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What's wrong with Mexican?

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Mexican what? Why didn't you finish your sentence?

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They prefer strong tasting food.

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like this one?

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>okay eso looks a little excessive but whatever
>clamato (clam's juice and tomato)
ay wey

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I'd unironically try both of these with a completely open mind
They look trashy. in a good, tasty way.

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>with a completely open mind
>trashy. in a good, tasty way.
Lemme guess, right now you feel woke?

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Dorilocos is a whole culture in South AMerica, it's a Doritos food revilution

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Nothing, Mexican cuisine is pretty based.

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I think you answered your own question.

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>What's wrong with Mexican?
First: learn proper English stupid mutt, and then lurk 2 years before posting here.

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What is she straining over it?

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This is why they are now the world's third fattest country after US and UK.

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this thread made me look to see if i had any fruterias nearby and lo and behold, there's one half an hour away. i haven't had a rusa since i moved out of texas three years ago.. ultimate summer drink

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You talking about the green thing? That's lime juice being squeezed.

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thats tex-mex, flour tortillas are murican

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Why cant he just pour the bag?

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>flour tortillas are murican
American education at its finest. LMFAO

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Why are amerimutts always trying to steal everything?
>Tried to steal apple pie
>Tried to steal corn bread
>Tried to steal potato pure
>Tried to steal pizza
>Tried to steal sushi
>Tried to steal cabbage salad
>Tried to steal sausages with eggs
Like, bro, develop your own fucking culture.

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Airtight Australia, you're taking it too far. As a US citizen I won't stand for this. It's fine to mock the US because we don't have to care about you or anyone but Mexico isn't in that position. The Mexicans who stay in Mexico peacefully or legally migrate here are good, honest, hardworking people who love their families and have enough to worry about with their country without being mocked for enjoying some junk food from time to time. They gifted the world with world class cuisine from the depths of poverty cooking and if they want to try some carb heavy meals with sauces you wouldn't put on them, they can.
You unironically eat vegemite anyways, you poofter bogan cunt.
Stop bullying Mexico immediately or I will be forced to write Kamala Harris a letter saying the Australian government is controlled by a group of white supremacists worshipping the Christchurch shooter as a living martyr.

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Sometimes they charge $5 for a bean and cheese burrito.

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those border hopping goblins smother everything in one condiment or another.

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Agua de limon is the best during the summer.

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Fucking kek

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>It never fucking ends

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I was thinking the same. So fucking extra.

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That shit looks good. What are you on about? Would you rather try a mosquito burger or dirt roll?

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Anybody here ever go to La Michoacan? Fucking amazing milkshakes and ice cream

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Which one? Theres like multiple chains of paletarias that got by "La Michoacana...", at least in SoCal

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Is a mexican Jewis invention

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Whats the matter? To spicy, whyte boi?

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please learn to speak my language properly before you butcher it with your cultural appropriation

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