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I've never heard the audio but the end always looks like regret of the joke going too far.

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Looks like an 8 year old made that.

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its not a joke

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fat americans at it again

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This guy makes the best food and it looks so appetizing when he eats it.

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I fucking hate this prick

This looks yumby actually butt fuck it's no salad

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I love Italian salad but this looks like shit.

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>what is parody?
The even funny man is making culinary disasters, like, subscribe and share fellow Redditors!

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>salad: a cold dish of various mixtures of raw or cooked vegetables, usually seasoned with oil, vinegar, or other dressing and sometimes accompanied by meat, fish, or other ingredients

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Jack is completely serious
its not parody

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but anon you said there'd be vegetables

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Pasta is a vegetable...

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it's a starch anon and it's a carb, it does not fall into the food pyramid or circle or whatever as a fucking veg

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Wheat is not an animal or a fungus, so?

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that's an american salad
italian salad (and the rest of the world's) is pic related

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For me it's Nicoise

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i hope that Velveeta and Spam cuz that shape of pasta sucks SUCKS S U C K S

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Not all plant parts are vegetables.

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do americans really eat this?

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before I zoomed in I thought OP's pic was a bowl of salt water taffy

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haha- a bowl of lettuce is a salad. Good job.

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That salad clearly has ham and some kind of actual cheese.

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I think you’ll find Sara’s macaroni salad to be far superior
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4zw99VsoMA

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Jesus Fuck, what the hell is that?

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I hope the story is fake.

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No that's pasta

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This sounds like something nick mullen would come up with

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are you american?

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absolutely lame bait

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i miss the old times, before trum..... before normies

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What do you call pic rel?

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pasta, meat and cheese?

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This is more a fat hawaiian thing. Everytime you invite one a cookout they always bring a salad that contains:
>green peas
After that they kind of play it by ear, but that's the basis of damn near every hawaiian mac salad.

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mashed potato

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orange man bad

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Sounds based.

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