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Oh, no, not the heckin non-traditional fooderino! Aaaaaaa, I'm going insane! Save me, Jacques Pépin!

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Why do hipster a and nu males love avocados? That shit isnt even good.

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Avocados are delicious, but not in excess. Imagining biting into an entire avocado disgusts me

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are you defending an avocado burger bun?

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That looks good

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Ketards are revolting.

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what a post-modern monstrosity. I only respect vegans if they don't eat these weird simulacra foods

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Bread is vegan tho. That’s keto if anything

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I mean you can't eat it with your hands but it'll probably taste fine.

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The grain of rice is a nice touch.

>>Bread is vegan tho.

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True. Not butter bread

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Not a bad idea in concept, but it would be a lot better if it was tempura fried and paired with a bright, tangy sauce to offset the rich avocado.

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>Not a bad idea in concept
you can dip anything in breadcrumbs and deep fry it.

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Can you deep fry love?

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I will fry deep into your're mom's pussy with my white oil.

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Is that a chunk of wasabi?

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Anything that’s green looks good, including your pic

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I would but I'm all out of love at the moment

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>Deep fry pussy
Added to my torture porn student film

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ummm they tried? atleast it has every sort of fat imaginable.
that would actually save the dish

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this isn't an abomination, it's basically cracklings done with a fatty plant

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My sinuses are burning just looking at it

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>nooooo dont eat meat its bad for the environment
>aerosol propellants are fine tho

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I like it.

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Then I'll set you free.

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Jesus fuck, kid...

>I mean you can't eat it with your hands but it'll probably taste fine.
I am not that guy, but are you for fucking real? Or just trolling?

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No, it would taste good.

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so why shape it as a burger

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I have loved avocados ever since I was an infant. I even run away from my parents while we were shopping once to go buy some ‘Cado at the markets, I was three years old at the time what more could you expect. You can only imagine how much I hate all these scum who have treated avocado as some fashion statement over these past few years.

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That means you were deficient in certain vitamins that avo provide. Bad parents.

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i literally never had avocado, am i missing out on anything?

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I used to work at a sushi restaurant. Ice coffee was very popular among the staff, so sometimes we'd prank eachother by using soy instead of coffee, or stuff the straws with wasabi.
Good times.

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Not really, you might even think it's disgusting because of the texture which can sometimes be slimy and squishy and rarely stringy
It's more of a meme than anything

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no, not really. It's rarely good if you dont live in california and the taste is very faint. It just exists to be a creamy element

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>It's rarely good if you dont live in california

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californians get avocado fresh, if you live in WE for example you are getting shit thats not ripe yet because of transportation

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You're fucking retarded. The ripening process doesn't start while the avocado is on the tree so the fresh californian avocado you're speaking of has just been lying around until it was ripe.

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Also, the avocado season in California is from april to august, which means the rest of the year you're importing from south america like the rest of us.
When they're in season in Spain I can order avocados that was harvested less than a week before, and they'll be just as fresh as the californian ones.

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avocado's only good use is guacamole
avoid everything else

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don't let /ck/ determine if you try things next time you're at the store pick one up put it on some toast and find out if you like it worst case scenario you waste a piece of toast and $2

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I love avocado, but once I was on the bus and a Chinese woman was peeling the skin off with her hands and eating it like an apple. Ruined it to some degree

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A slice of avocado on a turkey sandwich is really good.

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No. It's overated as hell and actually pretty terrible for you. Avocados are honestly a fucking horrid plant we shouldn't even be cultivating.

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Guac is fun for dipping tortilla chips
Avocado is nice in a tuna or salmon sushi roll, gives it a nice creamy texture that compliments the rich savory fish.
That's about it.

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That's how I eat mango nowadays. I'm not sharing it anyway.

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>so why shape it as a burger
There was no shaping. Have ever seen avacados in real life? Some avacados are huge and more round. Stop being retarded you food nazi.

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Literally who cares as long as they're eating it and not wasting
Jesus fuck some of you people are prentious little fucks.

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can the avocado meme just die already?

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It's texture is like butter and the flavor is like cucumber peel.

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go buy one
>firm but light give
>tight, shrivelled leathery skin
>avoid fruits with scars or woody spots
>fruits with knobby, shiny skin are more likely to be watery and fiberous

avocadoes in any state pre-perfect ripeness are disgusting, this is coming from a puro authentico CHI who has been eating them everyday of their life. you can eat them underripe with lime and sugar but that is a deeply acquired taste and i wouldnt recommend it to anyone. OP pic is fucking retarded
eat it anywhere you would use butter, cheese or mayonnaise, avoid cooking it, adding it to hot food is fine

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maybe you're the retard because its thrown together to appear like a burger now isnt it?

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Same, my parents fed me guac and Dr. Pepper as a baby

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>oil spray
Do Americans really? kek

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>Fatty plant
shut the fuck up

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anyone else notice how ja/ck/ became so lazy in his cooking he uses on arm for everything? is using his two arms too much work for him?

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he got so fat his right arm atrophied

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yea they're good as hell but of course white people ruined them with a bunch of meme instagram applications and now you get cringe backlash like >>16013806 and >>16014304

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Even in fucking Switzerland you can get ripe advocados.
>how do I know that they're ripe?
Because I tasted them rip in the Caribbean.
Of course they're like 20 to 50 times the price you pay in the poorest Caribbean islands.

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He has pledged one of his arms to God and only allows himself to use the other one.

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In my shitty country we love avocado, specially the more firm, bigger kind, it works marvels with lemon and salt on top, is specially good in the Bandeja

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I like it.

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he doesnt know.
how do we tell him?

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Allows them to justify their obsession for third world central american immigration. I am not kidding.

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Avocados are good and cheap but I think I'm allergic to them or something

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it's delicious but not worth the hype, but it's good on almost any protein

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>cover in flour
>do egg bath and wash away most of flour

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