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my gf made me popcorn for dinner again

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>"Haha I can't cook XD"
Beat her.

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>not enjoying popcorn dinners
>not adding spice blends to flavor the popcorn like real foods

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all women, and I mean ALL women, should be shipped off to a breeding farm once they are of age and then be paired up with a man to carry their child for nine months and then give birth. Once they have weened the child off of their milk they should be disposed of

yes, this includes mommy dearest

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Popcorn isn't food.

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You were raised by a single mother, weren't you?

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What is it then, schlmo

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have sex already

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>of age
that is most definitely what's up

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Anon, its for you

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Packing peanuts for your stomach

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Maybe you should make dinner? Or keep posting frogs and fake stories on a Taiwanese basket weaving forum

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>my gf made me popcorn for dinner again
I actually eat air popped popcorn for dinner sometimes. I eat 230g worth, which is like a giant mixing bowl's worth of popcorn.

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Inb4 excuses from faggot OP

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You know you can just search for the copypasta you're angling for here.

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>a man cooking dinner?

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>only men can be chefs
>men cooking is gay
Which is it chud?

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>the feral wojak poster is logically cornered and resorts to posting retarded shit as a defense

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Mom is always right her food is always right

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your mom is a whore and should be killed on sight

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Imagine having mommy issues like this.

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