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this is a hack in the sense that you should be banned for doing it

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What the hell is that?

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Anon please this is a blue board

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He didn't peel the radish

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What the fuck does he sprinkle on it??? Coffee grounds???

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So perplex, as to induce frontal lobe ache

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Dilating, the video

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>You will never be a woman

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where's the recipe??

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but why???

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Go back to plebit

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I definitely thought this was going somewhere else.

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its def pepper, mah dude

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>that webm

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really makes me want to get a flat top for my house, desu

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I agree with the other guy. Looks like coffee grounds to me, not pepper.

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Yuck. It's like a prolapse

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>prolapsed angus.webm

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The webm made me me think. What if you just bought piece of meat like that, cut a little hole and fuck it until you cum, of course with a condom to mitigate the risk of any diseases. Later you could use that same piece of meat for cooking and have a nice meal. So far I don't see any downsides.

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i doubt it would feel good, seems very stiff and tight

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You would have to warm it up first.

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RIP, David

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>when you REALLY want to poop out every little shitcrumb

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Jesus Christ, Favreau

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thats the stupdist thing ever for cooking veal.

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this is actually interesting if you bros maillard

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the joke is about kids
kids dont know
kids dont care
but love conquers anyway

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jesus christ, favreau. it's just a grilled cheese

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Thought this was going to be the gay chip butty webm

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Except now your meat tastes like latex.

Just cut the whole all the way through so your dick sticks out the other end. That way you don't worry about anything getting in your pee hole

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Is this representing anal sex?

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But there is no grill?

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dried parsley maybe.

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that's a ridiculous amount of cheese is it not?

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would you like some bread with that cheese? amirite?

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>Except now your meat tastes like latex.
Well obviously you take a shower after

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>heavily butter the bread but still put oil on the grilltop for some reason
>200 grams of cheese on that bitch
>re-butter the side of the bread you already buttered and fried in oil
what the fuck

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not really hacks are they.
I mean it's just weird ways of fucking around with food, and the last one is just a grilled cheese sandwich SO INOVATE!

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the hack here is that he's using mayo, not butter

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>reverse sear

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that's not a hack.

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better than a certain rustic grilled cheese did though

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What's this application you're using, fellow 4channer?

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fucking with a condom doesn't feel like anything
gotta go raw dog just wash the cum off with cold water it's all good

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I saw a movie years ago about chinese people in Africa. The main character is a cook and basically does that when he can hear his boss banging his wife in the apartment upstairs then he put it back in the meat to cook the next day. The meat gets served, someone gets hemorrhagic fever from it, the cook rapes someone for like the 3rd time, someone gets their face blown off. Pretty cool movie.

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Pork loin with plums baked in beer is delicious, but wtf did he put in there, is this a fucking horseradish?

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1 guy, 1 roast

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Favreau's delusions about his own fuckability are hilarious.

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why did he use a plate at the end?

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>when you don't have a cow tongue at hand just turn a steak inside out

>> No.15795543

why use a plate for anything ever?

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might be floens clover

>> No.15795622

nice webm thread lul

>> No.15795623

it does look exactly like clover

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This is going to be hard to explain, but I'll try:
Some people like to make their food taste good.

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why not just put a bullet into his head? you'd kill him faster than waiting for him to have a heart attack.

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is this the most Reddit board?

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No that's /tv/ we're close though.

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Thats like saying you shouldn't but sugar in your birthday cake. Grilled cheese is supposed to be good, not healthy.

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well he has a big money penis

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/v/ exists

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Meatpussycutdick a delicacy in Weimerica

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banana venison with a chocolate crumbles apparently

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this is exactly how i made my sex toy

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Looks like kuroba. Check Fdroid.

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>burning your butter far before your sandwich is grilled
thanks for so proudly announcing you can't do basic cooking

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>Brazilian Churrascaria in San Fran

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I've had this .webm for awhile and I need to get around to making me some fish & chips.

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Anybody else hear inhuman screaming when he stretches it open and turns it inside out?

>> No.15798673

I'm afraid you might be schizophrenic

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> Salting the chips twice

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>one grilled cheese sandwich

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No thanks I'm not big into beastial necrophilia. That's why I work in a morgue at night

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I remember being told to never put fries back into the oil if they have been salted. Something something about making the oil bad? IDK really

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I can't imagine being so obsessed with a video game system you dont own that you make a gif like that

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you freed me

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That is a griddle, otherwise known as a flattop grill

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>t. reddit
This board is just a subreddit now

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this entire website is a subreddit now, retard

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ur a subrettit mait

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>Kosher salt
Opinion discarded, in the bin it goes.

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I don't get it

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Film name?

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took a while to find it.

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more of a seared bite, but losing out on the more rare inner meat

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a-anon you're my subreddit :)

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It helps draw out more moisture and make them crispy on the outside and fluffier on the inside

>> No.15802876

Quarantined dudes getting pretty desperate for pussy these days.

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What's a subreddit?

>> No.15803346

a reddit that gets dominated by master reddit. so, us.

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>I can't imagine being so obsessed with a video game system you dont own that you make a gif like that

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I unironically fucking love this film

>> No.15803615

I once read there was an underground restaurant in Tokyo where you could do this shit.

>> No.15803616

Creating things is fun.

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The salmon one is interesting to me, but wouldn't it fuck up your coffee pot?

>> No.15803734

>foil touching your food ever
No thanks, I actually don't want a degenerative brain disease

>> No.15803833

>I actually don't want a degenerative brain disease
then why do you post here?

>> No.15803855

>huehuehue 4chinz bad
Go back

>> No.15803870

oh no, we're already starting to see symptoms

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It's a grilled cheese, it's not fucking art. The level of autism here is just incredible.
You don't get to be this artsy about how hot your grilled cheese's griddle is unless you're adding additional material like
>Grilled cheese and ham sandwich with bacon and apple
And even then it's just tasty comfort food, it's not high art like making a perfect wedding cake.

>> No.15803935

It is literally from a movie about arty cooking

>> No.15803938 [DELETED] 

I think it’s too late for him anon

>> No.15804472

>sear on steak changes

>> No.15804489

I noticed that too lmao

>> No.15804517

He put a bunch of spiders on it too wtf

>> No.15804546

Do it no condom with chicken breasts, closest thing to the real thing

>> No.15804567

Those videos are notoriously fake

>> No.15804586

Here ya go:

>> No.15804591

Welp, no English subs.

>> No.15804631

>They performed neovaginoplasty on a ham

>> No.15804691

No it's glass?

>> No.15804698

>Put butter in pot
>Fill with hot water
>Discard water w/ butter

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>> No.15805740

But why?

>> No.15805821

> Needing an Arduino to simply power a soijak waving his arms with a servo.
I hate zoomers so much bros.

>> No.15806126

i used to think that too but kosher salt is just salt without iodine and additives
its just pure salt as it should be, they just sell it under the kosher labeling becuse it appeals to jews and muslims

>> No.15806239

what's wrong with that? it's very likely he didn't buy one for the sole purpose of making that, an Arduino is a useful tool to have around

>> No.15806427

The salmon one doesn't work. How the fuck are you going to poach/boil salmon without rbeaking it apart? These videos are fake, they make you believe they cook the food in quirky ways but in reality they cook it apart and place it in.

In this case, the coffee maker mug would be a soup of salmon bits and butter sticking everywhere. They steamed all the vegetables and fish in a separate steamer and placed the salmon inside the crystal jug. They don't even show you the vegetables being taken out.

TLDR: just buy a fucking steamer, don't disgrace your coffee maker for this shit.

>> No.15806462

Since when does a leafy green like parsley turn to dark brown when dried

>> No.15806481

the dvd I had back in the early 2000s had subs

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>> No.15806966

>There was a fish in the percolator

>> No.15806982

Positively Lynchian

>> No.15807053

It's not meant to be your coffee maker. But your hotel's. It's a good prank on the cleaning keep nice and hot for hours so the cleaning lady can have a nice meal.

>> No.15807090

They're all fake retard.

>> No.15807382

>that inhuman amount of pepper
>that weak sear
Fucking disgusting

>> No.15807648

Gracias, brother. Have a glorious day.

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>> No.15807741

Checked and keked

>> No.15807800

It's pretty funny and takes like 5 minutes to make.

>> No.15809039

>147 posts
>16 image replies
I thought this was a webm thead

>> No.15809050

Dookie shit!

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courtesy of your friends at /g/

>> No.15809368

A fine toasting of the dust from under the keyboard keys, yum :)

>> No.15809390

>>Arty food
I bet the food is great, but its the delivery that kills you. Shake and bake, indeed.

>> No.15809426

Suck Maill - Ard cock you need faggot

>> No.15809490

> i'm a woman now

>> No.15810010

every time

>> No.15810049

Looks more like a parsnip than a banana.

>> No.15810081

you all should be banned

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>> No.15811298

the cookie one made me go wtf

>> No.15811363

this thread is garbage

>> No.15811377

Who the fuck wants boiled salmon? The steak looked awful too

>> No.15811743

Take all my (Yous)!

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Leave it to /ck/ plebs to not know what a fucking daikon is.

>> No.15812758

Holy shit, that dude looks like a fukin Spook. Shadman lied to me.

>> No.15812772

Rustled not stirred

>> No.15812822

i wonder how many girls have used a daikon

>> No.15812878

Probably less than the number of guys that have fucked fruit

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>john k peta.webm

>> No.15813092

These might kind of work, but they'd all be total shit.

>> No.15813136

now ur salmon tastes like broccoli

>> No.15813156

Is that a reverse sear?

>> No.15813163

I used to be like this but seriously fuck bullshitting around with all those retarded atmel rs232 burners for small home projects, esp. when a chinkduino costs like $4.
But yeah, you don't really need a microcontroller to do this.

>> No.15813182

First one just makes a mess of your coffee maker and of your salmon. Second one is easily doable, as a clothing iron is just a heat source and does indeed get hot enough to cook meat and other food. I've seen people also make grilled cheese with a clothing iron. You can also put the foil on the iron and that works. The third one works if it's hot enough outside and you give it enough time. An hour probably wouldn't be enough. More like several hours. Would also depend on the cookie dough.

>> No.15813285

他妈的日本鬼子. 是白萝卜.

>> No.15813296

Please god help me

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>the cookie one

>> No.15813405


>> No.15813411

I'm pretty sure that roast getting prolapsed is more reminiscent of a John K Peta work

>> No.15813683


>> No.15813840

give me source of Dat ass, finna COOM

>> No.15813860

That is, as a matter of fact, a real biological female. Though I really thought it could have been a dude, too. She's popular on Tik Tok but I forget her name. You can probably find it by searching "hit or miss girl tik tok."

>> No.15813946


>> No.15814002

when the imposter is sus!

>> No.15814054

>ok guys here is tutorial on how to make project from scratch
>step 1: buy a micro computer
>step 2: download/install software
>step 3: donate to my page
>step 4: now you can make leds fade in and out instead of just blink!

>> No.15814549

>KOSHER (Jew) salt
>BLACK pepper
Jews are using blacks as a tool to commit white genocide via interbreeding and destroying any sense of identity and culture. I knew it. Ever wonder why every commercial you see nowadays is a black man and white woman? Think about it.

>> No.15814583

fucking KEK

>> No.15814604

not many since it's too small for them. The average girl can fit a 10 inch cucumber so the daikon simply cannot fill them the same way a BGC can

>> No.15814774

Take your pick.

>> No.15814787 [DELETED] 

>reverse steer

>> No.15814805

>reverse steer

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File: 2.91 MB, 640x640, output.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's what you do after you perform the sex reassignment if anyone else was curious.

>> No.15814858

>gravy out of nowhere

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File: 45 KB, 1024x622, 1614524126590.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this webm made me go tf when no gf

>> No.15815194

I also don't really understand why you'd want to eat graying, medium-well done roast beef either.

>> No.15815964

Good one anon

>> No.15816014

nothing in these videos is a hack.

this is stupid, not a hack and the vegetables would not be cooked.

>> No.15816538

criminally underrated

>> No.15816639

I have seen literally all of these on other boards, step it up fags.

>> No.15816716

nice one

>> No.15816947

I kekkled my zozz so hard my angus prolapsed itself

>> No.15817127

>the cookies are done when the screaming stops

>> No.15817142

towards what end?

>> No.15817153


>> No.15818221

Just wait until you find out almonds have cyanide in them lol

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