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>take date to fancy restaurant
>order wagyu
>ask it to be cooked well done
>smother it in A1 steak sauce
>don’t leave a tip
I love being crypto rich

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chain link?

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>Brothers daughter comes over to eat with us while him and his wife go on one of their dates
>she refuses to eat broccoli amd throws her food on the floor
>spank her bottom until its cherry red after slamming a few beers
she is 8 and i hate children

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Yep. $1000 EOY.

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please tell me she went to bed hungry

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no, i made her eat the broccoli and then she had rancid farts the rest of the night

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I have wild dreams sometimes as well.

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>go to a pub with my frat brothers
>we order all together, a table of 35 people or so
>I order a white russian
>when the waitress brings the drinks I tell her I ordered a black russian
>when she returns again I tell her I ordered a white russian
>she goes back to the bar and comes back a few mins later
>I say 'NO' and tell her I ordered a black russian, and ask for the manager
>leave without giving a tip

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You deserve to be flayed alive in a public square.

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you deserve to have each one of your teeth pried out of your fucking skull and then have your clavicle and jawbone broken in half you fucking subhuman spic

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You should have made a complaint to the chef for making a low quality steak.

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>wants to pull my teeth
>accuses ME of being subhuman spic

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Brilliant. Saving that for next time.

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Two simple colours, bro. If someone can't keep them straight in their head they deserve to get punked.

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>defending wagies on seekay for free

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>posting frogs in 2021

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Go back

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>he has reddit on his mind 24/7
>he thinks that he is superior because of muh sekret 4channel club
>he thinks that there is something inherently wrong with reddit
picrel is you

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