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Are cheeseburgers really a staple food for Americans?

How many cheeseburgers do Amerifats eat a day?

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I eat cheeseburgers no less than 3 times a week.

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IN A DAY? at MOST 2. Listen, jesus I know there's a stereotypes, but we're not THAT fat.

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I'm pretty sure we eat infinitely more pizza than burgers.

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Speak for yourself, veganfaggot.

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I don't think we have staple foods. On any given week, I'll probably have foods from 5-6 different cuisines. Most common for me are mexican, italian, vietnamese, french, and japanese.

I'll also probably have a burger 2-4 times a month. I'd hardly call it a staple, but I don't think there is anything I eat with that much frequency.

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With fast food burgers I regularly ate two and often more in a day, but with 'sit down' size burgers at Chilis or whatever one pretty much counts as a meal.

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>How many cheeseburgers do Amerifats eat a day?
That’s entirely dependent on the size of the burger, and what meal it is, retard.
Breakfast burgers tend to be smaller.

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there is literally nothing wrong with eating cheeseburgers every day

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I'll usually have a burger twice a month. A staple for me would be eggs, protein+greens shakes, salad of cucumber, tomato, whatever greens or other veggies I have, grilled steak or chicken, bacon, tuna salad, cheese, Sprouted whole wheat bread. That's about it. I have all of these in combination at least once a week.

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I don't think Americans eat more than 1 cheeseburger a day on average.

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14 a week, gobless

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it literally has everything you'd ever need in a diet

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Based. Pic is my daily lunch.

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>at least once a week.
Is that really a staple though? I struggle to think of anything that I eat every day. Maybe eggs, just because they are used in a lot of dishes.

Like rice is a staple in some countries, corn in others, I don't think I have that much of 1 type of produce or food. To the point where I actively avoid eating the same thing I may have had yesterday. Idk if that makes me weird.

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At least one a week, some times I'll have sliders too as a side

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extremely based

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It's not a staple in the same way that things like bread, rice, or pasta are, but it's definitely a meal that most Americans have at least 1-4 times a month. Especially if you live in a rural area where fast food's the only place to get a quick and easy meal.

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I eat 1-3 per week. Sometimes more. They’re just so good.

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I make about one per day. I use fried chicken patties instead of bread buns though.

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Our staples are meat and potatoes. Arguably bread, too.

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i try to get at least two in me before noon

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im down to half a pack a day

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>American (((cheese)))

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>"""""American""""" cheese
>invented by Canadian

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You mean bread, cheese salad and beef?

Why daily of course

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non-American detected. No American would call lettuce and tomato on a sandwich "salad", but I've seen plenty of Brits and Yuropoors say that.

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In a deconstructed burger, it is called salad

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I eat an hamberder once a week. No cheese. 5’9” 150lbs. Don’t ask me to convert to faggot units

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Nice try, Nigel, but you're not fooling anyone.

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Ey guvna...ewe got a loicense for that knoife?

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Hell yeah cheeseburgers are a staple food. I probably eat them once a week on average. They are just so good, I’m grateful that I live in the land of burgers.

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At least 3 a month. I'm privy to a great food truck next to my work.

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>food truck

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>Are cheeseburgers really a staple food for Americans?
sure seems legit. what seems weird to me is why everyone thinks they are so unhealthy. a double quarter pounder from McDonalds only has 740 calories.

i guess if you just sit on your lazy NEET ass all day that's more than you can handle. better stick with your soy.

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A 5 dollar burger that melts in your mouth. FA fantastic chili bolognese atop of no additional charge. Yeah, it's pretty great.

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The only problem is that people keep overeating because they literally have no self-control.

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I can't even remember the last time I've had a burger.

I live in the Mid-Atlantic though, so I generally have pizza at least once a week.

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>american "food"
L O L E !!!

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Try leaving the house schizo.

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Last Sunday I grilled an 8 pack of burgers, I had one for lunch every day until they were gone. By then end of the week I was getting pretty sick of em.

It's just a sandwich, what's the big deal?

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Two per meal every day (with extra bacon, I know that's not halal so feel free to skip it Nigel)

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I haven't had a cheeseburger in nearly 20 years because I hate sliced cheese
however I try to eat a burger at least once a week

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i have a cheeseburger probably once every other week

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More in a day than you can afford in a month, Europoor.

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>t. fat lardass american

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I don't particularly like cheese on my burger. I have a burger of some kind maybe once a month to 2 or 3 times.

When I worked I might of had 3 or more a week.

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