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Why is this guy so obsessed with shit burning during cooking? He mentions it in every video, often multiple times. I've never had an issue with any of my shit burning in the situations he says it could happen. Is he just a bad cook?

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his face and voice annoys me. I imagine he's horrible company. "Well, askshully.." kind of faggot.
Oh well

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I like this YouTuber

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Adam is based love his videos and I find his autism endearing

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He's way better than chef John or binging with reddit

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>is he just a bad cook
Yes. He has admitted this himself as he is literally a buzzfeed-tier """journalist""". Anything he says regarding food should immediately be discarded.

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BwB = buzzfeed
AR = Reddit
JW = cringe

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Adam is literally /ck/

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>believing himself to be *backed by science*
>responding to any small criticism to with inordinate amounts of response
>”you do you, friendo”
>backpedaling when called out on his BS “hi Ethan, guessed you missed the joking tone of my stance and video”
Undeniably Reddit. I don’t know why anyone makes threads about this guy, he’s dumb.

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he can't be /ck/ he actually cooks things and bangs a woman.

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Why do people always say this? Makes no sense at all.

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low test anons who have to ask for group approval on every piece of media they consume.

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adam you can't ever be a real youtube chef without a gas line and you know it

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he can't afford a gas stove so he can't control his heat as well as us gaschads can. this, along with him being a bad cook, leads him to burning everything whenever it's possible

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Imagine teaching journalism for a living
Imagine that fucking existence

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Why is Adam so based?

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Your boy used to post his videos on /ck/ and take feedback. You have all taken a part in creating a monster.

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why are you niggers so obsessed with this faggot?

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It's really just Adam making threads and responding to himself. I would know as I'm him, evidently.

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He's the embodiment of slave morality. You can tell that behind his cringey little "you do you!" shit and starting his plebbit comments with "friend, ...", there's real contempt hiding. He speaks this way because he's terrified of confrontation and has no idea how to handle disagreement. It's quite evident that he genuinely thinks he's the shit, but he's just too much of a coward and a mental weakling to face any critique head-on and honourably. That's why he hedges with these weasely little phrases, why he pre-empts all possible criticism with a pre-written and pinned FAQ, and why he saw the need to make that bizarre and incoherent video on why he refuses to use metric conversions.

So it doesn't surprise me that he's prone to the occasional outburst of impotent anger in his comments section from time to time -- he clearly has an ego and a measure of masculine rage, but has never learnt what to do with them, and has spent his life being afraid of any kind of self-affirmation. Why, for example, did he overreact with such vitriol to this relatively benign comment about ceramic stoves? Why does he get so upset over a very gentle quip about the narration? Because that's the kind of language in which Adam would himself codify his criticism. He interprets the slightest of gibes as full-frontal attacks because that's the way he'd make a criticism. Simple, honest and straightforward language is not for him; he lacks the courage to be direct.

As other anons have said, all of this has probably been reinforced/cemented by his having been a professor, where he's been able to go mostly unchallenged in his little fiefdom for years. Now he's suddenly exposed to the internet, where everyone is way harsher, and more importantly, don't need to please him to pass a class. I guess he's struggling to adapt a bit.

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I like his wife's books I've read several of them now

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Chadam Ragusea

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Y'all niggas forgot the OG:

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why would someone with 2 million youtube subs come to this shithole to talk about himself?

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I love Adam so much

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>responding to any small criticism to with inordinate amounts of response
>writes a paragraph to show anon how wrong they are
thats a kek from me buddy

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>responding to any small criticism to with inordinate amounts of response

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Excellent stuff. His technique is great. Thanks, anon.

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If Adam is terrible why is he so good at cooking and have a cute wife?

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>be retard
>be affirmed by other retards
>"check muh 1337 skillz"
fuck off adam

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Is that really slave morality?

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fuck off adam

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kek... what a massive faggot

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Why are you asking me? You should ask him, which is me. Hehe.

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Maybe he is burning about inside about his wife not taking his last name.

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Rent freeeeeeeee...

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its called a callback.....

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Why is this board obsessed with this guy?

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Because he's unironically based, hating Adam is a forced meme by election tourist redditors

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At least Joshua worked in the kitchen and knows how to bake. My issue with these ppl is that their recipes lack flavour. Especially babish

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he's not.
He's in the ja/ck/ tier.

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because many of his recipes absolutely rely on the fondue and if it burns it will spoil the whole meal. what i am more confused about is his obsession with not getting the colanders dirty, i get it if it's a fine mesh sieve. but even they don't get so dirty that you really have to wash them. in my experience the colanders might get a thin layer of starch on them but the boiling water will rinse it.

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I don't think I've ever actually burned sonething to the point of being inedible. Maybe a little extra char on veggies or overcooked meat but not burnt.

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Yeah, he's not exactly fucking groundbreaking and he fucking reeks of soy, but his content is unironically alright and definately not worth the amount of attention/hate it gets in this place.

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>reeks of soy
He's rich, good at cooking, and has two white children. Is that soy now? I can't keep up with these new evolving buzzwords.

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Fuck off and prep your wife Adam, the Bull is getting impatient

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It really is him LMAO

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Unironically, he is probably the only jewtube "chef" autistic enough to be /ourguy/ though, whether we like it or not.

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He has the attention span of a woman.

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his rage on this one gets me every time

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Nice to see his production quality is less shit now. CookinginRussia doesn't belong with those faggot contrarians, his channel is a legit recipe channel.

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Ah yes, zoomer Masaokis.

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It's not even the most autistic thing he has done

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I wonder how an actual Michelin starred chef would react to Adams little tantrum concerning deep fying and the "virtues of shallow frying" and whatnot. What a freak.

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His burners are electric, good luck mastering an electric stove, maybe for baking and broiling, but the electric burners, heh.

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>oh you want some too?
every time

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he thinks timing how long it takes him to cut an onion with a claw grip (which he admits he can't do) vs how long it takes with his "own technique) is science

>claw grip is still faster

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god imagine how annoying this guy would be as a check mark journalist

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And like I said, this is why he burns shit and is scared shitless of burning things, he has an electric stove top, nothing beats gas. It wouldn't mean anything except he's too cheap to switch to natural gas even with the crazy yt ad money he's rolling in, if he had have a brain and wasn't an arrogant ignorant clown he'd use an induction burner.

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maybe he's too lazy to clean a gas stove

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Modern electric and induction is better than gas no contest

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This is... Chef John with foooooood wishes dot com

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piss off adam

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wrong pic i got you

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So what if he's a cuck, he's a cutie :3

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It is a bit weird that he involves his wife and kids so much in his videos, chef John would never do that.

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>those hands
Is our boy getting old?

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he not a real cook because he dont have a gas stove

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you know, the carpet of browned stuff that forms at the bottom of the pan?

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He has to combine his entire family's collective charisma in an attempt to appear likeable, which still fails.

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Since when is that called fondue?

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huh, it's actually pronounced fond.

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I know. So why does the other guy call it fondue?

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i think he does this very little lexical stress at the end of the word which made my brains think it's pronounced "fondue."

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is that why he calls himself adam when in fact it's pronounced faggot?

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fuck off adam. we know it's you

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That webm is sad, you can literally ser how dismissive and cold the cheerleaders are to him. How tall is he?

>> No.15851274

you can also see how scared and dismissive that boy is, there is realistically not much the cheerleaders can do to him in that situation. personally i would have smiled at them and looked them in the eyes since that's what i like to do to pretty girls.

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He has some pretty based recipes:

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Top fucking kek. I legit wasnt sure wether it was satire or the real thing at times.

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Adam is the best professional chef on YouTube

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He practically is one already

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Aren't we all?

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his son literally plays nintendo switch in one of his videos

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Eat shit, Chef John may have an annoying voice but his recipes and techniques are top notch
I will defend that yankee to the fucking death

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Adam's recipes are better than chef John's in every way imaginable

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I have a lot of respect for Ragusea. He is a man of music, literature and science, and has incorporated these sensibilities into a unique style of cooking channel that combines facts, creativity and general enjoyment to the end of great results.

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Try cooking 30 steaks to varying doneness in a fast paced restaurant and then youll understand why he makes a point of burning. It occurs more often (usually with newbies) in a proffetional setting so its probably more in the minds of the experienced whove trained so many chefs who theyve had to scold for making that same mistake

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But he is not a chef, he hasnt trained anyone to cook

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Adam is very much a chef, he trains millions of people every day with his videos.

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Fuck off, Adam.

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1. Fuck you
2. He's not a chef
3. Fuck you

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end yourself

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Stop posting, John.

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Oh you want some too?

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He's Italian anon

>> No.15854737

He really doesn't have to, I think he just enjoys it

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Unfortunately in the 21st century 4th rate whites get treated the same as real whites>>15854722

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Adam, please. Try being less obvious next time.

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Thoughts on Adam's latest lasagna video?

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literally rent free

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I like Ethan's recipes a lot but his thumbnails and titles are impossibly gay

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What's wrong with this? He was 100% right here and absolutely btfo /ck/

>> No.15855068

who gives a shit, the act of replying to every single person on the internet seriously and this often is just insane. I can't be bothered to even respond to replies in the comments on videos I watch because I instantly think about how likely it is that the person behind that screen is retarded, and this faggot with 2mil people watching somehow cannot grasp that.
For his literal autism and constant seething, he is most definitely /ck/ but he did not btfo anybody

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>who gives a shit, the act of replying to every single person on the internet seriously and this often is just insane
Where do you think you are?

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you got me dude, owm to killing myself for being a hypocrite

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Wait a minute. Who the fuck.... am I?

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holy shit dude, i thought adam ragusea was liike an ex buzzfeed journalist or something but i put it past cause i wanted to give him a shot but not after this holy shit. I hope to god you actually are autistic because i've met people with like actual low-functioning autism who are more mature than this clown

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who are you talking to?

>> No.15855223


the "totally not adam" guy, not you responding to him.

>> No.15855265

sorry, i just did some meth so I may be retarded
I'm not sure who is the "totally not adam" here, is it >>15855077 ?

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all good, just don't go overboard.

Anyway, I was more responding to his general behavior on the thread not any one specific post BUT:

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every time i see his wife's teeth i want to vomit

>> No.15855428

Her teeth are the best part

>> No.15855461

incoming adam rage

>> No.15855470

piss off adam

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You have to admit, the concept of seasoning a cutting board is actually really ingenious when you think about it

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