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What's your cocktail of choice that isn't a fucking cliché?

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>that isn’t a fucking cliché
What does that even mean?

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Idk probably thinks hes a hipster for not liking the “popular” cocktails

I like gin tonics, whiskey sours, old fashioned, and mules. I dont give a fuck that they are “cliché” or not those are the ones I like

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if you drink based on what may or may not impress your bartender you are an autistic fuck who the bartender already hates

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white tequila with a splash of orange juice and lime juice

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I usually get a gin and tonic

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Crown royal and dr pepper

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Is there anything more reddit than drinking?

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Mojito or GnT

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Gin and tonic with pic related

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Tom collins, hendricks gin. The downside of non cliche cocktails is you have to sometimes explain what they are, which sucks

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Mai tai?
Vieux carré?
Trinidad sour?

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Water. Because real men don't drink alcohol

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ur mom

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Pisco sour.

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Either a Brandy old fashioned or a 7 and 7


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History calls you a limp wristed faggot

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Depends on setting. Summertime Beach:margaritas. Club or similar: gin and tonic or negroni. Sports bar: usually whiskey and coke. Upscale restaurants: old fashioned.

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brandy old fashioneds are not very kino

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They absolutely are in the right setting

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>What's your cocktail of choice that isn't a fucking cliché?

I like the Kamikaze, which is crisp and refreshing.

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This weekend I'm planning on having some Vodka and carrot juice.

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The Long Island Iced Tea is also really tasty but will fuck you up if you’re not careful.

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Shirley Temple

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White russian; 1 part vodka, half part of bailies, half part of kaluha. Served on the rocks.

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a whiskey sour

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Sidecar is underrated.

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wet martini - 3 parts boodles gin at room temperature, 1 part martini-rossi white vermouth from the refrigerator, 3 olives, a few drops of olive brine, in a coupe glass for better aroma. serve as is, no ice, neither shaken nor stirred.

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thinking islam is acceptable in the modern world?

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it's literally just a french margarita

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You know there's only like < 50 real cocktails right? Any choice will be "cliche"

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based and agreed with

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i was really drunk last night and put a 1.5oz of jaeger in my gin and tonic and it was really fucking good. I slammed thru the whole bottle of beefeater after that

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Is Rusty Nail a cliche?

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A Screaming Viking

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used to be G&T now it's rum and coke

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gin tonic, rum n coke or jaegerbomb... yeah
everything else is ancient though
ive worked in the most popular bar of the city for years now and 99% of orders are G&T, rum coke or jaegers.

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Blood and Sand

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>What's your cocktail of choice that isn't a fucking cliché?
Had something called a sour diablo once and no barman other has ever heard of it.

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Cuba Libre

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Whiskey + 7up

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>will fuck you up
Isn't that the whole point?

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Half of the bars I go to don't even know how to make an Old Fashioned and just give me a Manhattan instead. Cliche is good in a cocktail. The last thing you want to do is walk into a bar and ask for some stupid shit the bartender has never heard of and doesn't know how to make.

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Jack Rose. God, I love that drink.

Only if you're an idiot. That's about... 2.5 oz of asssorted spirits+an 80 proof liqueur. Which is just about as much as the following:
>2:1 Martini
All of which are classic cocktails. The LIIT is full of booze but it's balanced in its composition.

That said, that's still pretty much just over 2 shots of booze in a single drink that doesn't particularly taste of booze and isn't really a sipping drinking.

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Outside of esoteric drinks like a Widow's Kiss, I can think of more, but they're all sort of descendents/variations on one another at some point (you can be really reductive and say that there are only 4 kinds of cocktails - base, syrup and modifier; base, citrus and syrup; base, aromatized wine/liqueur; base, carbonated water). You can say a Bee's Knees is a Gin Sour with honey syrup, whereas the Tom Collins is a carbonated Gin Sour, and the French 75 is a Tom Collins with champagne in it rather than carbonated water.

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8 Whiskey sours a night

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Tom Collins. Paloma. Old fashioned brandy sweet. Not hard to not be a retard.

Real gin and tonic, which is cold gin and cold tonic 50/50, no ice, slice of lime if you feel like it, in a whiskey glass. Was never meant to be a pint glass drink.

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Really mediocre, most disappointing "classic" cocktail

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Sometimes my upper right abdomen hurts after drinking, but I'm not sure if it's my liver or something else

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No, that would be the old fashioned, which just tastes like a sweetened overdiluted whiskey.

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For me, it's the Rum Martinez.

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pisco sour

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For me, it's the godfather.
no nerves in the liver. It's known as the silent organ
I like them but can't have more than two, so sweet, And the Drambuie makes everything sticky. Suburban is a similar one, I go with a rye instead of a bourbon.

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if you fellas haven't tried it, a couple dashes of angostura in a negroni is fucking orgasmic

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>Fireball whiskey
>Cherry Coke
>little plastic sword with cherries on it

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I think most things are helped with bitters

I made a whisky sour last night with a shake of bitters and it made a world of difference

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chambord margarita

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What’s in that?

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Vodka based drinks all suck. You should never drink vodka for flavor.
This is just a shit teenager meme. Like mixing sodas in birthday parties for children.

Based choices are whisky sour, cuba libre, G&T, soutside, dark 'n stormy, fitzgerald and all mules.

Try using a bit less syrup and some orange liqueur instead.

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Mineral water

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I only drink socially so will get long islands if they seem better value than the beer as im generally only interested in getting written off as quickly as possible.

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>>will fuck you up
>Isn't that the whole point?

The thing is, Long Island Ice Tea doesn't taste like booze, so it's easy to knock them back one after another, until they're taking you out of the bar in a wheelbarrow...

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blood and sand

>> No.16064127

>his bar has a courtesy wheelbarrow

Well look at mister moneybags here, doesn't even get thrown onto the street like a dog.

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Scotch, cherry, vermouth, and (blood) orange juice

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french 75

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Everytime i make one it just comes out very red and doesn't resemble the sand part. Even when increasing the scotch and orange juice part so you have 3:3:2:2.

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Penicillin, probably

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My nigger. My go-to at home as well. I don't get hangovers at all when I drink tonic.
Vodka tonic works fine in a pinch as well.

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Vodka... just vodka, not even with ice.

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Manhattan. Who the fuck cares about cocktail cliché’s? There are only like 4 decent cocktails and the rest is just sugary bullshit to get girls wasted so you can fuck them easier

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That’s a mixed drink not a cocktail.

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Soda mixed with liquor is a mixed drink not a cocktail.

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wine and pepsi

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> cocktail
> mixed drink
> pick both

“A cocktail is an alcoholic mixed drink, which is either a combination of spirits, or one or more spirits mixed with other ingredients such as fruit juice, flavored syrup, or cream.”

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Well, every cocktail is a mixed drink, but not every mixed drink is a cocktail ;^)

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I had one for the first time recently and good god it tasted fucking vile, do people actually drink this shit?

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As much whisky as I feel like drinking and diluted with water to the top of the glass

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Drinking has been a thing since the Sumeraians, it predates reddit by about 7000 years.
Are Manhattans cliché? That's my favorite to make at home.

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Any alcohol that helps take the pain away

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>Cock-tail is a stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters—it is vulgarly called bittered sling
-The Balance and Columbian Repository , 1806

Gin and tonic is a cocktail

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Little off topic, but one of the reasons I like drinking is that it gives me pretty vivid dreams that I remember more often than normal. Is there anything other than alcohol for that?

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the most exotic cocktail I’ve ordered was a gin fizz but only because it was on the menu. I wouldn’t order it normally.

>> No.16064919

I like margaritas, they're refreshing, tasty and can get me wasted

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>a person, having swallowed a glass of it, is ready to swallow anything else
this matches my experience with women... wisdom

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Boomer unfunny laugh track stunted diarreah shit

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Moscow mule

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Kaluha in your White Russian? That is interesting

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Haven't you seen The Big Lebowski?

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The negroni, that is the shit for me bittersweet and has my favourite liquor. Gin.

Gotta thank my coworker for reccomending it.

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it's the mojito for me, the drink of my cuban ancestors

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Sorry, I don't want to take a gamble on whether the bartender is going to call me a racist every time I order.

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Love it when out and about. Always tastes like shit when I make it at home.

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Not cliche: French 75
Cliche but still good: G&T

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are you forgetting the half cup of simple syrup

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Bought a bottle of Absinthe.

Gonna make Death in the Afternoon tomorrow.

But today I was just trying it out. I tried a tiny bit neat, then made a louche, which made it quite pleasant. You do that by slowly dripping ice water into it so it turns milky opaque. I'm gonna try the same again tomorrow but drip the icewater through a sugar cube.

It was Moonshiners: Master Distiller S2 Ep4 that hooked me in. Great episode.

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Malibu Baybreeze is toptier

>> No.16066313

Isn't that what's in a White Russian?

>> No.16066337

Did he really have to stir the ice, really?

>> No.16066344

Helps it settle.

>> No.16066371

I fucking hate when I order a fruity rum drink and they used vodka.
But it didn't settle. It just spun around. If they wanted it to settle, why not use smaller cubes and give it a shake or a tap.

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Tom collins

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Gimlet, Pink gin, G&T, Harvey Wallbanger, or Wolf paw (not the moonshine variety).

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uni students do to get fucked up and energized quickly for a big party night, yeah.
if you actually want to enjoy the taste of jaeger as a liquer though, freeze it, serve it iced cold either on the rocks or with a dash of coke.

Germans drink it with fanta the same way we all just drink rum n coke.

>> No.16067112

greyhound or aqua velva

>> No.16067128

>isn't a fucking cliché
Don't try and be some kind of special snowflake by picking something highly specific and/or obscure, especially if you're ordering at a bar, it just makes you look like a dickhead.

Either way a Negroni, Boulevardier & Americano are my go-to drinks to make. Occasionally might have something else, but not often.

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that's because you were really drunk. I once got really drunk and thought dr pepper and amaretto was really fucking good.

>> No.16067309

that's because it is...
sidecar is god-tier.

>> No.16067316

>>Fireball whiskey
>>Cherry Coke
is this actually good

>> No.16067319

they're pretty faggy. are you a fag?

>> No.16067322

Bloody Mary

>> No.16067325

make a sazerac. greatest cocktail ever.

>> No.16067327

Port wine over pureed frozen fruit.

>> No.16067575

I like negronis, aviations, corpse reviver #2s, the last word... I should probably make a list.
I make them at home so I stick to simple ones and avoid fizzy shit since the bottles go flat before I can finish them.

>> No.16067577

Lemon Drop if I’m feeling fruity, Rusty Nail if I wanna fuck my shit up.

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You know you can make your own fizz with cold water and a CO2 cartridge? Shit's wild.
Pour it over a bit of syrup and you can have any fizzy shit you like.

>> No.16067604

Blow my skull Off

>"One good stir and it was ready for the table. A couple of good swigs and the mounted police turned out, hit everyone they could see, before the brawl reached the proportions of a riot."

>> No.16067611

Gin martini that's heavy on the vermouth with an olive and long island iced teas.
Sounds good.

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File: 30 KB, 450x630, __opt__aboutcom__coeus__resources__content_migration__simply_recipes__uploads__2020__08__Gimlet-Cocktail-LEAD-1-c265ed3ce162459ea04b3e795ace26d8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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I make old fashioneds at home, when I got out I either get one of these (yes I am a male) or something that is hard to make at home like a whiskey sour

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oh and I forgot the frozen margarita, always get one when I go to the US and go to one of those generic family mexican places, you get fucking smashed with essentially alcoholic slurpee for super cheap.

>> No.16067659

One appletini, please.

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based john dorian poster

>> No.16067744

negroni, easy as piss to make and very tasty. So easy to make that I actually get irritated ordering them at a bar

>> No.16067995

>Germans drink it with fanta the same way we all just drink rum n coke.
German here. Jäger with Fanta is a thing here, but it's not really that common.
The usual stuff is Rum-Cola, Whiskey-Cola, and Vodka-Energy.

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>> No.16068009

Brandy crusta is even better imo.

>> No.16068132

Read online that it is becoming hip in all the leftist places like NY, chicago and stuff. Even then just make it yourself it is just 1 part gin, 1 part vermouth and 1 part campari. Then top it off with some orange peel and icecubes.

>> No.16068166

Aren't all mules vodka-based?

>> No.16068168

How the fuck else do you make it

>> No.16068240

Last girly cocktail order I got and recommend is Svetka raspberry in a pint glass with 1:1 sprite and lemonade.

>> No.16068277


Ah yeah, I did read about that when I was reading through some of the absinthe stuff. I'll give it a go.

>> No.16068292

who keeps vermouth around

>> No.16068382

someone who likes to drink? vermouth's aren't uncommon and are used in a variety of drinks.
He probably prefers another coffee liqueur and is snob nosing.

>> No.16068697

Thinking that the modern world is acceptable is even more reddit

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I'm not sure how available it is outside the EU, but definitely give Becherovka & Tonic a try if you like Gin & Tonic.

Becherovka & Tonic tastes like gingerbread almost, it's very nice and gentle, but just as refreshing as a Gin & Tonic.

>> No.16068724

Psychadelics would be what you are looking for

>> No.16068763

If I like negronis what else should I try?

>> No.16069540

Gin and tonic. Popular drinks are popular for a reason, faggot.

>> No.16069547

Man I haven't had a good dark and stormy in while.

>> No.16069877

Eh, I don't want to go harder, I was thinking something over the counter like melanin or whatever.

>> No.16070068

Irish car bomb

>> No.16070177

>the least cliche
whiskey highball, so good

>more cliche
gin & tonic>>>mule>mojito

>> No.16070207

whiskey and coke

>> No.16070219

my little mexican great grandma drank the shit out of these, good taste friend

>> No.16070238

got addicted to those in bermuda... too sweet tho

mmmm goslings

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Bloody mary

>> No.16070412

>whiskey sour
>hard to make at home
what the fuck are you talking about

>> No.16071126

Sounds like it would work well as a mule. Try it with ginger beer and a bit of lime cordial and let us know how it was.

>> No.16071132

My favorite is a Dark and Stormy, with Meyers Jamaican rum, boondaberg ginger beer, and angastora bitters

>> No.16071138

Sweet or dry vermouth?
I keep sweet vermouth around for Manhattans but I never use dry in martinis.

>> No.16071141
File: 53 KB, 800x800, zubrovka-bison-grass-vodka-31.1513295798.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

picrel with apple juice and a dash of powdered cinnamon.

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gin and tonic

I'm drunk off my ass right now

>> No.16071185

Never been a fan of regular Beefeater. Would absolutely fuck up some Beefeater 24 though

>> No.16071191

I wish there was tonic water without high fructose corn syrup other than the stupid yuppie stuff that's $8/bottle

>> No.16071212

Buy a soda stream and make your own.

>> No.16071243


Yeah I dunno I've been over all kinds of dry gin and I've found beefeater to be the most consistent to my liking. I just finished a bottle of finsbury but I think it just is not as nice as beefeater. Suggestions are welcome though. I've just transitioned back to alcohol from weed when I realised I can actually just make drinks without being a pussy. I haven't really had a mix for 30 years, always had it straight but now I realise G&T and jack and coke is much better than having it straight on the rocks.


Yeah tonic water is stupid expensive but whatever, I'm not picky. I'll buy the medium priced shit and it's good enough.

>> No.16071248

If you're worried about what your drink says about you, you're fucking up.

Shot and a beer.

>> No.16071255

No offence but I feel like Americans don't have access to good gin or tonic (assuming you live in north america).

Where I live (Scotland) Shweppes is like bottom of the barrel tier tonic and beef eater isn't that much better.

Baseline for me is fever tree tonic and tanqueray. Top tier is probably Harris Gin with a dash of plain tonic and grapefruit. Most drinkable is Brockmans Gin with fever tree tonic and blue berries (lightly squeezed).

>> No.16071279


I live in Finland. It's more of a quantity over quality country. Don't have that many tonics in the shops. Not too many gins either. I'm not the sort to pay 50 for a bottle, beefeater is the right price.

Right now I'm growing some weed on the side so when my royal hulkberry autos have grown up it's back to quality weed again.

>> No.16071293

Interesting - I've literally never seen anyone sell/enjoy beef eater. Even like super cheap places the basic option is Gordons - which isn't great but for the price they charge it's okay.

>> No.16071296

Pink Gin
Jungle Bird

>> No.16071346

rye old fashioned, manhattan, negroni, tom collins, gibson

>> No.16071349


Us Finns enjoy more about the being drunk aspect so we'll drink anything that goes down rather than ponder if the drink is any good. This is why we drink a lot and have a reputation of being drunks but we don't have a single drink that the rest of the world knows - because we don't have one. I'd say jaloviina is the only thing that could be considered a Finnish thing but even that is just second rate cut brandy.

>> No.16071451

>we don't have a single drink that the rest of the world knows
That's not true, kilju is somewhat infamous

>> No.16071788

beefeater is nice, it's not great, but if you have a budget to work with its the best option in that price range. Gordons is far worse imo

>> No.16071800


yeah but noboady knows how terrible it actually is

it is entirely undrinkable unless you are a poor alcoholic, basically even drunks refuse to have a sip

>> No.16071824

That's more or less what I had assumed.

>> No.16071830
File: 170 KB, 1540x950, 71C9F8E7-AB9D-4DA0-89D3-00F390E71136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Appreciating the sidecar love in here, only places I can get decent ones tend to be fancy old hotel bars. They’re not bad with bourbon, either, since bars are way more likely to have a decent bourbon than they are decent cognac.

>> No.16072032

>decent cognac.
Aren't there only 4 brands of cognac and they'd all be considered decent?

>> No.16072680

Beer because I'm not a soyboy who drinks faggot drinks.

>> No.16072996

This. Many cognacs may be overpriced af, but none i've ever tried was bad.

>> No.16073283

My anon!
Had a cucumber one today - was shite.
Regular gimlets are.grand though.

>> No.16073288

People play around with it now with "mexico" mules - tequila
Jamaica mule - Rum
Scandi mule - aquavit (disgusting)
And so on

>> No.16073292

aren't those all just bucks

>> No.16073293

Kaluha is standard and was the ingredient of choice by the cocktail's creator so don't feel bad that some zoomer found out about some upper shelf coffee liquor recently. Power trips are probably the only thing left justifying his behavior.

>> No.16073297

People who like making cocktails.
Both dry and sweet are.used in a bunch of drinks - one of the most commonly used ingredients in cocktails.

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I have the same experience.
I rarely remember dreams, but almost every night after having drinks I remember my dreams. Oftentimes they are stressful dreams, though. Last night the Soviet Union invaded and I was conscripted and equipped with a motorized lawn-mower and a shotgun. GG

>> No.16073307

Fever tree is a millenial hipster meme.

>> No.16073308

Pink Gin!!!

>> No.16073310

There are hundreds of brands, and plenty of varieties by each brand.

>> No.16073311

Plenty of crap cognac.
Plenty of good cognac.
If you like it at a price, it's not overpriced.

>> No.16073321

I'd say bad compared to other cognacs, but never undrinkable like many other differnet types of spirits or even just brandies in general if you will.

>> No.16073432

I like mine topped with prosecco

Its not pronounced like the race word anon. And you need to go to a better bar if they don't know what a fucking negroni is

Fireball is my absolute favorite trashy liquor, it's actually delicious

>> No.16074433


Tried it with the sugar cube yesterday and it was pretty nice. Hard to even tell there's sugar in it.

And tried Death in the Afternoon today, damn that packs quite a punch. Had it both with and without sugar. Need to try it with some bitters and sugar next time, not got any right now. Very nice though.

>> No.16074501
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combination of these two with maybe fresh mint as well occasionally but not too important.

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