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This is the end of the pizza, and last pizza until autumn. It’s been an honor sharing my journey with all of you.

House tomato sauce, garlic, crushed red pepper, Grana Padano, fresh mozzarella, hot sausage, diced jalapenos, pepperoni & salami.

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crushed re pepper? interesting

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thats raw

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It tasted cooked to me.

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Could really use some anchovies.

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That was my wife’s complaint...

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You're wife has good taste, and most marriages end in divorce these days.

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One more angle, uncut and hot out of the oven. The garlic was surprisingly mild and delicious.

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The crust just looks mediocre, and there's too much of it for it to be mediocre. Otherwise, nice...camera?

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Looks delicious OP.

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Would you be willing to explain what you’re looking for in a pizza crust?

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Looks fucking great. A+++ would order again.

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dough recipe?

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Save me a slice

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What a fucking joke.
Reminder that your shitty "pizza" is just famous because people are retarded and still think that it originated in italy.
Pizza is American, American pizza is superior to italian pizza, and if pizza is famous in the world is thanks to us, not you.
>B-but muh quality ingredients!
Lmao, massive cope. The additives only makes them better and you can't afford them because you are a shit third world country.
And pineapple belongs on pizza. Don't like it? Stay mad and seethe, we fucked your "cuisine" and the world likes it, so stay back and watch, cuck.

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>no 'chup
>no deenz

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looks good op. I like cooked crushed red pepper too. it mellows during cooking and leaves a complex flavor.

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I’m American, and I think you want put whatever the fuck you want on your pizza.
The pizza that started it all for me was a Hawaiian during lockdowns...

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It’s simple but works, enjoy!

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