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not my problem

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not my problem

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grandma always said "a daily dose of grease keeps the pipes lubricated and prevents clog formation"

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>not my problem thread #356
No, it’s your parents’ problem, since they pay the bills, you neet parasite.

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Dammit OP if you don’t label your thread /NMPgen/ #whatever, how are we supposed to find it?

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not my problem

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I always piss in the sink.
Used to be in the army and I'd only have a sink in my room, so it's just more convenient.
Drives the missus mad now.

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I've thrown an extremely bulging phone battery in the trash. Sadly it didn't cause any problems :(

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My landlord has to come into my place and do this about once a week.
No skin off my nose.

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I've got a bulking one from a cheap done. Been thinking I'd get an old aluminum can and fill it with water and throw the bad boy in there.

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