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Why does this forum despise/bully the Hot Sauce Community so much?

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they have to hate something

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Hot sauce is just another s o y collectible like funko pops or whatever.

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It was just one mentally ill guy spamming soyjacks then some newfags saw it and it caught on

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Dont you have a bull to be prepping, loser?

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hot sauce is tasty
"the hot sauce community" is gay

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It's entirely possible to enjoy something without the need to go full soy and develop a "community" that's damn near the point of parody.
>Heh, you're gonna want a glass of milk with that, buddy...

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They hate that a soy adjacent individual like this guy is a millionaire because he was smart enough to create a brand around a large food community

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Because 'le HECKIN hot spice!' is for manchildren who can't appreciate food without it

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the mind of a soy
>Why yes, I have no identity and desperately need to affirm my status as technically a male
>I already grew a patchy beard and post about my love of bacon whenever I can, but I still feel like people don't take me seriously as a man
>Hmm hot sauce, eh?
>They have ones that are so hot they're not enjoyable and you end up with mucus coming out of every facial orifice and need milk?
>They have ones that you can only use a 0.05 nanogram "dab"?
>Now that's manly! Now I will collect these sauces on a special shrine shelf at home like I do with my Funko Pops and Marvel figurines
>nobody will ever forget that I was technically born male ever again

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Because certain people transplant a love of hot sauces for an actual personality. They do this with pretty much anything, Funkos being a big one.

People don't hat the things, they hate the people that wont shut the fuck up about hot sauce.

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sperging out about things that are mildly successful and trendy is almost 90% of the content on this site anon

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Because Youtube is Communist so I hate them

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Funkos are so cute its sad soi boys are associated with it

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>cracka so wyte milk is enough spicy for his yt ass 2 handle

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I don't think /ck/ hates hot ones. I mean, it's 4chan for crying out loud. A cesspool of human trash and piss and vomit and shit. Why would hot ones even CARE what 4chan thinks? Not many here are over 25 years old anyway. What the fuck do they know or have to say that is of any value to anyone?

Ignore the haters, Sean. Acknowledging their existence only makes them think you're validating them.

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i like videogames but i wont turn my life to revolve around videogames to make it my identity. i like coffee but im not gonna brag every coffee brand i drank and have collections to their cans when my friends visit me, the same way peopoe do wuth how many alcohol bottles they "drank".

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>this forum
its like 3 butthurt autists

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You think and type like an absolute homo. Kys

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gay for you, daddy.

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I don't know why you need more than 2 but if you like collecting them then why not.
Also this meme was forced by one single spammer and other copied him.

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yikes cant believe you typed this out

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There's a difference between liking hot sauce, kombucha, cast iron, avocado etc and worshipping them like they're part of who you are as a person.

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Hell yeah me too

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>bland! BLAND!
>Wheres the spice? Wheres the jalapeno naga mouthburn 3000 sauce? If you're not sweating, its not hot sauce!

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Being able to tolerate high heat levels is seen as somewhat masculine. So men who lack other traditionally masculine traits can substitute in hot sauce enthusiasm for those other things. It's also the reason you see so many shlubby looking guys with beards now. It's another masculine thing you don't have to work very hard at to achieve. Or whiskey and beer snobbery. You get the idea

4chan does not like that type of person

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Because people are bastardizing/americanizing hot sauce the same way craft beer does. You look silly as shit getting excited about adding mango milkshake ghost pepper sauce to a baked chicken breast

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This shit right here is peak marinade base. Some grated garlic, ginger, ketjap, chilis and a pinch of salt + a handful of spices gives you perfect diced chicken for pretty much any curry.

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>did you say mango milkshake ghost pepper sauce?

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lot of insecurity here

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The majority of people who consume hot sauce do it for the image rather than for the sake of enjoying it. You are implicitly admitting that in your phrasing (hot sauce "community" as opposed to "people who like hot sauce"). It's the same reason people hate athiests, vegans, or cross fit trainers.

Ask yourself if these balding scraggly bearded bugmen would still obsess over hot sauce if everyone used it (similar to ketchup or salt) or if it were socially taboo and they had to consume it in secret without announcing it to everyone they know.

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>The majority of people who consume hot sauce do it for the image rather than for the sake of enjoying it.
and let me tell you how mentally ill you have to be to unironically think this

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I like the chipotle cholula and the jalapeƱo Tabasco


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This dude seems alright from his interviews, but the way the rest of the hot sauce community acts is insufferable.

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I put them in the same category as the ones who hate spices because of some weird racism. Hot sauce is just some food stuff. I love it because I tend to like my food acidic and the heat clears my sinuses in the spring and summer.

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His hot sauce collection is inferior to mine.

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>I'm a bit of a hot sauce guy.... you could say I like heat.

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Why does a hot sauce community exist in the first place?

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Neeeeeewfaaaaaaaag alert

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Best sauce on the market.

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for the price? the black label is definitely up there

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based downlow chicken shack menu

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Ehh. When you get into the goofy stuff that's just hot for the sake of being hot with goofy names. Having a few that are totally different flavors is a different story. eg. Valentina / tabasco / some kind of buffalo sauce.

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Agreed. I've only had the one on the right though.

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Effeminate men repulse masculine men. They represent a threat to the tribe and we have evolved to find weakness repellant.

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Probably because hot sauce threads always either devolve into dick measuring contests or race bait.

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>bro try this hot sauce it's got such great flavor
>sweat literally streaming down their face like black guy gif
>such great flavor bro you have to try it
It's just so cringe

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Antisocials hate everything, don't mind us

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>...the man, 5 foot 3, typed feverishly through his thick coke bottle glasses

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can someone explain to me what funko pops are? like is it a toy or is it candy or what?

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>Hot Sauce Community

c'mon man

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that hot ones show really went downhill now that every episode is just a sad Zoom meeting with hot sauce

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Sounds like you're miserable and they aren't. Hence your obsession with them.

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Imagine all the female celebrities he gets on here having spicy liquid shits afterwards haha how gross would that be right, hah

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I want to fuck one of these hot sauce boys to see if the rumours are true or not.

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Man, I really wanted to try the chipotle hot sauce when Alton Brown said it was his favorite out of all of them, but they discontinued it...

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Hot sauce is delicious and adds a nice zing to whatever you're eating.

Collecting hot sauce is unbelievable faggotry.

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people that obsess over the Scoville number and turn the enjoyment of food into a dick measuring contest are unwashed masses with irrelevant opinions

Spicy food can be really tasty, Indian cuisine is really good at that for example, but the bro culture surrounding FLAMING HOT ANUS DESTROYER HOT SAUCES are inbred plebs.

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>not making your own hot sauce from fermented peppers from your garden
Enjoy paying top dollar for what literally just takes minutes of actual work. Also, you get to use your peppers for salads, poppers, and powders. I literally haven't bought chili powder in 3 or 4 years except for cheap cayenne powder to dust all around small vegetables to keep the rabbits away.

Protip: For a basic hot sauce, use ripe jalapenos or serranos as a base and add some hotter peppers like scotch bonnets or ghosts to kick up the heat.

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>Not many here are over 25 years old anyway
Fuck off back to Facebook you snivelling little cunt.

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Because every community is shit. Just enjoy hot sauce and don't make it a personality.

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Seek help

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beta white incels can't handle spicy food

it's a trend that rightists mock what they can't have, insecurity and projection is the name of the game

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4chan in general mocks popular trends and also heavily judges people who participate in them. This has been the case for as long as I've been a part of this site, mostly /v/.

If you ask me, it stems from heavy projections and insecurities.

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like clockwork, here's a beta white incel now!

>> No.15840979

I loathe you because you're doing the opposite of trying to make the world a better place for everyone.

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Funkos are ugly mass produces shit, fucking neck yourself

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Their "secret menu" pisses me off to no end. I wish they'd just fucking put everything on their menu instead of this fucking "check out our rarely updated Facebook page for what's available today ;p".

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Ah yes, thanks for reminding me to add virtue signaling and gaslighting to that list!

Insecurity, projection, virtue signaling and gaslighting. Never trust a rightist for he will turn on anyone to obtain power.

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shut the fuck up...im so sick of this fucking board trying to turn anything it doesnt like into a soylent meme. At least some people have hobbies you uninteresting waste of life

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This is the reason

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Also the same thing happened to craft beers. It started off being cool and then glasses/neckbeard fags started acting like it was cultured to drink craft beer, started creating the most meme styles and rendered it gay as fuck

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He says as he plucks a meme from his alt-right incel """community"""

The hypocrisy of rightists knows no bounds.

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You're calling a food item a collectible. Fucking think about that for 5 seconds and then go sit in the goddamn corner. Hot sauce aficionados don't collect them to collect them, we buy a large variety because we want to sample them and see how good and hot they are. Da Bomb, for example, is a VERY hot sauce that tastes like ass.

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>They have ones that are so hot they're not enjoyable and you end up with mucus coming out of every facial orifice and need milk?

Fucker, those are the fun ones. I keep one bottle a super hot like that around for when I have a cold and need to clear out my sinuses.

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Did someone say HOT SAUCE?

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>shut the fuck up...im so sick of this fucking board trying to turn anything it doesnt like into a soylent meme. At least some people have hobbies you uninteresting waste of life

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Reminder that 95% of hot sauce shitposting is one autist, literally one guy, who thinks bell peppers are too spicy.

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factually untrue

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Lined up all my hot sauce collection on the staircase in my building.

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why put spaces in soy?

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Dunno.. but my wife got me three months of hot sauce delivery box thing. Three hot sauces a month.
Now I actively look for new and unique hot sauces. But I consume them, I don't collect them.

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>Hot sauce aficionados
This post HAS to be satire.
People despise hot sauce fanatics because relying on a storebought condiment instead of cooking a tasty meal is what children do with chicken nuggies.
You could take any sauce or recipe and just add chilli until desired, it's a completely useless range of products propped up by "hip social media entertainers" which is why it falls into the category of Funko Pop figurines.
Watching a celebrity sweat it out on Hot Ones during an extended informal interview can be entertaining and inciteful but running out and spending money is as cringeworthy as entering into an auction for a single sachet of Szechuan Sauce because you saw it on Rick and Morty.

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>hot sauce community
This is why. You're making something as trivial as peppery vinegar water into a lifestyle, and it's annoying and cringey. Yes, hot sauce is good. Move on.

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go back

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Unironically correct.

We do lacto fermented hot sauce every summer.

We use a mix of jalapenos, habeneros, and birds eye peppers because they grow good and come with a good flavor.

We blend apple cider and red wine vinegar, put in like... it's a cup of salt, I think...

And a pound of finely diced garlic.

The sauce is piquant, a little sour, very fruity, and will burn out your asshole.

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Yes I periodically refill a 12oz cholula bottle with my 64oz bottle.

>> No.15843588

this, it only comes out during a party, used once, and they put it back away for another year.

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>You're calling a food item a collectible. Fucking think about that for 5 seconds and then go sit in the goddamn corner. Hot sauce aficionados don't collect them to collect them, we buy a large variety because we want to sample them and see how good and hot they are. Da Bomb, for example, is a VERY hot sauce that tastes like ass.

>> No.15844293

Hot is not a taste and does not belong in any food.

Take that turd shit back to plebbit fucks.

>> No.15844296

Just take a look at how many plebbit fags you triggered.

THAT is your right answer.

>> No.15844311

yo this nigga can't say onions

>> No.15844316

wtf I wrote in onions why did it change to onions

>> No.15844366

>Hot Sauce Community

>> No.15844396

there's a hot sauce community?

>> No.15844412

I have friends who like those things and they always fucking buy them for me at christmas or my birthday, I feel awkward telling them I don't want them, seems pretty rude. At the same time though I have like 6 of these fucking things in a cupboard just taking up space.

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they removed the wordfilter for soy?

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Ur dum

>> No.15845262

white people are bad at tolerating it

>> No.15845274

Jokes on you fucker, I don't even use reddit.

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To where?

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>Jokes on you fucker, I don't even use reddit.

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Community is cancer, not the product.

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>im so sick of this fucking board trying to turn anything it doesnt like into a soylent meme.

>> No.15845727

Autism and a need to be superior to something else even if it's forced and stupid

>> No.15846848

shut up faggot

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It's to divide us on everything. The more things people can argue and get divided over, the less they focus on other things

>> No.15847763

You're on the cooking part of an anime imageboard. What are they keeping you from focusing on schizo?

>> No.15847805

imagine that being your idenity

>> No.15847877

variety of flavor and heat. some sauces work better in some dishes than others.

>> No.15847916

what's that?

>> No.15848025

I love hot sauce

>> No.15848051

I use hot sauce 3 - 5 times a week though.

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leave my board immediately

>> No.15848178

You know how you can be talking about ricecakes then suddenly someone posts a picture that sparks feelings, distract you from the ricecake. How you think bbc cuck shit works? Someone posts that, derails thread and there you have it. It can happen on any site not just here. It's harder to get a conversation going when you've got retardd going muh bbc in ur ass and soylent shit. Stuff that's getting forced on you but you're just part of it and getting caught in the middle

>> No.15848220

hot sauce is arguably the most evident case of commodity fetishism among foods

>> No.15848303

You're in a shitpost thread about hot sauce, get a grip.

>> No.15848335

What kind of person chooses to participate in a thread about a subject they have no interest in and would rather make it about some vague alpha and beta male idea?

>> No.15848395

that's what the utility of hot sauce is for many people though

sorry your soy-infested brain has trouble coping with the fact that your "hobby" solely exists to make you feel like you're manly because you ingested some spicy peppers

>> No.15848415

Yes but my point still stands, look at this post for exameple >>15848395
You got muh soy brain again and it's a distraction. That shit is the same for other topics that dont need it, then yoy got retards pushing stupid shit because other have done it om purpose

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There it is again. You're convoluted brain is obsessed with manliness due to your insecurities. Chill out spaz and find something you enjoy instead of trying to bring others to your level of misery.

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