking butter in his coffee was just a bit of harmless fun... somebody lied.

Looks like it's The Cooking Without Jack show now, bitches!

>> No.16107159

he was a goalburnder

>> No.16107221

Fuck off faggot

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