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>You don't want pre-shredded cheese, it won't melt the same (no wtf?)

>we want a unique experience, otherwise we may as well go to taco bell

>your tortilla can be store bought, it is not important to make it yourself


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He's another self proclaimed youtube food expert.

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Are those supposed to be false or something?

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Doesnt preshredded cheese have additives you wouldn't get if you just shred it yourself?

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He's a typical nonwhite. Counterproductive, lazy and stupid.

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Shredded cheese will melt better in part because of the additives like >>15854724

And a homemade tortilla is going to be much better for a quesadilla than shredding your own cheese

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>Shredded cheese will melt better
Pre-shredded cheese is coated with cellulose that stops it from sticking to itself. While it won't stop your cheese from melting, it can alter the texture.

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Are you actually retarded? Pre-shredded cheese obviously melts way worse.

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Preshredded typically have sodium acetate which literally scientifically melts better

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Pre-shredded cheese melts differently because they start drying and losing moisture exponentially faster than cheese that has been grated close to a wheel's juicy center

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>Shredded cheese will melt better in part because of the additives
Incorrect. The additives do the opposite. They are starches meant to keep the shreds from clumping together. It also keeps them from melting homogenously like normal cheese.

Also, I buy these, which are just as good, if not better than anything I can make.

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I see cellulose listed more often than potato starch. Saw dust melts real good.

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Have you ever melted pre-shredded vs fresh shredded? What were the results?

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Uh, what? I've literally never seen that.

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You are all frauds to us cheesemakers

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Apparently outside of America they usually use some kind of starch. But here in America we get to eat good ole paper.

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He's right, the scientists have this all figured out.

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This. Also, sodium crusts the pre-shredded cheese out, making it harder to melt.


Processed/preshredded cheese can be used to your advantage. For instance, it's more expensive, but preshredded mozzarella makes for a crispier, faster burning cheese on pizza, for those who are into browned cheese

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Are you just making stuff up now?
This is the ingredients on a bag of Kraft Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese.

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>And a homemade tortilla is going to be much better for a quesadilla than shredding your own cheese
Not necessarily. Maybe if you get fuckin' Mission brand tortillas at Walmart, but if you go to the local Mexican store you can get a good tortilla. At that point the cheese would be a bigger factor.

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No difference

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Okay you're just straight up lying now. Carry on!

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You suck at cooking, it's okay.

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The word "cheese" is nowhere on the package. Did I just solve your riddle, or did you just learn that Velveeta has its uses?

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Why were you forced to compare? Elaborate, you larping faggot

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>get an answer you dont like


Take your fat tranny ass back to the cuckshed

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I thought you said shredded melts better.

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What do you mean forced to compare you retarded weirdo? I've had both, it makes zero difference. You're a fat faggot

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Any baba with bad milk can make cheese.

We're determining the merits of convenience vs tradition, kindly fuck off

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I said scientifically. I don't detect nor care to see a difference

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You said here >>15855245 that shredded cheese melts better. Are you walking that back?

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I can make a tortilla just fine (not like it's hard) but if you think you can't also get a good one at a Mexican grocery store, you've just never been to one I guess.
Shut the fuck up chud.

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You can stop sperging out over cheese you fat tranny

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If you've tried both, in the same circumstance, in exactly the same way, you would have seen a difference. And by forced, I mean you needed to cook for your family or something and had to comparison shop. Go back to school, please.

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I can get a good croissant at Shoprite, why the fuck wouldn't I make my own if I'm not terrible? It's 50x time better and not hard, a tortilla is even easier and way more important for texture and subtle flavor than the cheese

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I was the first post. The second wasnt me. Go to sleep.

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I see no significant difference you miserable autist. Go to a bar, you might actually learn that normal people aren't complete fucking losers over the semantics of shredded cheese

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Cook outside of your microwave, you might get married and learn the joys of making nice food for your family gatherings

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Also Guga bought some generic tortilla from walmart, of course that garbage is noticeably inferior in EVERY regard

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Unless they're using it as filler like walmart parmesan does, there is literally nothing wrong with cellulose.

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I do. Which is why I don't shuck over to Walmart for tortillas then sperg out at an actual human being about shredded cheese you retarded fucking axe wounded abomination

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It's about effort vs reward. I'd rather buy a good tortilla and save myself a little bit of effort if it's gonna be just as good (or at least 90% as good) as one I make myself.

There's not much effort in shredding your own cheese, and the reward is immense compared to sawdust-coated cheese. Unless you're that retard who's pretending there is no difference.

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oh wow all this time I should have known preshredded cheese is better than shredding a block myself - shut the fuck
up fatass

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Not what I said you fat retard. You're not a woman.

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Well, that's unforgivable I guess.

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You suck at cooking. It's that simple. A tortilla is piss easy to make and way more rewarding than shredded cheese. There's no significant difference in how it melts. Idk maybe im just not a retard that cant cook a tortilla?

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This is a cooking forum. Why are you here if not to discuss food?

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>There's no significant difference in how it melts.
There just simply is, though. If you can't see it, I don't know what to tell you. We're at an impasse.

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Did you know you can discuss food while behaving over the age of a 5 year old autist? No? That's why you only cook at family gatherings and dont sit at the table with anyone

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Oh word??

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>now melts
What... what did it do before?

>> No.15855554

turned to crystal

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Shredded cheese does not contain "sodium acetate" perhaps you're confusing it with sodium citrate, and sodium citrate is used to make a cheese melt into a sauce or cheese dip.
The additives such as starch and cellulose (wood dust) dries out the cheese and makes it worse at melting. A simple experiment or experience with this would prove it. The amount of fat also affects it.

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Did you know cheese behaves differently depending in how its processed? No you don't, so I really don't feel bad that you're offended on a website founded on topical banter.

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I do. You're the only one continuing to lactate about it you fucking loser

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And yet here you are! We should get married, faggot

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I'm in the priesthood

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The best argument for this is the flour blend in the fridge freezer for a while ago lol

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The vast majority of shredded cheese has a power that keeps it from clumping. No, this isn't the same as sodium citrate.
>we want a unique experience, otherwise we may as well go to taco bell
??? yes. If you go to a restaurant you want something memorable, good tasting, and nutritious.
>your tortilla can be store bought, it is not important to make it yourself
it isn't really. the tortilla is not usually the star, it's a bonus. you can also buy raw tortillas at regular supermarkets these days which are on par with home-made. also, if you go to some mexican groceries they have a tortilleria and you can get fresh tortillas that way.
t. mexican

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it's amazing this board shits on adam ragusea for being a fake kenji with more contrarianism yet knows less than he does despite ragusea being a fucking midwit

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Corn tortillas can be store bought, you should always make homemade flour tortillas though.

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Kenji is based minus his soy political opinions.

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He cooks yummy food, does fu experiments and his nephew and her gf are pretty hot.

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We all agree that /ck/ is absolutely awful as a cooking reference.
Doesn't make Ragusea any better, sorry Adam

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Chud isnt a word.
Fucking zoomies and their niggery babbling

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It's a moot point to most amerimutts, they don't know anything about good cheese and will just put cheez whiz or fucking velveeta on everything anyway

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>hate america
>literally can't go 5 seconds without thinking about america
>gets angry about some shit you made up about americans not knowing what "real" cheese is

You would enjoy life a lot more if you just learned to let it go, Eurofren

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>eats dry aged steak

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I have more cheese selection in Wegmans than you have in your whole country

>> No.15857160

If that's the case why is cheese "product" consistently more popular in your country than anything approaching actual cheese?

>> No.15857176

i can tell purely by physiognomy that this man is incapable of giving good, truthful advice

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Hi, Adam, and go fuck yourself.

>> No.15857215

because it tastes good. go away and eat your shitty maggot cheese, stupid yuropoor

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Ah yes, the good ol american states of america

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central trankland chads represent

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Ban all pre-shredded cheese!
Make America Grate Again!

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>Has gerrymandering gone too far? And here's why that's a good thing!

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ok gustavo

>> No.15858713

fuck central trankland trannies
>t. Fastirite

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I read all that green text in his voice for some reason, now I'm just annoyed.

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yeah so the fucking bathroom wall of the internet is dumber than a dumb youtube chef. poop on poop is just more poop

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