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frumunda cheese

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oh i like maasdam

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>another potentially good thread ruined IMMEDIATELY by a faggot frogposter

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Who hurt you sweetie?

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Women age like bad milk, men age like a fine milk

Tom Cruise is a young looking old man. Most milkmen age like women, Tom Cruise ages like a postman, who delivers wine

Most women age like specialist postmen who deliver milk, also known as milkmen. Tom Cruise ages like a postman who delivers wine, a wineman

It's real. Tom Cruise aged like a fine wine. The lady aged like a milk

Fine wine ages like a 56 year old cheese. Milk ages like a Tom

Tom Cruise looks 35 but is 56. When Tom was 32, he looked older than he does now, even when he played a man of 24. Now that he's 56, he could play a man of 68 who looks not a day over 44

Some cheeses get better with age. A 56 year old fine cheese ages better than a 2 year old regular cheese

28 regular cheeses ageing for 2 years will just about equal the amount of ageing of a fine cheese ageing for 56 years

Tom Cruise is 56 and has aged like a fine wine. Bela Lugosi stopped ageing in 1956, because he died

Tom aged like a fine wine, Cruise aged like a fine cheese

Tom Cruise died, but looks like he hasn't aged a cheese over 56. Milkmen age like woman wine

If a Tom Cruise opens a cheese, he's a master milk. If a woman's lock is opened by wine, she's a shitty cheese.

If Tom Cruise ages like cheese and leaves the station on a train travelling 56 mph, and at the same time Bela Lugosi leaves a milk station travelling in the opposite direction at 44 mph, and both stations are 56 years apart, how long before both trains age like a woman?

Tom Cheese was 56 years old when he first went on a cruise

When Tom Cruise received his first paycheck, the first thing he bought was a 56 year old hot cheese

When Tom was a 56 year old Cheese he aged like a cruise

The quantity of wine divided by how long the cheese takes to age like a fine Tom Cruise equals 56.

Tom Cruise's dick cheese is in fine underaged women

Tom Cheese goes cruising to look for young male milk

And the cheese goes to: Oscar Cruise

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i like a lot of cheeses! it's hard to say which is my favorite, but if I had to say one it would be cheddar. i use if in macaroni and cheese all to the time and it has the perfect flavor for macaroni and cheese, in my opinion.

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what a fucking train wreck of a thread holy shit

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do you like cheese

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red leicester

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never too late to make friends

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Low fat unaged cheddar

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Pepper jack
literally does everything

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monterey jack w jalapeno

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Harzer kase

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>no parmesan mentioned in this thread

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I like a nice Brie along with some roasted garlic on thinly sliced french bread.

Cheddar is aight on some stuff and really cheap too.

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This is gold. Screen-shotted. Shit like this keeps me coming back to this shitty website for years and years. Outstanding, anon. Outstanding.

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fromunda be 'specialy savory, yarrr

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Please tell me you saw the pirate cheese thread and that made you write this down and this isn't a copy pasta. I need you to have just been inspired to do this. I need that win.

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Grey Owl, but I make my own Stilton au Porto

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I know, right? This is some epic shit and I would love to know I was in the thread where that kind of dank quality OC was born.

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Big fan of American cheese product, now melts

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rent free

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please go back. please

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