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Ratebeer gives an overall score of 5 out of 100 to Carlsberg Pilsner, the flagship Carlsberg beer.
What do you think of it if you've tried it? Would you agree with the rating? Why or why not?

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They must've been drunk cause they spelled every word wrong on that label

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hail victory

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Is it the Danish equivalent to Budweiser or Miller or something? Or even lower like Old Milwaukee or Steel Reserve?

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that website is full of fags rating the color of foam.

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Nowhere near that bad but it's nothing special.

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Carlsberg elephant is my drink of choice

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On a price scale Carlsberg falls into the same category as Heineken and Royal.
the only beer that is sold in Danish grocery stores that is cheaper, is Harboe.

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Industrial piss made to meet the bare minimum of meeting the legal definition of "beer". Hard to get any lower in quality without your drink becoming "not beer".

And no, I don't trust hipster reviews of beers, but go to a store, pick any beer at random, you're practically guaranteed it will be better.

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