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I have these 3 ingredients and a loaf of bread. Can anybody give me ideas of what to make?

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scrambled eggs and toast

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omelette, toast

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French toast. The easiest and best thing to make when you have fuck all ingredients. Separately fry the onions and peppers to use as like a topping I guess. If you've got garlic/herbs/spices it'll help.

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>tfw you are literally taking memes off of 4chan and making them into food and eating them
>tfw you are literally eating memes
Where does it end?

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a warm salad of the sauted vegetables and croutons with a poached egg on top

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a shame that the yolks are broken though

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It’s a fucking omelette bro not some Reddit turkducken jerk off sesh

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>I have eggs and bread what can I make

I don’t know make a fucking banna parfait with caremel from those ingredients you stupid fucking underage poorscum faggot.

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>banna parfait
with eggs an bread? lmao read the op again retard

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Yeah I don’t think that guy got the question

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Sandwich with peppers n eggs

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