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Now that the children have all ordered their pepperoni pizza, what'll you have on yours?

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mushrooms, onions, brocolli and cheddar with feta cheese and sun dried tomatoes if I’m feeling luxurious

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Pepperoni and feta

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Fucking everything i just got peo mush sausage and phillyb

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I just got Philly steak pep spicy sausage and mush with stuffed crust ain't sharing with the children. They can have the cp

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I just ordered my Cheese pizza.

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why are pizza toppings so expensive?

From any local place near me a 3 topping medium is around $8 then each additional topping is $2

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Restaurants run on razor thin profit margins

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Gotta pay the workers man, also they know your fat ass will pay anything for a pizza.

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this is the Pizza Hut here

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I’ll have pepperoni. Because I grew up with a father and don’t have to seek manhood in pizza toppings.

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chicken, bacon, onion, green peppers, tomatoes

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I'm making mine.

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I'm imagining the smell of your shits

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Pepperoni, sausage, and mushrooms. This is objectively the best pizza.

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>53.25$ for a descent pizza that you could make at home for ~20 bucks at most
No thanks

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Iraqi owned place by me has a Gyro pizza with lamb meat dressed in a mint sauce and tzatziki sauce in place of marinara it was good

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that wasnt the question dipshit

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Pineapple and jalapenos.

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roast chicken, smoky bbq sauce, diced bacon, red onion, maybe some mushrooms too, and obviously some some

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My favorites:
. tomato pizza (no cheese) baked, once baked topped with fresh mozzarella slices that melt from the heat, those topped with basil leafs, and those topped with red pesto. Heavenly.
. My other fav pizza: extra minced meat, corn, onions, bacon and extra bbq sauce

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sounds amazing

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I'll have the same, thanks.

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To the tune of the Can Can:
Jalapeños, anchovy,
artichokes and melted ghi,
hamburger with garlic sauce,
Twenty four ounce can of nos.

Pickled cabbage, leg of lam,
pineapple and deli ham,
farm-rejected ugly fruit,
toe of frog and eye of newt.

Meatball sub without the crust.
Escargot and angel dust.
Gold-leaf flakes and manly must.
Freeze-dried mango, fine tomato, fried potato, fruit fandango,
Lime and Time,
and Clam and Spam
and Feed and Seed,
and Horn, and Corn

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Spinach, shrooms, olives, and garlic salt.

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Pepperoni sausage olives and mushrooms.

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i'm a girl, i don't poop

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Spinach is da best one

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Those both sound disgusting and how else would cheese melt you dipshit

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Chicken and Jalapeño
Thank me later

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Spinach, green pepper, mushrooms, pineapple, bacon.
And pepperoni. Faggot.

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ooo the pepeloni oo lala

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sm retarded jew used to call porn food and child porn cheese pizza and tried to convince me that is what that meant...

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Where does the food go?

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Ham & Jalapeños, extra cheese

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I think I'll have Xanax on mine.

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You mean inside. The mighty calzone is just 150 g ham shreds and 200 g whatever cheese they put in to it.

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I'll have pepperoni, and since you're being such an uppity cunt about it, when you inevitably crave the superior Pep after you're done with your single slice of Anchovie/Pineapple/Pepper/Chicken garbage, you don't get to slip over to the box of Godderoni and start stealing pieces from the people that told the truth when asked what type they prefer.

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Double cheese. Extra sauce. Extra anchovies. Banana peppers. Salami. Jalapenos. Ground beef. Onions.

This is the only choice for a man.

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wow you are a flamboyant boy

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Enjoy your salad.

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Wait, did you just add up the cost of the 22 toppings listed? Like some kind of downy? You thought that was the cost of the pizza? As if your skull is inflated with air? The cost of the pizza isn't even included, anon. These are just add-ons. No one picks 22 add-ons, because that would be retarded. Do you have an enormous dent in your head or something?

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Eggplant, mushroom, feta, pepperoni

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pepperoni pizza with cheese crust

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Made these last night, first time trying a white sauce.

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ngl, the 1 on the right looks good but the white sauce looks faggy as all fuck.

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You look faggy as fuck.

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You’re a faggot.

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Yeah the shit just comes out of your mouth.

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I personally love them, and I've tried many pizzas nothing beats them for me

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Looks delicious anon.

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what's the white sauce, alfredo, carbonara... ranch??

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Ordering pizza online: Yay or nay?

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Just a basic Alfredo.

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This. The actual cost of the food itself is usually between 25% and 28% of the sales price.

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Ham and mushroom pizza. With sliced black olives on one half and anchovies on the other half. Alternatively eating a slice of each finishing on an anchovie slice. Couple beers to go with. Nice

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Anchovies, black olives, mushrooms and/or green peppers

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chicken, get fucked pizza purists.

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You're a maggot. I wrote that in perfect stress and cadence.

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do amerifats really?

>> No.15998761

muricans invented pizza 2.0, show some respect
t. non burger

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Red peppers, mushrooms, sausage, asiago cheese, ground beef, and onions.

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mozzarella, pecorino and basil

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Hi, Mr. Gaetz

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Four seasons, florintina or just anchovies, olives and tomato sauce.

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If I don't want anyone else to touch my pizza: chicken, pineapple, and anchovies

If I feel like sharing: pepperoni, sausage, and olives

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obviously you have never had a pizza 'all the way'

>> No.16000027

I am thinking about ordering Little Caesers Stuffed Crazy Bread and an Extra Most Bestest Pizza.

>> No.16000077

Meat Lovers.

>> No.16000119

White sauce base, cheese, stuffed crust

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Sausage and mushrooms.
If it's a decent brick over pizza place, Neapolitan.

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if you don't like it, you are welcome to continue to SEETHE

>> No.16000280

enjoy your being a retarded child

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You don't want to overcrowd. Some toppings, if you get them in addition to a few others, will make your pizza soggy. You need to choose your toppings wisely. Only get the ones you absolutely must have

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yes i'll have the Viking Pizza.

>Chicken, bacon, Gorgonzola, Roma tomatoes, mozzarella, and green onions with garlic cream sauce

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i am not american
i am not fat

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Double pepperoni, thank you.

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ham, hot sausage, onions, koяn and mozarella

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Ham and pineapple. Unironically

>> No.16001869

>i am a foreigner
>i am a lanklet

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Pepperoni, light pineapple and some ham

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Baked beanz

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>i am a foreigner
>i am a lanklet


>> No.16001922

>i am a foreigner
>i am a faggot


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yes, this is why i usually just get mushroom and onion

>> No.16002443

I see your sweet baked beans and I raise you mexican frejoles. They make literally everything taste better.

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Wrong answer

>> No.16002456

that does hurt my brain

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What is your favorite topping, and why is asparagus?

>> No.16002470

What is your favorite topping, and why is it asparagus?

>> No.16002577

I like simple pepperoni pizza and your whining isn't gonna change my mind.

>> No.16002700

You are wrong

>> No.16002720

>simple topping, simple person
checks out

>> No.16002749

I only like pepperoni if it's the kind that gets nicely crisped and it curls. Otherwise it's salty trash

>> No.16002758

Inb4 waves of whiny children whining that it's icky

>> No.16003264

I'll have X-tra Spicy pepperoni, onions and pineapple please. And a pitcher of ice tea of course.

>> No.16003379

Why do so many people open restaurants?

>> No.16003415

shrimp, ham, pineapple and mussels!

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No idea. They are probably just stupid and don't know that 2 out of 3 restaurants eventually fail and close.

>> No.16003571

the mcdonald's in the background is what put them out of business. 15% of all restaurant sales are just mcdonald's

>> No.16003582

extra pepperoni you faggot

>> No.16003586

I order from the local Indian, who also do pizzas, and get them to slice chicken tikka up like pepperoni and garnish it with green chillies.

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I'll have a pepperoni with some pizza sprinkles on top.

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Salami, feta, onion, capsicum, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives and chilli flakes please.

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That sounds good...

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: ) great job

>> No.16003691

s-so cool...

>> No.16003711

Fresh tomato slices

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classic pepperoni, detroit-style

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Pepperoni, black olives, camembert cheese, hollandaise sauce, and anchovies, with a glass of ice cold coca cola.

>> No.16003855

McDonald's even put the actual McDonalds out of business.

>> No.16004486 [DELETED] 

yeah im thinking based

>> No.16004566

Jalepenos and Pepperoni

>> No.16004591

ahh the pepeloni, pepeloni. you know the pepeloni? the nooo one. i always, i always order the, the domino. domino pepeloni and without pepeloni. i always order the pepeloni and without pepeloni. pepeloni! i like pepeloni, yeah. i always, i always order the, the cheese- cheese pan. ahh how can i explain? i can explain by my drawing! i always order like the cheese pan that it has cheese on here, this part, the ear. ear of pizza. and then, i order- wh- when i order pepeloni, the ear- it always have a pepeloni on h- on a top, but i pick up these... away! cause i don't eat it. and then i eat the cheese pan pizza. okay? you understand? understandable! pepeloni! yes.

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>ordering sea food pizza from sketchy turk pizzerias
Get on my level

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Besides anchovies and shrimp, I don't know what other seafood I would put on pizza. Maybe salmon or herring.

>> No.16004630

Salami, sausage, onion, Jalepeno

>> No.16004632

Scallops, mussels, clams, even some (cooked) white fish. Really depends on how extravagant you want to be.

>> No.16004634

I'll have the children >:)

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>move to new part of the city
>3 mom and pop pizza places
>all 3 are terrible and worse than chains

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I'll be eating with the children, and no, I will not leave my door open.

>> No.16005755

Pepperoni for me please! Hold the pepperoni.

>> No.16005809

Assuming money isn't a factor,
Ham, pepperoni, bacon, chicken, steak/beef, any and all kinds of cheeses they got, pineapple.

>> No.16006171

Pep, sausage and bacon grease it up too much as far as meats go. I'm going for the cheese, grilled chicken and olive. No slamming on toppings. Keep it simple. Maybe dip it in some sauce.

>> No.16006325

That's why.

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Salami is an objectively superior version of pepperoni if that's what you desire on your pizza. I don't. The perfect pizza has the following:
>fresh mozzerella
>fresh basil
>black olive
>thinly sliced ham or prosciutto

Accept no alternatives.

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>> No.16006672

Glad to see the prosciutto meme has really taken off. Not around here, of course, since the place is infested with pepperoni pizza and tendie-munching children. But after the first time I had it, I didn't go back.

>> No.16007416

pineapple, green olive, onions

>> No.16007641 [DELETED] 

Niggers call that pizza?

>> No.16007653

Tuna and onions is a great combo

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u rekt him

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