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Babish lied, this wasn't actually delicious

...it was just kinda okay

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looks fucking revolting.
>watching that ugly plebbitor soyfuck

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>everything I don't like is reddit
rent freeddit

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>cheese whiz twinky dogs (?)
Good drunk food desu

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I recognize that paper plate design.
Fuck you op.

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>paper plate
you opinion is automatically discarded

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Is that the new super expensive pasta I saw a thread about a few days ago?

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>this wasn't actually delicious
I am shocked to learn that a 30 year old Weird Al joke didn't turn out to be delicious.

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Came to post this. Also the best joke from the movie is pic related

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wiz wit muhfucka

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Babish is literally one of the soyfuckingest fuckers I've ever seen.

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>not making someone drink from a firehose

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now try babish's gourmet twinkie, stuffed with chorizo and homemade cheese spray on top version

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He probably makes more money with his soy youtube channel than you do wage slaving

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>starts his videos with "hello r*ddit"
>not r*ddit
makes sense

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I made his RDR2 bear stew. Absolutely vile. I made it again but this time used rabbit and venison. Absolutely scrumptious.

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where the fuck did you get bear meat

>> No.15845128

I live in Wyoming.

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having attended a religious school with Levant Christians i instantly recognised babish as a stage jewish name. this accompanied by a 21st century buzzword like binge which is associated with the sin of gluttony, i knew instantly not to indulge in consuming any of this degenerates' media. I feel pity for people who are not able to come to the same conclusion.

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He's done more than you ever will.

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That crap on top of the hot dog looks like the intestines that people who drink bleach shit out

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did you dunk them in milk though

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go back

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do amerifats really eat....this?

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