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I wanna try liver, whats a good recipe to ease my normie palate into it?

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Liver + onions + a dash of good quality sherry vinegar.

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This anon knows. Cheap and delicious.

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There's a bunch of toxins in the liver, why are you trying to kill yourself?

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Based trips of truth
Enjoy your dick cancer OP

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Nice momscience, Karen.

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My name is Stephanie!

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Fried chicken liver from Lee's or KFC or your preferred fried chicken restaurant.
Put leftovers in canned chicken soup.

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1. fry it with onions
2. cut it up
3. pour it into a blender and blend it into a puree
4. pour back into the pan and reduce to thicken it up. add other shit like garlic powder or something spicy
pate for toast and shit

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The only thing that should be coming out your ass is feces anon. You shouldn't pull "facts" from there.

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You faggots need to learn some basic biology, and understand the liver's purpose.

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To be full of nutrients and iron?

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And you need to understand that food safety is handled at a government level for a reason. People can't just sell toxic food. Even dog food is required to be edible by humans.

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That's not a purpose retard, that's chemical makeup!

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Because no one ever gets sick or dies from food borne diseases

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Filet it as thing as you can, cook in red wine, salt, pepper, onions. Cook for like 30 seconds on each side on medium high

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If I like braunschweiger, are chances good that I'll like liver on its own?

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what is the ppm of rat shit that your government allows to be in your food

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I like it with a fried eggs, fried potatoes and onion.

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Get sheep liver (Lambs-fry) don't get pig liver or beef liver, they will be far too strong.
Get a recipe for a decent liver and bacon casserole, have that with some veges and mashed potatoes.
If cooked well, it is godly....

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Veal liver is pretty mild. Pork and chicken are good too. Get it fresh, or as fresh as you can. Anytime you cut liver, it begins to break down and get bitter so cook promptly. Slice into thin strips on a slight bias. Dredge in a little seasoned flour (sage is a good addition), and pan fry in oil. You can finish with a butter baste too. Only takes a few minutes. Slightly pink is the ideal.

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I don't enforce the rules, I just get the jannies to do it

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I mean it would be ok if he said "what do you guys eat with liver" and thats borderline the same thread so i dont see the problem

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Watch it, pal

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Make mince and mix 50/50 with ground beef into any recipe that calls for ground beef.

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Are you Lithuanian?

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tell me I didn't catch you announcing a report

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>I wanna try liver
for gods sake why? are you a masochist?

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salt, black pepper and some cream

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Cool cool but what side works with liver? I'm thinking mashed potatoes or polenta maybe

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Now that's nutritious!

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>liver fillet
>sea salt, black pepper
>thin flour dredge
>sear both sides on hot skilled
>eat medium.

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try the venetian version with onions and polenta
"fegato alla veneziana"

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A good starting point is mild chicken liver, in fact.
Saute and whirl up a batch deli-style jewish "chopped liver" and enjoy with Triscuits, which is my favorite. The deli spread is sweetened by sweet sauteed onions, and blended with hard boiled egg, and this buttery tasting spread is very mild but not straight liver.
Liver pate, wuch as enjoyed in an old french molded style is also blended with poached chicken, various nuts and pickles and molded to be steamed or bain marie to cook together. This features brandy flavoring. Further reduce the strength of liver flavor by enjoying a slice in the bottom of a bahn mi lemongrass chicken sub where the fresh herbs, fresh cucumber and picked veggies is just enhanced by the minerally chicken liver flavor.
Go to a restaurant like Cracker Barrel and for low risk enjoyment of deep fried chicken livers, choose it as the main on a sampler platter that gives you 4 luscious southern veggies to enjoy whould you not like the liver itself.
Preparing the chicken itself can involve a soak in milk, which is said to pull out some of the blood from the tissue and maybe therefore some of the blood flavor, can make it mild. Remove the connective tendon between the lobes helps the texture.
The original duxelles that is the mushroom paste we use today under a beef wellington wrapper WAS a liver paste. Go old school and make some mini wellingtons and revert to maybe half liver/half mushrooms. It will flavor the filet nicely, but be very thin and softened by the pastry in each bite as well.

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>There's a bunch of toxins in the liver, why are you trying to kill yourself?
not a problem in younger animals that have short lives, such as hens and veal liver

Anon, it's fussy work to make a homemade stock and make the dumpling, but I love the Austrian specialty, leberknudelsuppe. It is a dumpling that is about 50% pork liver, in a flavorful simple broth. If you have a good German deli, you might even see the meatballs shrinkwrapped and ready to float in your own soups at home.

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This is a simple, quick recipe. As a reminder, trim the veins and connective tissues from the liver, and soak in milk or buttermilk for an hour before cooking (it reduces a bit of bitterness and helps to slightly tenderize the liver).


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dip it in flour, pan fry it with butter, serve with bacon bits and fried onions

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liver is just regular food. ever had liverbox with lingonberries? delicious

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Bwef liver- marinade in milk for an hour then dredge in flour and egg and fry until crispy, eat with fried onions and mustard

Chicken liver - put on a water chestnut, wrap in bacon, and fry it.

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