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>make a meal
>serve it
>wash the dishes first
>eat the meal after

>> No.16074351

>performing manual labor

>> No.16074358

Ok cool but what if the food gets cold

>> No.16074363

Put it in the microwave oven for 30 seconds.

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Unbelievably based.

>> No.16074369

>lmao just ruin it!
yeah i think i'm gonna keep cleaning up after the meal

>> No.16074378

clean as you go, you should never have more than 3 dirty items at a time
serve up, eat and youll never have to give it a second thought. the day is over you shouldnt be doing work after youve made your evening meal

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itt: poor people share their techniques to cope with the fact they don't own a dishwasher

>> No.16074409

It's called a wife

>> No.16074414

t. manchild

>> No.16074420

That's me alright.

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>when called out, the poorfag will attempt to deflect in order to avoid the uncomfortable truth

>> No.16074442

>this fag puts everything in the dishwasher instead of the superior and more economical handwash

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>having been exposed, the poorfag resorts to outright lies as his feeble hands scour his desk in serach of some drug that will help the bad thoughts go away. he preemptively dials the suicide hotline on his phone, just in case

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Can you faggots just make out already?

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where do i buy a dishwasher i have never seen one

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>falling for the diahwashing jew

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It's a hoax.

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