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It's so fucking good boys

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Nice 2004 shitmobile

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love the faux wood trim. very classy OP

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Thanks dude gotta pay off the house somehow.
Holy shit are their fries underwhelming.

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>top bun is blue

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this triggers the ragusea

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Light bouncing off my shirt

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>eating food that has random shit bounced off his shirt

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I never had a whopper from burger king that looked that good.

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It's a double double whopper. It's unreasonably large, but damn it scratched an itch. I can see how people are so fat in this fat country.

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I don't even eat burgers anymore unless I'm in a car

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God this was hours ago and I'm still kind of full.
Is there any other way?

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do amerifats really do this?

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Yes. For me personally it's just because I largely lost interest in burgers. Going out of my way for a quality burger feels like too much effort for not enough payoff. So burgers have just become something I consume because I'm driving and I'm hungry and I don't want to stop and get out of the car.

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>eating fast food
>eating in a car

Retard alert.

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I have the same trim and panels in my car

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>being on 4chan
>having the gall to judge anybody else

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Everyone here eats fast food, as far as I can tell. Even the Europeans here do. What with their munchie boxes and doners and french tacos.

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You should still be full. You have taken a lot of meat into your mouth anon.

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I eat fast food twice a year, tops.

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Where do you think you are, faggot? Go take your hoity toity rancid ass somewhere else if you don't like it.

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Why are your leg hairs so short like a woman's?

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He's probably fair haired, their leg hair doesnt really stand out so much, especially with all that sunlight on it.

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I'm not an eyetalian.

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Probably, but also not showing signs of much hair. Look at the feminine hand. Dude is not manly at all.

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When I still lived at home I would always look forward to getting of work and having a car burger. Quite alone time. I kinda miss those days...

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Fuchsia colored shorts and aqua colored shirt, yeah he's a pillow biter

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So are you, faggot.

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>being a hairy wop = manly
lol ok

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>being a low test string bean with feminine features
>drives a shitskin car
>thinks he can talk about what a man is

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Someone's triggered.

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>pointing out the obvious is being triggered
Must be nice living in smoothbrain comfort.

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One hand on the wheel and the other hand holding a cheeseburger is just about the most American thing a person can do

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It really is, isn't it? Europoors will never know this feeling.

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>brown skin
checks out

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I guess everyone has their own technique. I usually have my food in one hand and my drink in the other hand

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I guess everyone has their own technique. I usually have my burger in one hand and my drink in the other hand and I steer with knuckles

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i grilled burgers then sat in my car eating one and listening to music. and drinking a beer since i shouldn’t do it when I’m driving

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I like to go through the McDonald’s drive thru and then eat my cheeseburger in the most isolated parking spot but I do t like to eat while I drive

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go away darkie
nice try by cropping the picture this time

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That looks very uncomfortable especially since he’s wearing a suit

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Someone should invent a burger holder that attaches to the top of the steering wheel

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I’m at a point in my life where i’m disgusted by watching people eat. Even my own family. We’re all just a bunch of cattle. I want to live in an A frame in the mountains.

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Someone thought of that years ago. Search shopping for driving wheel tray.

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That doesn't work though because you can only drive straight ahead.

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I don't like other people very much either. I'm past the point where I used to like anything about anybody.

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You can totally steer bud. It works, I have one, I have a long commute, I eat both breakfast and dinner behind the wheel

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hes the biggest loser i've ever met. never works out, thinks walkign 1 hour is fitness training and hates people who are doing better than him despite the fact that he has negative dollars. smokes crack and thinks he's a handsome boy.

hey retard
who the fuck wants to see you specifically sit in cars and eat? fuck off do you not understand that i am better than you? impossible dreams you have.

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It doesn't look like you can

>> No.16005032

>makes a u turn while delivering fast food to fatasses
>spill entire meal on yourself
>"b-b-but the anon said I could steer with this, he e-even called me bud"

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