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>I'm a vegan because meat is disgusting
oh, sweet child, all of nature is

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the vegan eats copious amounts of potato

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Reminder that mushroom and yeast are not vegan.

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the vegan leaves his home for a month and the potato conspires against him

no meat ever do that to me

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what's the reasoning here?

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the vegan loves his spicy ethnic food like the huitlacoche

which is basically the mexican cancer of the corn

do you see meat eaters eat animal cancer? nope

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>Americans see roots
Lmao, I see nothing disgusting about some growth op. You might be mentally ill

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They are living organisms, more so than vegetables and other grains.

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>Americans see Roots
>AAAA My name is Kunta Kinte!

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the vegan love his exotic fruit like durian

which looks like the skin of a week long dead fetus and smells like sewage

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That much growth, the potato is spoiled.

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>unicellar life is more sapient than trees because i said so

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>because i said so

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still tasty

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stale meme, still schizo

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Meds, take them. Also;

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"oh, don't mind me, mister vegan! I'm just an eggplant with a penis tumor soon to be part of your curry!"

how do you measure scales of livingness?

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no meat eater would a siamese twins piglet

but when the vegan is eating siamese twins carrot it's "funny, haha"

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>stale meme
zoom zoom

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The vegan loves his organic apples.

So does the worm. He also likes to shit his little offsprings into your organic apple.

Do you see meat eaters eat wormy meat? Nope.

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Don't mind me, I'm just a rice with a little bit of a blight.

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Imagine being this mad someone doesn't want to eat meat lmao

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Hi, nature here. Mind if I have my child in the middle of your frozen cabbage, vegan?

Surely your favorite vegan restaurant would throw out the whole batch. ;^)

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Mind if I test out your cabbage before you do? Don't worry, I'll leave enough for both of us.

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Your friendly organic spinach here. This hilarious little spider lady left a little surprise on me for you here. I hope you don't mind.

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does it taste like how it only smellz?

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Apparently this happens all the time

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It's just a fungus

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>smells like the last farts escaping a dead person while cooked
nothin personnal, vegan

no, u

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Classic. This is what the suburban bitch gets for not growing tomatoes in a pot like a normal human being and getting it from a store.

For fucks sake its even July when the article came out. There is no excuse to eat tinned tomatoes in July if you have a fucking yard with sun.

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See thats when you turn a pest into feed for livestock.
Ducks will fucking eat 200 of these fuckers a day each, and they know where they hide.

But vegans think thats animal exploitation. So just spray the plant with stuff that will kill everything.

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you know you must be over 18 to post here right ?

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>keeping ducks
Enjoy cleaning out shit filled ponds/swimming pools/water tubs every day until you die.

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Is he okay?

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First off it smells horrible, second off the potato becomes toxic to eat. You look retarded right now.

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*cough, cough*
I'm sorry, anon. Me and my fellow melons developed hollow hearts.
please, eat us regardless

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The first time I bought a sack of potatoes and saw them sprout I freaked the fuck out. I didn't know they fucking grew tentacles. It was messed up bros.

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:) I do enjoy it! So does my garden!

I also enjoy getting a dozen duck eggs every day.

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ok but duck eggs man

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Ready to settle down now

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I'm used to it

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how were those cooked??? My duck eggs just look like normal eggs.

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>ends up being in your vegan french fries anyway
>those are the crispy parts you actually like a lot
yumm, rot

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salted duck eggs. there are probably recipes online but i do know that its an asian thing

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This is mental illness the post

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He looks sad. Are you sure he gonna live?

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If the soul ratio measures above 0.2 on a spiritscope, it's alive.

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Its kind of weird that every part of the potato is poisonous except the potato.

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looks like my moms asshole.

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Some make it, some don't.

Idk why people who have a yard don't just grow a tiny garden every summer.

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>vegan and doesn't eat bugs

Are you bullied, mentally handicapped or both?

>b-but I can't survive on just bugs

And? Was life a contest about who lives the longest?

>they're disgusting!!

They're not, unless you're young and can't enjoy complex flavors

>I..I just don't want to!

You will eat the bugs and you WILL be happy, fucking peat-gavel

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that's not a worm you r-tard
larvae don't lay eggs

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So you're saying thats just plain shit?

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I'm enjoying this thread

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Mushrooms aren't unicellular, they're eukaryotes. In fact, they're more closely related to animals than plants are. NOT vegan.

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you wouldn't eat the vagina of a pig
you wouldn't eat the placenta of a pig
you wouldn't eat the ovary locule of the pig

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>Don't eat vegan because vegetables are gross with worms and sprouting tentacle abominations
>don't eat meat because of more worms and parasites
So, what do I eat then? Nothing?

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Reminder if you're anything but a Fruitarian, you're removing a complex, highly-evolved eukaryotic organism of its right to a self-deterministic life cycle.
Eating seeds is just like eating eggs.
Only the fruits of certain plants which have been freely dropped from the plant should be consumed, and only if an attempt to plant the seeds after is made.
Mass farming of grain is destroying the ecosystem, whether or not it's used to feed livestock. Sure, depopulation and starvation will result, but this is a MORAL OUTCOME for such a selfish species as ours.

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do you see a toilet?

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I'd also like to add plants DO suffer
The Othering of plants is just as egregious as othering of animals
Just because we can't conceive of them based on our own lines of awareness, doesn't mean they do not suffer from our exploitation of them
Vegans are not innocent of their sins!

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Yes I would.
And tell your mother I said hello

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yeah looks like the worm dug himself a little outhouse behind him and is filling it up quite nicely

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yum, vegan brains

much better

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As a vegan if I see animal blood I'm about to throw up. But when I see these scrumptious edible mushrooms I begin salivating immediately.

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Devils advocate here. Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of fungi. As long as you don't dig up the mycelium you aren't hurting the fungal organism. The mushroom is a reproductive organ sent up temporarily to spread spores. This is why when you forage mushrooms you should always tap the mushrooms and place them in a mesh bag to help spread spores everywhere.

Happy morel season!

Also, nothing is vegan. Life is suffering. If you want to live a life where you minimize it you grow/hunt/forage/raise your own food.

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A fellow anti-natalist, I see.

>> No.15883144

That's really sad that you are terrified of blood. Imagine being terrified of your own life's essence.

Also bleeding tooth fungus are very bitter and are only edible in the sense that they wont kill you.

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>muh bitter

>> No.15883153

I am not an anti natalist.

>> No.15883156

A fellow hypocrite, I see.

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>organic things can be spoiled
w o w

>> No.15883163

how am I a hypocrite?

>> No.15883170

>life is suffering
>lemme just spread it, lol

>> No.15883192

Who said I was anti suffering?

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Please, anon.
Those are not worms, but my seedlings sproutings inside my belly.

Please, anon, don't eat me. Let me have my children.

Please. :'-(

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Hi, nature here. Mind if induce abscesses to your cattle?

Surely your favorite butcher would throw out the whole cow ;^)

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Never seen an abscess in meat before irl.

I have seen all the other shit on this board irl.

>> No.15883224

That's completely different. That's an american only phenomenon. European meat is completely abscess free, because we don't rub the skin of the cows with tenderizer lotions while they are grazing like burgers do. Our teeth actually function, thank you. Also, burgers put cows very close to factories and they inhale the fumes and become addicted to the smell of burning tires, etc.

Completely avoidable.

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I have never seen a dead mouse in a head of lettuce irl.
Every single steak I've ever bought was filled with bot flies and abscesses.
Checkmate, carnist.

>> No.15883229

>Every single steak I've ever bought was filled with bot flies and abscesses.

Do you live in Thailand? We don't eat pagpag where I live

>> No.15883231

>I have never seen a dead mouse in a head of lettuce irl.
Most people don't notice it because a mouse fetus is very small. There's no real hazard in eating mouse with your lettuce once in a while.

>> No.15883233

>As long as you don't dig up the mycelium you aren't hurting the fungal organism.
As long as you don't kill the chicken, you aren't hurting it by taking its egg, but vegans don't care about that.

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>gets ripped and a woody consistency by itself
nothin personnel, kid

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eukaryote is not oppositional to unicellular, there are many unicellular eukaryotes. furthermore, anon said yeast as well. yeast are unicellular fungi who are also eukaryotes.

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is this supposed to be disgusting or what? you are probably a literal manchild, that thing just sprouts, it's kind of cute

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mind if I grow another skin inside then just make it rot and stink like shit? yeah, you'd love that, wouldn't you!

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do I have a surprise for you!

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just cook it long enough and eat it

bugs are very healthy source of nutrition

>> No.15883328

not an american but im pretty sure cows can still get abscesses without factory fumes and "tenderizer lotions" which im pretty sure dont exist

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I never saw those because of ladybeetles but I have pic related which is just as bad.
They get in ALL your brassica and camouflage perfectly.

It really makes being an organic gardener a challenge. Thank god I have ducks who hoover this shit up

>> No.15883354

explain this shit then: >>15883342

does your duck army will protect against things under the ground?

>> No.15883358

>that thumb ring

>> No.15883371

Are you a retard? That picture is of a prized carrot. It's perfectly edible

So far I haven't had any pest issues with my root crops yet. But if I do I will cross that bridge when I get there.

>> No.15883373

Is this faggot implying that people who are not vegan don't ever eat any vegetable or what?

>> No.15883384

kek this thread has been incredibly entertaining and full of ideas novel to me. Thank you, OP

>> No.15883388

No I think he's referring to vegans who claim meat is gross when all things in nature can be gross.

>> No.15883412

Well yes anything that is maggot/insect infested is gross, it might be even chocolate.
>but onion with double peel and sprouts are disgusting too
Here he is just being manchild.

>> No.15883413

>That picture is of a prized carrot.
Yeah, in the annual Carrot Cancer (CACA) race.

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idk he seems pretty happy about it

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>does it matter if I make it

>> No.15883429

Nah I've eaten potatoes with some growth dozens of times and it was fine. You are fucking stupid

>> No.15883441

wow how is he not scared of a carrot while OP is, might it be that OP is a massive faggot?

>> No.15883449

>I know you must be 18
Brussels sprouts are really this meme, they will start tasting better the older you get.

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>not knowing about the cow tenderizer lotion

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You wouldn't eat a rabbit suffering from gigantism, yet it is somehow socially acceptable to eat mutant vegetables.

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File: 109 KB, 1380x828, f33b67185125fc6e2811a128e8c03207.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

here's an artist's rendition to demonstrate what I mean

>> No.15883489

idk man I think I'd still eat it

>> No.15883491

because the vegetable isn't disgusting even when suffering from gigantism, on the other hand the meat ...

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>vegetable isn't disgusting even when suffering from gigantism
imagine its hard, wood-like skin

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>the vegetable isn't disgusting even when suffering from gigantism

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File: 377 KB, 1600x900, APR26_RABBIT_POST01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You wouldn't eat a rabbit suffering from gigantism


>> No.15883558

Thats not for tenderizing meat

>> No.15883559

That's not tenderizing lotion. That's lotion for chapped teats/udder. It's the same as putting lotion on your hands when they are dry.

>> No.15883568

that's not even close to gigantism
look at >>15883506 >>15883501
these fuckers are like 100 times bigger than normal pickles

you wouldn't eat a rabbit 100x bigger than regular

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>5'11 vs 6'0

>> No.15883578

bugs... easy on the carrots

>> No.15883581

why are creeping vines so primordially terrifying?

>> No.15883588

All the duck eggs I've seen or had have really orange yolks
I think that means they're fresh or just a bit different chemically, since I've seen chicken eggs that look like that.

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File: 797 KB, 2554x1699, On6kuk9e1eqkTIW0VBtFg3GA0miLRsa2fnAwXPE_Vvs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

does your mega cow come with huge bulbous tumors?

didn't think so

>> No.15883656
File: 456 KB, 2560x1697, a3ac8815-f09f-43e4-a801-48fe9e480957-SLF_on_grapevines_-_Erica_Smyers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did somebody say lanternfly? They love them some grape.

>> No.15883658

>you wouldn't eat inedible thing
wow really?

>> No.15883692
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watch me

>> No.15883695

Had a bad assassin bug and your pic related pretty bad lady year. I'll probably won't grow Brussel sprouts for a while.

>> No.15883767

that's cool, I would eat only one on the right, those ingredients on the left aren't inedible though

>> No.15883768

cute potato roots

>> No.15883776

>there are fungus among us
oh shi-

>> No.15883777
File: 23 KB, 800x500, pet3a.gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And let me not get started with vegetables suffering from dwarfism. The vegan scientists realized that what they are forcing themselves to eat are as much if not more disgusting than meat so they wanted to tinify the vegetables in hopes it won't be so disgusting. (((Cutenes, etc.)))

But here's a thing. You can't make veggies small enough for the smallest pests, worms, etc.

>> No.15883785

>cellulose is non-digestible by humans

>> No.15883837

well beef won't be digested completely either, how much cellulose is there even, it's not a cellulose patty

>> No.15883879

>Oh so you wanna be a big baby faggot about eating meat, huh? I'll show you who's the biggest baby faggot!

>> No.15883884

Interesting thread. Thanks, op

>> No.15883893


>> No.15883903

my sides

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>> No.15884002

Can somebody tell me what the fuck the purpose of this thing is

>> No.15884012

Where I'm from we use it for various soups.

>> No.15884033
File: 105 KB, 1171x836, poison-oak-identify-treat[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why does something being natural necessarily mean it's better? Poison oak is natural, good luck putting that in a salad

>> No.15884041

and from where the op is they use it in witch stories because it is ew yucky

>> No.15884050
File: 2 KB, 125x125, 1606931952448.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you don't really call this an argument, do you?

>> No.15884062

Bears are natural too, you gunna put a bear in your salad?

>> No.15884077

Do you not eat bear salad?

>> No.15884155
File: 39 KB, 633x374, 78235acaaf5e410760da543873444602.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

u mean like this?

>> No.15884156

no, I bear arms

>> No.15884161


>> No.15884171
File: 81 KB, 1200x900, 1617406506337.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

more like this

>> No.15884192


>> No.15884197

So put it in the ground and get many potatoes.

>> No.15884208

op probably cannot even multiply potatoes

>> No.15884271

2 potatos + 3 potatos = 5 potatos

>> No.15884442

Just looking at this picture explains the "bad" broccoli I have had through the years

>> No.15884492

>Rotten food isn't gross
Good job acting superior on a cooking board you absolute retard.

>> No.15884499

based reading rainbow poster

>> No.15884535

>Skipping forearm injection day

>> No.15884562

to be fair he did put tenderizing lotion on his forearm

>> No.15884753

I heard these smell like death

>> No.15884760
File: 2.95 MB, 1107x1130, avocado fondue.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dip shrimp in it

>> No.15884765

cute dog

>> No.15884771

first time i saw it i got extremely aroused

>> No.15884776

I told someone I didn't like Beyond because it had a weird after taste from the coconut oil. They said I was retarded and that it didn't have coconut oil, so I linked them the website and showed them that it did have coconut oil. They said I didn't what I was talking about and that I was making stuff up just to disprove vegan's claims that Beyond would satisfy meat eater's tastes. Impossible burgers taste fine and resemble the taste of lean beef perfectly imo.

>> No.15884781

Where do you get bear meat besides hunting it?

>> No.15884790

idk buy it off a hunter.

>> No.15884808

idk why people are so sensitive about that shit. It's processed cooperate name brand food. it's like being a faggoty little bitch when someone says they don't like doritos or wendys. Who fucking cares?

>> No.15884830

It's not about whether or not it is alive, it is about whether or not it causes suffering. You can easily see that a pig can feel pain. With a mushroom, it might react to being damaged but it most likely isn't capable of pain or suffering.

>> No.15884851

Have you ever looked into why they are critical of egg production? It is because it creates a demand for only female hens, so the male chicks are useless and slaughtered in large numbers. I'm not even a vegan, but you are a retard

>> No.15884859

My male chicks weren't useless. I raised them until they were around 16 weeks then slaughtered them for meat. Lived twice as long as broilers and I still am working on eating them. So now I dont support industrial egg production OR industrial poultry. Win win, if I do say so myself.

>> No.15884861

you can't eat that mushroom, retard

>> No.15884867

This actually tastes pretty good.

>> No.15884870

Vegans are literally destroying our oxygen sources. They are the worst.

>> No.15884872

You might want to see a doctor anon

>> No.15884877
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Of course a pig can feel pain. This is why we should promote and educate people on how to properly source meat. What good is it if people go vegan, eat unsustainable crops that still kill animals anyways, and then over 70% of them are back to eating meat anyways in less than 5 years. Wouldn't it be better to just... you know... pull support away from factory farming not through supermarket certification, but through direct consumer certification via visiting the farm, asking the farmer questions, and supporting farms that prioritize animal welfare?

>> No.15884903

That's good!

>> No.15884913

I never said I was arguing in favor of veganism, just specifically why eating a mushroom is different from a pig regardless of the mushroom being living.

>> No.15884917

I mean, it's also different because a single pig could feed you for way longer than a single mushroom could.

>> No.15884928

Potatoes are beautiful. They're my favorite plant. Look at those sprouts! Shove it in a bucket and you got yourself some delicious potatoes. Imagine it in a stew, or a curry, maybe mashed with some sausage!!

>> No.15884947

>egplant with big nose
>oy sheeeeeit

>> No.15884953

>trying to make vegetables look bad
Ok obese fags

>> No.15885179

because they are by definition not plants as fungi

>> No.15885694

I want how potatoes grow bad and grow that stuff. Humans should grow that when they die. MAN that woul dbe so COOL!

>> No.15885715
File: 427 KB, 640x699, 1574875544249.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This thread is kinda making me hungry.

>> No.15885729

They're fungi, which for all intents and purposes are non-mobile animals at the cellular level.

>> No.15885787

For a very small percentage of intents and purposes, actually.

>> No.15885899
File: 145 KB, 1236x1600, Smiley-thinking+of+you5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Funny as 99 percent of diseases you can get from foods come from meat

>> No.15885910

Well, you shouldn't eat that. Not healthy. Like you shouldn't eat too much meat. The more you eat meat, the more you eat other living beings in horrible conditions so they have shit life caged up in small spaces. And the more you eat, the unhealthier your diet is. Some meat is fine. Too much is too much.

>> No.15885916

Forgot to add that you should eat more freely lived fish and buy meat that has grown in nature if you can't hunt or fish yourself.

>> No.15885956

I would eat it.

>> No.15885972

What is this thread format?
I remember seeing something similar to this except about Americans
>This is merely a child size serving in America
>The American child prepares for his 7th serving, a below average amount for Americans
>The American prepares for a grueling 30 minutes without food as the staff is on break

>> No.15885973

the fuck i wouldn't. although i would still end up starving to death

>> No.15886012

ITT: morons that have never grown food before in their life complain about produce because all the stuff they've seen comes from stores and have been selected carefully to be free from defects.
(some slip through the cracks and the autists complain about it on every social media platform blaming the store cause they don't check through every grain of rice).

Go fuck yourselves you fucking sanitized brainlets who only live to consume.

>> No.15886064

You're a stale meme you faggot

>> No.15886136


>> No.15886148

>food mum

>> No.15886184

From what I remember from my childhood, the taste is even worse.

Free pet frog.
I'd buy that salad

>> No.15886200
File: 100 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>source: veganscience.com

>> No.15886210
File: 114 KB, 400x400, exactly-my-point-you-know_memegenerator_com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ITT: morons that have never grown food before in their life complain about produce because all the stuff they've seen comes from stores and have been selected carefully to be free from defects.
Veganism is promoted exactly through this way, your realize, right? Those factory farming/butchering videos are basically an "inside look" to the super carefully selected most extreme cases that go on in the industry behind the veil of the urban supermarket. This thread is the same with vegetables.

Good job figuring it out. You are very smart.

>> No.15886216
File: 32 KB, 500x375, baked potato.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it part of the joke that you did addition and not multiplication?

>> No.15886218

why or how did you taste that shit?

>> No.15886222

yes you can
>Although potentially fatal if eaten raw, Gyromitra esculenta is a popular delicacy in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and the upper Great Lakes region of North America. Although popular in some districts of the eastern Pyrenees, it is prohibited from sale to the public in Spain. It may be sold fresh in Finland, but it must be accompanied by warnings and instructions on correct preparation.

>> No.15886313

But my vegetables get to live comfortably in a warehouse throughout their "teen" years before they mature. It's way healthier, plus the growth chemicals probably help me grow too (I'm 5'6").

>> No.15886577

Fuck man. You go on holiday and when you come back your house is Silent Hill.

>> No.15886590

Hmmm, cheesecake with strawberry sauce.

>> No.15886624

That's the tenderizing lotion we use as well. We tried the green one but it didn't tenderize as well. Something in the American soil makes our cow meat much tougher so it's necessary, sadly.

>> No.15886938

I'm not the one who throws up when I see an animal with a paper cut

>> No.15886990

Ducks generally have a more varied and rich diet, which gives the eggs that color. You’re right you can see it in good quality chicken eggs too, it’s a good sign

>> No.15887007

Just what I want on my farm, shitlibs asking questions about the ethics of my practices.

>> No.15887221

If I was a psychologist, I would say it is a primordial response to staying away from things with spindly legs because they may bite and poison you.

>> No.15887229

If you can't feel comfortable answering questions about your farming practices to your consumers maybe you should question if you are farming correctly.

>> No.15887564

People like you are why vegans are vegans.

>> No.15887618

There is no way this is real

>> No.15887623

Ok chud

>> No.15887627

Pretty much. I'm a small scale homesteader (looking to scale up to a small production, local sale only farmer) and I actually have a vegetarian who is willing to eat the meat that I produce simply because I am willing to honestly answer any questions and show pictures. We also have similar values (both against factory farming).

Industrial agribusiness is ugly, regardless of what is being produced. I think its fucked up that an individual farm will have over a million chickens or over 10,000 hogs or cattle. How the fuck can you not make a living on just a fraction of that number? It boggles my mind.

>> No.15887635

Ok chud

>> No.15887637
File: 18 KB, 381x214, scale.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

big steer is real

>> No.15887642
File: 460 KB, 1250x962, 08b.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15887643

Sure thing chud

>> No.15887653

One time I left a bag of potatoes in a kitchen cabinet in my apartment, and a month later they rotted and it smelled like ammonia and dead rats. There is a stain in the cabinet, and the smell hasn't completely gone away.

I'm moving in a month. Not my problem.

>> No.15887660
File: 2.45 MB, 854x480, astartes cow.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15887669

Imagine the steaks.

>> No.15887676

Because vaganism is a religion and not a diet.

>> No.15887679

Yeah but abattoirs cant take him.
This is why home slaughter is king. That fucker could easily feed a man for half a decade.

>> No.15887710
File: 134 KB, 1533x1716, 5in8qsbxlze01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nonsense. The wast majority of vegans became vegans out of a vague sense of moralism (poor animals!). It allows them to see themselves as morally superior to the rest of the sheeple who still eat meat. As an ideology it's not much different from, say, a /pol/tard boycotting israeli products, since both are basically just a set of consumer choices.

You could argue that these two poles try to define themselves in direct opposition to the other, but that's not really true. For example Hitler wanted to force Germany to become vegan after they won the war (picrel) and even today there are nazi groups that are vegans: https://www.vice.com/en/article/evb4zw/why-so-many-white-supremacists-are-into-veganism From the other side there are actually liberals who agree with boycotting Israel like Chomsky and Finkelstein.

>> No.15887724

>Vice "article"
>le meme pic proves my point!!!
Holy shit, kys.

>> No.15887737

In Hitler's Table Talk: 1941–1944, a collection of transcribed monologues delivered by the führer in conversation with his inner circle, he advocates for vegetarianism as a universally natural and healthy choice, using humans' vegetarian "ancestral instincts" and young children's "antipathy" to meat as evidence for his argument.

Savitri Devi developed these ideas further. Devi was a Greek national who became prominent in Ariosophisty, a set of occult traditions that mythologize European peoples as descended from the "original" Aryans. After World War II, she wrote books propagating Nazi esotericism and ethical vegetarianism. Using Hinduism as her prime example, she argued that "selfish" vegetarians abstain from meat for fear of retribution in the afterlife, whereas "unselfish" Aryan vegetarians demonstrate their superhuman qualities and racial superiority by caring for the welfare of "all" sentient creatures.

While this may seem contradictory—how can one support animal rights but deny the rights of other people?—there is a long history of animal welfare and environmentalism in white nationalist communities. The Nazi Party, for example, had a "green wing" that pushed for environmental reform, including organic farming and reforestation programs, and protections for certain species of plants and animals. Along with Hitler, Heinrich Himmler was a vegetarian who opposed vivisection and cruelty toward animals. Far-right organic farming movements emerged in postwar Australia, connecting notions of race, nation, land, and nature.

For this niche dietary group, then, the notion of "blood and soil" lends itself to an idealized vision of Aryan ethical veganism as part of white people's racial purity and heritage. Romanticized veganism can serve as an entry point to white nationalism, or reinforces other white nationalist beliefs.

>> No.15887745

>Take Aryanism.net, for example. Among all the articles devoted to the history, philosophy, and politics of white nationalism, the site has a full page dedicated to veganism. Littered with quotes from Hitler, Hess, Devi, and Joseph Goebbels, the anonymous author(s) claim that veganism is "a hallmark of an authentic National Socialist," and "a sign of genuine empathy and a level of nobility beyond presently popular norms."

Here, contemporary nazis shilling for veganism: https://archive.md/GhCQn

>> No.15887818

Chomsky and Finkelstein are racial traitors. Their arguments are twisted and ludicrous.
Chomsky is a Rockefeller man. The Rockefellers supported the Nazi regime. They provided assistance to the Nazi International. The Rockefellers were against the recognition of Israel, but the Jews dug up dirt on them and, using blackmail, forced the Rockefellers to put pressure on their puppets. The Rockefellers hate Jews very much and love the Nazis.
The Rockefellers come from the Netherlands, but their ancestor is a captured Ottoman soldier. Probably, he is not of Turkish origin, because the Luciferian views of the Rockefellers refer to Gnosticism, the Gnosticism that brought Plthon to the West (Plthon himself was considered the reincarnation of Plato, one of the prophets of a number of Gnostic religions, for example, Alawite).

>> No.15887825

Can’t wait to plant my spuds

>> No.15887862

cut and pan fry or bake those fuckers in butter and garlic
your welcome

>> No.15887871

Go back to /Pol/, kiddo.

>> No.15887879

I tried to read this shit, and even the shit from the white power link you sent me. It's just drivel, but it does remind me of when Gary Yourofsky had a full blown autistic meltdown when some dude was interviewing him and brought up that Hitler was a vegetarian.

>> No.15887890

Nor should you. It's time now.

>> No.15887906

>It's the same as putting lotion on your hands when they are dry.
Before jerking off

>> No.15887923

>fungus among us
>among us

>> No.15887935

>Gary Yourofsky had a full blown autistic meltdown when some dude was interviewing him and brought up that Hitler was a vegetarian
I can imagine, because if you look at that "muh aryan" article, their reasons for veganism are ultimately the same.

>> No.15887952


>> No.15887978 [DELETED] 
File: 1.19 MB, 488x228, wmelon.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15888560

i wonder if that carrot is even edible, or woody and hollow? i grew a radish once the size of a cantaloupe. trust me, you wouldn't have wanted to eat that thing.

>> No.15888584

how are duck eggs? not that different from chicken eggs i imagine.
just curious.
my family has a cabin in a little town in the mountains in AZ. the country market was selling duck eggs there for $5 a dozen (presumably grown by someone in the neighborhood). i was curious, but not 5 dollars curious.

>> No.15888617

The difference between a duck egg and a chicken egg may or may not be inherently noticeable to a layman. However, if the ducks are raised outdoors on pasture and allowed to forage the taste (and nutrient quality) will be wildly different. Feed makes a big difference as well. In Japan, certain eggs can double certain nutrients just by changing up the feed, they will sell some eggs at 7 dollars PER EGG.

I personally enjoy my duck eggs, and for their quality I would definitely pay 5 dollars a dozen. Not to mention a duck egg is much higher calorie than a chicken egg. A medium chicken egg is around 60kcal and a small duck egg is around 90kcal.

Again, taste wise it will depend on how sensitive your taste buds are. I think the yolks are much richer and the whites are different quality, they taste better undercooked or used in baking than chicken eggs. I might actually try some of my duck eggs raw in freshly cooked rice.

>> No.15889977


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