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No need for quotes. The legal definitions of chocolate allow for milk chocolate

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>legal definitions
yes I always base my food choices off what is legal.

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Right again, American cheese doesn’t fit the legal definition of cheese and is classified as a “cheese product”.

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by the same logic milk chocolate and white chocolate should be "chocolate product" however it's determined by pointless bureaucrats so such definitions are pointless. Use your own head when it comes to this shit.

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Wow, the English language has idiosyncrasies.
Our next top story for the evening, OP turns 12

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>pointless definitions
Go to China and enjoy their gutter oil. It’s just a definition, still oil though

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white chocolate is the real crime
no such thing exists and yet they pretend it does and sell it to retarded people

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>>use your own head
>hurr durr drink gutter oil
so this is the power of the amerifat

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Yeah? How about you use your head when the companies are legally allowed to lie to you because there are no standards of identity you goddamn fucking idiot.
Imagine knowing so little about history that you can’t even fathom why there are legal definitions for foods.

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I'm saying the definitions aren't stringent enough because they're designed by fucking bureaucrats in the pocket of the companies selling the garbage you mental midget. America is the land of abominable food "stuffs".

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there’s nothing about american cheese that doesn’t make it cheese. only faggot europeans like to shit on it

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stop using quotations mark when you already used a > fucking reddit newfag

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Ok, you write the definitions then. If the pencil pushers were controlled completely by the organizations I guarantee a company the size of Kraft Heinz would make sure Kraft singles are legally “cheese”, the same as any other cheese.

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Based retard with double dubs, even America doesn't really consider American cheese to be cheese.

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what about american cheese isn’t cheese you retarded ape nigger

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The label on their packaging clearly states it’s not cheese, it’s a cheese product

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it’s literally just any cheese you want with 1% sodium citrate and water. you can fucking make it at home in 5 minutes. it’s cheese

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>hurr durrr, x isn't x because it's labelled "x product"
Letting ESLs access this website was a mistake.

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Thanks, I’ll be sure to pass this info to the USDA.

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I don't think they read letters from your country, but okay.

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These guys will happily eat bugs in the near future.

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for me it's

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>no it doesn't matter that you added more shit just name it what based on 1 of the ingredients
so at what point is it no longer cheese? 5% sodium citrate? 10%? 50%? Fucking retard niggers.
I bet you eat "peanut butter" that's 50% oil

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you’re a fucking moron caught up in pompous hipster faggotry and pretentious retardation that can’t. adding sodium citrate to cheddar cheese doesn’t magically turn it into something other than cheese. kill yourself

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>anon fails fifth grad chem
Many such a case, sad

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are you fucking stupid? sodium citrate(as the name suggests) is a type of salt that also emulsifies shit, adding 50% salt
to anything would make it inedible you mouth breathing cretin

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tell me at what % it's no longer cheese you braindead nigger. I bet you eat indian food that's 30% literal shit

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People took chemistry in 5th grade?

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not even the same guy but sodium citrate binds water and fat molecules together. it’s an emulsifying salt you can buy at any specialty grocery store or online. it really isn’t some magical chem

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Good lord there is no help for Americans

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all cheese has salt in it you drooling fuckface

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>can't answer the question
did you even pass 13th grade biomechanics?

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if it looks like cheese, tastes like cheese, and is used like cheese, it’s cheese

>> No.15880025

I can make a polymer that meets those criteria. Would you eat it and call it cheese?

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singles literally don't look like cheese
they're called "plastic cheese" for a reason you braindead nigger

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you’re both so unbelievably fucking stupid it’s astounding

please just move to europe if you want to be an insufferable gatekeeping faggot

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You have no grasp of reality
Enjoy eating the bugs in the future, sincerely

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Sincerely who? Sincerely poo!

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you will own nothing and be happy

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When do you consider it not cheese?

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>muh <51% cheese product is REAL cheese guys

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if you take something that is considered cheese, and then add more shit to it, it's no longer cheese. Not that hard to understand is it? Better than this idiosyncratic "muh only 1% sodium citrate"

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the rest of the bulk ingredients is literally milk or water. you’re so stupid and ugly

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you can make high end american cheese with just 1% sodium citrate and 99% cheddar cheese. if that’s not cheese to you then you’re the pedantic faggot, not me

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>you’re so stupid and ugly

you mean like libtards?

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look at these kraft cheese eating looking motherfuckers

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We have more than one brand that makes cheese here.

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>American cheese contains American cheese

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